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8 years ago
This pin has so much going for it that it is difficult to imagine anyone not liking it. It has the whole package. It is less of a flow game and more strategy. There are some problematic areas when working on one of these pins such as the infamous clock board. Very fun pin! Not recommended as a starter to learn repairs on.
8 years ago
The turning head on this pin is a great feature and a great goal to work towards. This pin has some brutal STDM shots. The goals are pretty simple and can at times be repetitive. i still love this pin and don't see it going away anytime soon.
8 years ago
This was my first NIB purchase and I don't regret it! It's easily one of my top pins and I play it all the time. It is challenging and brutal. Getting to SoS is a adrenaline rush and I have yet to make it to Portal. This pin is one of the best ones to mod and enhance. Add Eli's fiber optic kit and is very close to an LE.
8 years ago
I used to play this pin before I knew anything about modes, or skill, or scoring. The game haunted me as a child. This was my first pin and I love it. Rudy is a great playfield toy and this is a Pat Lawlor classic! I highly recommend this pin to any avid collector. Premise is fairly simple, but when it gets going the game goes nuts and is a big adrenaline rush!
8 years ago
I have sought after this game for many years. It is more simplistic in terms of gameplay. The pin has very smooth flow and is fast. The theme is great and immersive. Cabinet and playfield artwork is second to none. Music is great. This is one of my all-time favorite pins. You can't go wrong with this one.
8 years ago
I keep this game in my collection and play it every great once in awhile. If I could just skip the video portion and play the pinball I think it would be more fun. The graphics are very washed out and gameplay is extremely hard. It would be nice if an updated game rom surfaced making it more enjoyable. Playfield is simple but fun.