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2 years ago
Best fantasy game ever made. Lot of toys, missions. Great design and artwork. Music and animations are great.

Top pin for many years fun for the whole family.
3 years ago
Bought it as a trial, wow what a nice game. If you like fast game play like Theatre of Magic or Medieval Madness Im sure you will like Guns & Roses. Very fast and good nice shots, 2 shooterlanes and good music. Magnetic field (like addams family), lot of varities in this game. Not the most easy one but after a while very addicted.
With upgraded sound speakers and a pinsound board this is a wonderfull pin.
4 years ago
Was 2 weeks with me, for me worst pinball i ever owned...
5 years ago
I like the toys on the playfield, not comparabel with other pins. This is just something else, not the fastest flow but it has really nice toys. I like this pin a lot. Not the best pinball but very original game play.
6 years ago
Not the most beautifull design for the cabinet and playfield but what a game!
Good flow and 6balls multiball, this is a great game for such price !
7 years ago
My favorite one; really deserves to be at number one ...
Nice game, not boring at all and nice toys.
For me the best and will never leave my collection.
7 years ago
Dont get why in top10. This is really an overrated pin; no doubts. I owned it already 3 times to fall in love with TAF but it really doesnt work.
Boring pinball; slow game play (stop and go) maybe this one was cool in 1991 but now you have many better pinball games...
7 years ago
Wow what a fast game play BUT it gets bored after a short while...
Music is top and gameplay fast but quite boring shots.
7 years ago
Had this one for 2 weeks and sold it again..
Most boring pin i ever owned... Beer can is standing in middle of the playfield which blocks most shots; game rules are boring to me...
7 years ago
Dont know why this is in the top 10...
Had it for 1 week and sold it again. Think most people like it due the head which is coming out of the playfield but thats the only nice thing and the big display.
I didnt like the flow at all, also backbox ball couldnt attrack me...
The kids liked it....
7 years ago
The game design is different then other pins. There is a special atmosphere around this game... But its not my style at all, i find the magic lamp irritating , it blocks youre shots as its in the middle of the playfield. The genie is nice but thats it. Good pin but too expensive for me and overrated at all!!!
7 years ago
Owned one 1 year ago but sold has had some trunk problems but i missed this pin so much... and bought new one in mint condition.
TOM is such a nice pinball, very fast balls, nice ramp and trunk shots.
This is one of my most favourite game ever...
7 years ago
A very nice pinball, owned one 1 year ago but regret i had sold it.
After 1 year i bought this one again. Not the most difficult game play but its sssssssoooo fun and so scaaaaaaaaaaaaary.
7 years ago
For me this one should be in the top 5!
One of the best pinball ever made, very nice theme and very nice ramps....
Can play this one for hours...
7 years ago
Sound is very cool but thats it... Gets bored very quickly.
7 years ago
Rated as number 2 in the top 100. Really dont get why... there are soo many better pinballs like tom; scared stiff; white water, afm; mm; etc... I really dont like this one; only the keramic ball gives some nice flow but for the rest boring pinball... Booooooring
7 years ago
Its a nice playfield but the game gets very boring after a while; dont know exactly why but this isnt my thing;-.
Owned one for 1 month and wanted to get ridd of it asap...
For me junkyard is junk...
8 years ago
This pin is for me really overrated!
Owned one for 4 months; its nice to shoot the Big saucer but nothing special else...
Top 10 ok but not worth in the top 5.