How much did they pay?

How much did they pay?

By DocFinlay

January 12, 2019

36 days ago

What's the most expensive used pinball machine sold in 2018?  Well according to database of more than 1,200 verified sales including eBay and numerous other online auctions, it’s…. well let’s count them down:

10. Twilight Zone    $10,000

9. Monster Bash    $10,160

8. The Addams Family  $10,975

7. Play Ball (1935)  $12,160

6. Indiana Jones     $13,999

5. Tron: Legacy      $14,500

4. Indiana Jones      $15,125

3. Mermaid (1951)   $16,000

2. Army vs. Navy (1935)  $16,640

And the highest price goes to….

     1. All Stars (1935)  $21,760

Wow, 1935 was quite the year for pinballs! And to think, those pinball machines did not even have flippers! All the details on each sale, including links to the actual sale site, can be found on  And remember, these are used pinballs so it doesn’t include the outrageous prices that Supreme by Stern commanded this year.

Honorable mention goes to three Data East (1989) Playboy 35th Anniversary machines, 2 of which sold for $8,000 each and one for $10,000! How does a machine that normally averages about $2,300 sell for that much? Well all three were in Hugh Hefner’s private collection and sold recently at a California auction. 

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9 days ago
Hmm. I'm surprised that none of those $70k Supreme machines aren't listed.
9 days ago
I was sure a BL was top 3 and it wasn't even there. Mermaid is a beauty!! I saw the dudes at Pinball Revival restoring one a few years back, really cool backglass animation. Thanks for the fun info!!

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