My First Pinball Machine and Restoration

My First Pinball Machine and Restoration

By djknightfal

June 10, 2017

1 year ago

Shortly after I had gotten out of the service, I had moved back to live with parents untill we had become stable enough to get out own place to rent. Over the years I had always tried to get things for my father to remenence on his childhood, and relive those memories though objects.  One day we had a discussion on pinball machines, in which to me growing up in the 80's I was thinking machines with lights, features, flippers and such. But he mentioned something like a Bingo Machine. I got on the internet and started looking at what I could afford at the time. 

Around November of 2015 I had seen a couple machines on Ebay for around $250.00 and said what the hell, It didnt look bad in the pictures and was thinking couldnt be that difficult to fix if it needed it.  My wife and daughter and I had set out on a road trip around 250mi to obtain these machines.  It was a Bally Lido and Bahama Beach machine. After looking at them in real life it really didnt seem all that bad untill I got home for a closer inspection. Noticed a lot of wood rotting away from moisture, but playing field and most parts was still in the Bahama Beach Machine, and Lido was actually just for parts due to missing a ton of things. But both playingfields was straight, and pretty good condition. After I had presented these machines to my father for Christmas I had began to work on the playing field cabinet to help support it's own weight and stop falling apart at the seams. After a couple months of working got it in a decent condition, and we sat the score board cabinet on the playing field cabinet and noticed the top cabinet was seperating under its own weight and was causing alot of internal componets to crush each other. Turned machine on, didnt do much.  Again it sat for another few months with nothing being done. 

In 2017 I had secured my own house with my family, and moved the machine to my little shop to finish this project, and to keep me busy when I get board. This year has been very productive on this machine, After disassembling the cabinet I seen a lot of electrical problems, parts that was burnt out, and wires that was cobbled up and decided to start working. Fired up the soldering iron and went to work, and tried to use as much shrink wrap as possible to stop short circuits and less electrical tape (looks a lot better outcome in my option). 

After months in a stand still with the mystic lanes features unit I had finally come to a place for help. Seems like all the old bingo sites people are no longer there, and always made me feel bad after finding out they had gone to the arcade in the sky. After finding this site, I was able to get the mystic lanes feature unit soldered back up, and find answers to my questions. This year my goal is to get this unit in a working order and have a long ways to go!

Story photos

Wiring Harness for Mystic Lines (resized).jpg
bahama beach bingo side picture (resized).jpg
Chaffed Wires (resized).jpg
cab-bahama_beach-1 (resized).jpg
Mystic Lines Feature Unit (resized).jpg
Pulled or Clipped Wire (resized).jpg
Repair for Contacts (resized).jpg


11 months ago
Nice writeup!
I love working on these machines and bringing them back to life - plus it gets me out of my wifes hair!

Keep at it - so what if it takes what if you put 10x the amount of $ and time that it is worth... the reward when it works and you stand before it and start playing and look up to discover you have been there for 4 hours..... The look on the faces of your kids, or grandkids, or nephews or whoever's eyes widen and they stand in front of it for the first time are worth it.
11 months ago
Thank you for your kind comments mark! Its a good feeling to bring a piece of history back to life, although its going to be a complete overhaul it seems. But, as you said it will be well worth the effort.

Still working on the scoreboard cabinet been really hot and back problems keep hindering me from finishing it. Going to have my son retouch up the playing field, and mimic the original cabinet art work. At the moment tumbling some parts to get ready for some chrome power coating (shiny silver) that will go back on the playing field after touch ups. After than I am going to rebuild the playing field cabinet since it has come to the end of its life too.

Will have another write up after scoreboard cabinet is finished along with some more pictures of its current state :)
11 months ago
10 months ago
There are many posting here on pinside about Bingo pinball machines.
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