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31 days ago
I own it. You might find a better shooter but there is no better pinball experience than this machine.
6 months ago
Just a dud for me. Design flaws everywhere. Ball getting stuck in multiple areas. Mainly behind the projector screen. Just feels like a clunky game to me. I suppose the UV Light kit would make it much cooler but I haven't played one with it in it yet. I also don't care about the theme in the slightest. This is one of Stern's worst releases IMO. I just can't get into it.
6 months ago
Great game! Was fully prepared to be unimpressed. Find me a game that's a better shooter. I dare you. I don't care much for the Godzilla theme but this is another Elwin gem.
8 months ago
I’m impartial to the Halloween theme. I’m not into horror films. I don’t even know a ton about the movies.

I played this game on location.

I think this games most marketable feature, aside from the Halloween theme, it’s it’s uniqueness. It’s definitely unlike any machine I’ve played and I’ve played most of them. If you want something totally different this will be great for that.

I played one of the earlier released machines. It’s…fine is the best way to describe it. Shots and gameplay are fine. It should please those who like more open playfields (Led Zepplin) but also please those who like the whole. “World under glass “ concept (WOZ). But if you like only one or the other then you’ll hate this.

It’s a very cool looking machine. The topper is beautiful. It’s the first thing I notice.

The multi layered playfield is fun to look at. The con is that I have no idea what is going on most of them time when the ball goes up there. It’s not really easy to see the ball when you there also.

Also the ball eject doesn’t come from the scoop you hit it into like instinct wants you to look for. It comes from above the in lanes which takes a lot of getting used to and you will probably drain when not paying attention.

The biggest complaint (so far) is the sound. Or lack thereof. It’s quiet. Really quiet. The callouts and sounds are extremely bland. This would be best suited for a room that’s completely quiet. Any other background noise will cover up any sound this thing makes.

I returned to play it more so because it’s new rather than fun.

It’s not a bad game. It’s interesting but not sure how long I’d keep interest in it as the theme doesn’t appeal to me.
2 years ago
Heard awful things about this game going into it so my expectations were low. I was pleasantly surprised though. Nothing much to look at but it's actually pretty fun. It's like NBA Fastbreak but with a constantly moving hoop. I thought It was one of the more fun "lower rated" games.
2 years ago
I read all the complaints going into it. I think maybe the code has been updated since some of the complaints. Such as the scoop didn’t kick my ball right down the drain as advertised by some butthurt reviewers. If it did there was a ball save.

The art is amazing as well as the sound quality. I like the dark kinda black light feel if the game. It’s a simple game and I didn’t have a chance to fully dive into the rule set. I’m also not great at knowing those. I’m more of the figure it out as you go type player.

My critiques of the machine are the basic looking pop bumpers. I just don’t like that design they chose. The clown looks a little cheaply made. The gameplay is fast but there’s something a bit chincy about it and I’m not sure what it is. It has a slight roughness to it or something.

With that being said it’s not the piece of garbage all these whiny little silverball sad sacks posted before me. It’s not a bad game. I think some people have the mentality that every release has to be better than the last and that simply isn’t going to happen. This game has a lot to offer and potential. I pray that Suncoast continues to work on code to fulfill that potential.

I’d say pick this one up used for the meantime. My local dealer offered me $700 off the retail price for a new one. Strongly considering it because the game is different.
4 years ago
This is about as close as it gets to a perfect machine. Iron Maiden has it all. The sound is loud and extremely high quality. There was a great amount of voiceover work done and it doesn't feel like there are many repeated lines. They took the time to record alot of stuff to where it feels like you are playing in a movie rather than a pinball field.

The screen is amazing and the animations are extremely detailed and there were several different stories and themes going on throughout the game but it all made sense and made it feel like you were in the middle of a great war.

The second set of flippers feel unique in terms of placement but they are very relevant but not "in the way" like some tend to be. The loops are challenging but still fun.

There are several versions of multi-ball and it always seemed like there was more to do.

I like Iron Maiden as a band but do not love them nor own any albums. Sure, it helps if you like them for this machine but it isn't necessary.

This machine hits all the marks for me and probably now tops Metallica as being my favorite machine. Iron Maiden Premium is an absolute beast and exceded my already high expectations of it.
4 years ago
Currently my favorite pin.