Pinball Therapy

By dmecher

January 03, 2021

22 days ago

Happy New Year! My name is Daniel Mecher, and I’m an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. I recently finished building a half-scale Rosie-the-Riveter-themed pinball machine as a Covid sanity project that I wanted to share with the Pinside community.  

I decided on this theme for the project because I was embarking on something new myself, having no previous skills in wood working or electrical engineering. The imagery was also the perfect symbol for the perseverance we all demonstrated in what was a very difficult year. 

I’ve posted a 3 minute documentary on YouTube and would love to hear what you think of the video if you get a chance.

Story photos

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12 days ago

Pretty cool! There really is a lot that goes into making these machines. Great job@

6 days ago

Cool! My wife loves Rosie.. let me know when you sell it :D

1 day ago

You know, I've been thinking about making a machine for about a year now. Studied up on electronics and now I'm learning coding. Your design makes me want to just jump in and give it a shot myself. Thanks for sharing. I think this is awesome.

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