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January 2019 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Addams Family, The 167,265,390 2019-01-14 location 3 #246
“Got the replay on the machine and also got the number 3 score on the machine... Good game. Could have been better as my last ball was a house ball. ”

December 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Game Of Thrones (Pro) 195,585,870 2018-12-31 location 3 #135
“Got the replay for this game. Fun game to play... Got to remember to hit the lock targets... Get the balls locked... And then on ball 3 make sure you are in 2 modes and that is how you get big points. At least my strategy... ”
KISS (Pro) 48,575,230 2018-12-31 location 3 #86
“Got the replay on this game. Really enjoyed kiss. Fun layout and art, MB are not hard to get, but just the right challenge. Nice music... Nice animations.”
Batman 66 251,520,840 2018-12-31 location 3 #88
The Bally Game Show 6,150,240 2018-12-17 location 3 #24
“Generally I get a million ramp points more than I did in this game... Think I only got that once in fact... Generally I get that 2-3 times a game... But, I collected a car and all the other items, got an extra ball, and got the showplace jackpot.”
Dirty Harry 997,607,390 2018-12-17 location 3 #51
“I got 3 extra balls on this machine. The gun didn't work and so the diverter was set to off. Best game I've played to date. Completed a lot of modes, but I also left a lot of points on the table. ”
Rollergames 6,269,610 2018-12-17 location 3 #56
“magnet doesn't work. Got lucky with locking a ball and having sudden death. So I could plunge and get another million. Think I got 3 million from sudden death.”

November 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Rollergames 2,987,430 2018-11-04 location 3 #65
“I know I've had better scores. Just felt like recording this one. Not the best score. But a fun game and the replay is set for 1.6 million. So I got the replay.”
Sorcerer 1,444,040 2018-11-04 location 3 #54
“Not my best game of sorcerer, but still a good one. I actually got two specials on this game. Had a lot of multiballs as well. Not my highest score, but still had a blast playing it as I always like it when the machine says I am DONE! ”
Earthshaker 6,845,940 2018-11-04 location 3 #71
“Was a good game. Got a jackpot on the multiball. Which is funny, as I hit the ramp shot twice but it didn't register the jackpot the first time... I thought the code is during mb you just hit it once, but after the fault shot, that is when the callout went to the ooohhh jackpot talk... I drained out of it.. .But, I was able to restart it by shooting the shelter shot. Then I got the Jackpot. Third ball stunk... But, not a bad score.”
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