What I remember of Pinball

By dmbjunky

July 16, 2016

5 years ago

I was never much into pinball. Video Games were more my thing. Since entering the hobby in spring 2015, some games have jogged my memory. I vaguely remember Addams Family, Funhouse, Star Trek Next Gen but I'm not sure where I saw them at. I remember playing Batman Forever at Mr. Gatti's in Bedford, IN. I remember pinball located at a diner between Bedford and Mitchell and in the Bedford bowling alley but that's it.

So in spring of 2015 I went to Louisville Arcade Expo for the first time. I went to check out the arcade and console games. I was surprised to see such long lines for pinball. I tried out a few games but still not really interested. But there was a little smoke coming from the kindling because when I got home I looked up a few pinball games that I saw. Then in May I took a trip to Boston to sightsee for a week. My cousin and I rented a car and headed north planning on visiting Pinball Wizard and Funspot. My interest was still firmly rooted in video games but during the trip I saw that my cousin loved playing the pinballs more.

When I got home I looked up some videos of pinball. Like a lot of people, the first thing I found was TNT amusements Youtube videos. Then I found PAPA's tourney vids and that really fanned the flames. Suddenly I really wanted a game. I really wanted to get good and play in tourneys. So I found a Stars on Craigslist for $150 and from then on my collection has grown.

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