And so it began.

By dnapac

September 04, 2016

4 years ago

My wife bought me my first pin when I was 30.  I originally went for a Ms. Paceman, but then saw Cyclone and thought it was really cool.  After using eBay to fix it up a little I was hooked.  I bought an early model TZ and kept it original (but switched the clocks board for one with color changing LEDs).  My addiction has expanded to a Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro.  Luckily my wife likes pins/arcades as much as I do.  Some people buy cars, boats,or motorcycles...I'm making my house into an arcade and graffiti/industrial art gallery.

update...I have change the arcade.  Sold TZ and Cyclone to fund Star Wars premium.   No Good Gofers is here!  I snagged a great Tales From The Crypt (breaking in my new/used pinhauler).  Most recently my wife and I trekked to Spooky Pinball in Benton, Wisconsin and picked up an Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle...such a great pin and from a great company!  I blew my pinball fund for 2020...going back to Spooky!  The addiction continues.

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