Diamond Jim Tyler

By DJTyler

August 26, 2019

23 days ago

Hello.  I love this forum.  I am a professional magician by trade.  I've written several books on magic and created and marketed many effects.  I've had the pleasure of performing for celebrities and working events all over the world.  I'm also a regular guest on the online show Scam Nation with 2 million followers where we teach magic and bar tricks.  My home is a fun house.  Besides the magic art on the walls my house is full of arcade and pinball machines.  I love to entertain people so it makes sense that my home would be entertaining.  I'm a novice when it comes to playing pinball but I love it nonetheless.



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17 days ago
So I gotta ask. Do you have Theatre of Magic, Houdini and Pinball Magic?
12 days ago
He did. Sadly they disappeared. :)
20 hours ago
I do have Theatre of Magic. It was my first pin. People love it. For some reason I don’t care for the Houdini one.

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