Churn, baby, churn!

By dmesserly

May 14, 2012

10 years ago

I didn't grow up playing pinball. I played vids in the late 70s to early 80s as a teenager and at college. A few of my favorites were Galaga, Defender, and Operation Wolf. I played a fair amount of Eight Ball Deluxe at a bar that I worked at after college for a few months in 1986.

Fast forward to a vacation in 2002 where my wife and I played some pinball at a beach arcade. We thought it might be fun to get a pinball machine, not knowing anything about pins, costs, etc. I found a local vendor and after playing several different pins, I bought a Shadow. Great game and worked pretty well but had a few issues. So I found RGP and started learning a little about repairing these machines.

Well, I had room for two pins so a few months later I bought an IJ. Then I bought an AFM and was out of space. I like playing games more than fixing them and I tend to see another out there that I want. So to get other games, I had to start selling. Ten years later, I've been through about 45 pins from 70s Gottliebs to 90s Ballys and Williams to the latest Sterns. I've also repurchased several titles along the way. Thankfully, I have a walkout basement!

I've since expanded and finished off another room in the basement and now have room for 10-12 pins. Of course, I've fully expanded into the space. I've also learned to shop my pins and have found a few deals that cleaned up well. I think my collection has stabilized for the moment but I know a few of these will be gone at some point to make room.

My favorites are probably IJ, WH2O and NGG. I really like the classic Sterns with Nineball and my newest game, Star Gazer. Finally, the EMs really round out the collection and give a feel for several decades of pinball. Just need to find a 60s Gottlieb with short flippers. I guess the search is my second favorite part of the hobby.

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10 years ago

Better now than never, welcome to Pinside!!!

10 years ago

"Well, I had room for two pins so..."
Classic! I'm glad that worked out for you... ; )
My wife a little while back said I could only have one. Silly rabbit... Welcome to the party dmesserly!

10 years ago

Quick Draw Backglass:
Hi, do you still have the Quick Draw Backglass?
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