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7 years ago
A great effort for all those involved in building this , but we have to rate it against tier 1 manufacturers and as such it doesn't match them in most areas. I will look forward to playing it again and other spOOky games.
7 years ago
Not much to distinguish this from the LE in my opinion but I find it fun to play and look forward to working out what more there is about the game to discover.
7 years ago
It's quite a unique beast and I enjoyed playing it. Not something I'd have in my small collection but I'm grateful it exists and will look forward to playing it more and understanding the rules.
7 years ago
I tried to rate this based on what it was designed to be. It's fun and challenging and great to look at, so what more can a player want.
7 years ago
I don't mind Kiss and rocking along as I play. As others have said it is kind of similar in shot geometry to other Borg games, but that doesn't stop it being fun.
7 years ago
The game does brick a lot early on, but as you play more you learn to finesse the shots and things get a lot smoother. When things get going it's like a massive party is gong on under the glass. Really exiting. If you get good at this game you can probably play anything.
7 years ago
Surprisingly enjoyable with plenty to do. Good vibe with the music. Maybe Stern could have used a different voice for Jackie as he sounds to much like Sparky, but it's no big deal. Lock saucer on pro is a bit skew whiff and awkward. Not looking to own but may do in future.
7 years ago
This is a lot of fun when in good condition and set up properly. So many things going on that are unrivaled in many other games. This game relies on good shot placement. It's an excellent example of a quality designed pinball machine.
7 years ago
Had this game since it was re released and it never fails to deliver everything that I love about playing pinball.
8 years ago
Love this game. Instant favorite in my collection. Where pinball should be in this day and age. This package is clearly the result of years of experienced design. Fun, fun, fun.
9 years ago
A great overall package. Some repetition is involved with the shots but that is overshadowed by the excitement of the lights, sounds and gameplay in general.
9 years ago
Okay so I am a self confessed fanboy of this game, but it really is something special. It's great value for money and great example pinball history. It's a fun and challenging game that keeps you coming back for more to see if you can get that little bit further. The light show is awesome and the factory speaker system is impressive.
9 years ago
A really fun and deep game that will offer something new for many games to come.
9 years ago
This is great to give have a hit out every now and then. Ball times can be long which can prevent you coming back game after game, but it does everything a great pinball machine should.
9 years ago
All round cracking game. It deserves the ratings it gets, but perhaps not the price it commands.
9 years ago
Can be a one shot game but keeps me coming back. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Good fun.
9 years ago
Played about 25 games on the pre-release pro version with early code. The more I play it the more I enjoy it and relish the challenge it faces. This game has great sounds and dots, and although TWD actor call-outs would have been good, I didn't miss them during game play. The music is integrated well with the modes giving a sense of excitement and tension when things change, or the stakes become higher. It has a good combination of humor and seriousness with the dots showing grim scenes on cartoonish figures. Many of the shots are very hard, which is a welcome challenge. The Well Walker, Prison and left ramp are pretty routine shots, but the rest are narrow and hard to hit. In conclusion I really like this game and look forward to playing it more. It does have an originality to it that most serious players will appreciate. I'd say there will be a lot more to offer in future code updates based upon what I could see on the playfield and buyers won't be disappointed. Stern's on a winner here - give it a try.
10 years ago
Great game overall. Great sound, light show and gameplay. Recommended.
10 years ago
Have the new rom and have a great time playing this game. It's actually quite difficult and tri-ball is not easy to achieve. The non-original voices don't bother me, nor does the DE energized Star Wars theme music. I get it, that it's meant to be a pinball take on the music score that differentiates the game from the film. It creates a tense pace and sense of urgency to make the shots you need to make. The modes are different to what people might be used to with some Bally Williams games which is fine. Overall it's not what you would call a deep game, but it's a blast to play. Ignore low ratings by players that played a game using the old rom.

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