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2 years ago
This shouldn't be a separate listing from the normal game because there are only cosmetic differences.
3 years ago
The gameplay is not very good with it being left ramp all day but the satisfaction of transforming the bride is one the best. The scoring is lopsided with the billion shot. The art is awesome and the music and callouts equally so. One of the classics that I would love to own.
3 years ago
Gryszzz let me try his beloved Indy 500 and it was a good time. I don't love many racing themes but this one was really good. Williams really did their research and did the license right with the official announcers of the 500. Music stood out as not something normally associated with adrenaline fueled racing but was still very good. I would love to play it again.
3 years ago
When it was first announced I thought it was amazing that they took away the upper playfield for the Pro. I couldn't figure out why anyone would want the Pro over the Prem/LE but after playing both I've come to realize thee Pro plays better. The upper playfield slowed the game down and it didn't feel it added anything significant to replace that joy of speed.

The art is better on the Prem/Le cabinets than the Pro. The translites are still ugly.
3 years ago
I had only played this game on Pinball Arcade before I bought it and didn't like it very much. After owning for a while, I see that it's a great game. Very tough and not for casual players because of the quick drains, it keeps you on your toes and you constantly have to be ready to save the ball. The music, sounds, and lighting are very atmospheric. The art is very good on the playfield and cabinet. The backglass is a little weak but with the right lighting, it can work. The rules are great and coupled with the difficulty, makes it feel like a significant achievement when you can stack all three multiballs.
3 years ago
A beautiful pin. All of the art is some of the best. The sounds and music are top notch. I love the bonus count down. The shots feel alright but the lamp adds a little bit of randomness to the playfield. It also blocks the shot to the Genie which is a shot you will have to repeat often. The ramp feels good and with the diverter, makes it feel like more than one shot. Not much depth with the modes and code but still a fun game for awhile.
3 years ago
I'm not a big Elvira fan but I love the two games based on her. This game is the better of the two if only for it's modern advances. All of the shots are very satisfying. The callouts are great. The music is decent. Some of the best playfield design integrated with the art.
3 years ago
Really enjoyed this pin. I'm a mild Metallica fan but the layout, code, and toys elevate the theme and makes the pin awesome. The hammer, Sparky, and the snake are great toys. The inline drops are a favorite feature of mine. The music is heart pumping when combine with the light show. I love hand drawn art. This style is a little bit of a miss for me but I still appreciate the effort. Very fun.
3 years ago
Even though I'm not a fan of photoshop this pin is awesome looking. The animations, sound and toys are some of the best. Playing it though, is a little underwhelming. I would love to put more time into it to see more of the code but the layout is a little lackluster.
3 years ago
I played a Wrestlemania I found at a Walmart in Bloomington, IN on Sat. I found it very hard to hit the tag shot. Is that normal? I don't think I ever intentionally hit it, just by accident. There just wasn't much to shoot for either. I'd beat the wrestler, hit the drop targets to start another fight and continue to beat him in the ring. The play in the ring is so inaccurate it borders on random. I could hit the ref shot to start a multiball or ref scoring but I was getting bored. The replay was low so I didn't pay much to play the game for a half hour. It had 1 1/2 credits when I walked up, so I left two credits in it when I had to go.
It definitely needs a code update to maybe use the ring in different ways but there's just not many shots in the game. I don't know how much they can do with it to spice up the gameplay.
3 years ago
I love the theme but I don't really love the game. I'm never sure what to shoot for and the layout is kinda confusing. The art is great though and sound and animations are good. I may need to put more time into it to truly love it.
3 years ago
A great classic EM that requires nudging if you want to keep playing. I love the idea of knocking down a set of drops and hitting the special for an extra ball. The art is simple but great. It's just a really fun game that will keep you coming back for just one more.
3 years ago
This game is tough but in a good way. The main objective is to git rid of the upper drop targets twice before you drain. Nothing else matters until you do that. The game can get kind of repetitive because of that and can get very frustrating if you fail but you will want to try again. The art is the best thing about the machine. It has really nice jungle art on the playfield and the cabinet looks cool.
3 years ago
I really enjoyed this game. There are many modes and many shots all over the playfield. The cue ball is a little underutilized for it's prominence on the playfield. It only factors in to the skill shot and jackpots but those jackpots take a little skill to time just right. I love the humor with the Clint Eastwood sound alike and the art is a little bland but works with the theme. The animations are non existent and could have easily been done with a alphanumeric and just got rid of the video mode.
3 years ago
Theme is really front and center here. A lot of humor and wonderful toys. The dots and call outs are pretty good.
3 years ago
So much fun as a two player. I would like to put some time in single player but that's not where the draw is. I love the art style and humor, though that lady's nipples must be really cold. I know it's not a pinball but that's usually where it is in the arcade.
3 years ago
I would love to spend more time on this. The theme is one of my favorites but I didn't feel it was well implemented. It wasn't bad but I didn't come away from it thinking of the movies. The art on the playfield is a little wonky but still alright. I love the cabinet art with the sunset and side profile of Eastwood. The call outs were pretty good. Overall the gameplay was slightly forgettable but at least I would like to give it another try.
3 years ago
I love this game. Hard shots for the experienced players and immediate fun for the beginners. The art style is really well implemented. The creature floating through the water on the side is awesome. The music is memorable and enjoyable. And the objectives are challenging. I would love to find one someday.
3 years ago
A very fun game for players of all skill levels. The callouts are some of the best ever. The shots are very satisfying and lead to many multiballs. There's not much depth to the code but what's there is oustanding. It never gets old toppling castle after castle.
3 years ago
The theme is one of the best ever. Take the Universal monsters and put them in a rock band. Once the idea was hatched, it had to make the rest of the design a cinch. Callouts are hilarious and memorable. The music is catchy. All of the toys are very good. The shots feel great but the code may lack a little depth. It's not easy to get the second wizard mode but the first one will get repetitive. One of my favorites for the theme integration.
4 years ago
It was cool to see this at funspot. Probably a pretty rare pin but only worth playing once maybe twice.
4 years ago
After playing for the first time, this is my #1 most wanted pin. I need to spend a little time learning the rules but just the idea of two players head to head is awesome.
4 years ago
It can be a bit confusing too a newcomer with the timer. But give it some playtime and there is an amazing amount of depth.
4 years ago
It almost has to much going on in the playfield but I still really enjoyed playing it.
4 years ago
It played all right but I got tired of it quickly.
4 years ago
I was really amazed how fun this was. It seemed really generic at first but was pretty simple to play.
4 years ago
Really love this game and would like to get a pair to play multiplayer.