Pinball and I

By DirtyDeeds

June 13, 2012

7 years ago

We had two 'pinny parlours' in Werribee - "The Woggies" and 'The Aussies". Both were cool hangouts for us young local teenagers. The air was full of underage cigarette smoke, the sounds of pinball machines and the new video games like Space Invaders, Pac Man etc, and Michael Jackson on the jukebox. The oldest pins had no flippers, just a playfield full of holes - you could win money on them. Kids would crowd in around Lost World to watch a couple of young guns going head to head. One day Flash arrived - I was in awe! As time went by and we grew up, some of us never grew out of playing the pinnies, and we pushed each others scores higher. I still can't walk by a pinball arcade without going in, and had to raid the mortgage so I could buy my first NIB - AC/DC LTBR LE to stand beside my other machine - 'Shark' by Hankin. Happily the missus wanted a 'more friendly' pin so we got a Gilligan's Island! Then I won a WWE in the national final. Then we got a Ghostbusters, then a Rocky and Bullwinkle, then an Aerosmith. What's next?! Lots I hope...  There's something about the lure of the silver ball that beats the hell out of video games. Think I'll go have a game now..

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7 years ago
You are right, video games do not compare to Pinball! Enjoy your pin, but now you will have the urge to buy another! Have fun.

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