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1 year ago
I like this game.
And I know some people might rate this game low in the terms of gimmicks and toys... But, I didn't for one reason. This is the first or one of the first games where you control the lane change and also I like the 3 physical ball locks.

Its a simple game with very simple rules.
And it doesn't have anything fancy. Which is both good and bad. I love the simple rules. yes, they are rinse and repeat. I also think it can be frustrating as this game can be a drain monster.

But, I've had games which I put up a good score and that feels amazing. Its a good layout, and yes the middle shots are dangerous, but that's the point. I do like the rules as I stated. I won't go over them, but they're intuitive and make sense.
Also a lot of fun to rip the spinner.

Speaking of ripping the spinner. This game has no music. But, it does have some speech. Fire Power mostly, but it does say other things. But, while no real music, the games sound effects are amazing. I think this is what pinball should sound like. Lots of zaps and explosions and all that stuff, and the FirePOWER call out fits.

The theme is simple, but again thanks to the artwork and the amazing sound effects its a perfectly themed game. I also like how the playfield and backglass are very similar, but altered just slightly enough. Gives it a sense of cohesion and also a feeling of action and energy. The playfield artwork has the laser blasts from the fighters lining up with the stand up targets. Which are probably the most important shots in the game. As you need to hit all of those to qualify or light the locks.

Just a simple, but I think very effective way to both look cool, and also focus the players attention on the important areas.

Not much going on with the lighting. Its fine and it serves its purpose. But, where I think this game shines is that its a pure shooter.

I love playing this game, and while I do get my fill after about 10-15 minutes of playing. I also like to go back to it and grind for higher scores. Its a game I could have fun playing for long hours on from time to time, but its also just a fun pick up and play game. My fun does correlate to how well I am playing though. If I'm bricking everything that day, then I don't enjoy it as much, or if I get a lot of bad bounces that lead to early drains.

Regardless, its a fun game. And I really enjoy playing it.
1 year ago
I played both the Prem and the pro. I am reviewing the Prem.
I will say, I don't like the artwork on the pro and I did find the playfield baren.
But, besides the magic spinner(which is awesome and I will talk more on later), the playfield is barren, but that's kind of the charm of the game.

This game shoots great(both pro and prem). I think where the game truly shines is in MB and I have never played a game where MB felt so smooth and so much fun. I think that's due to the wide open space.
Outside of MB, I still enjoy the open space as there is plenty of stuff to shoot for on this game. I could be wrong but there are at least 8 main shots in the game and that's not including the drops and the other standup targets. So lots of shots in this game and plenty of space and when you hit these shots, the goal of course is to keep the combos going and it feels so smooth.

While I didn't like the art package on the pro, I love the package on the Prem. It looks much nicer to me.
But, the Prem has a few other things that are so much more amazing. The side led light panels make the lighting on this game some of the best ever. Of course the playfield inlays are nice too, but in a darkened room, the side panels really shine(pun intended).
The aforementioned magic spinner, is amazing and I think is one of the best mechs ever in a pinball machine. It also solves the barren playfield as it gives the middle playfield a really cool toy that is able to go up and down depending on the mode you are in. So, if you do have an issue with the barren playfield, the prem has an amazing and clever solution for it.
And its not so easy to hit. I've played this machine many, many times and I have yet to truly get dialed in on it. But, it will happen, but if you miss, be prepared for drains... So the solution is to play better!

I don't really like the animations. Some of them are good, some are generic, and the callouts mostly are generic as well.
BUT! This is about the music. And the music is varied and top notch... Because, well, that's how Led Zeppelin was as a band. Great music.

I also like code for this game. I don't know how deep it goes. For me it goes pretty deep.
Be mindful that I've played dozens of games on this machine and put up decent scores. My best games are around 40-65 million. Which have been good enough to get replays(not all were set to free play so, I liked getting free games), but of course is not such a huge score where I opened up the game to get anything that was there.

I don't know if the code is finished or not.
I do know what code I played I rather enjoyed it. Its simple, but varied enough. I generally try to shoot the left lock and I pick 6 ramps for tour mb. I think try to shoot the left ramp and get into that MB. And then I keep shooting ramps. I believe you relight the MB locks for the left ramp by either the standups or the drops. I can't remember. Doesn't matter. This is the type of code I find fun. It flows and its natural and you can really can just focus on enjoying the game and making shots.

That's how I feel about this game. I've played this at the Galloping Ghost pinball arcade and that place has so many of my favorite pinball machines there. But, this is the one I've been playing the most the last few times I was there.
I keep coming back to this machine and I think I will keep coming back to it.

It shoots amazing, it feels great to shoot, great layout, great fun. While maybe not the best themed machine ever in terms of the gadets and toys that fit(you could probably easily retheme it), what is there works amazing. And in a sense fits the band.
I use to think that I wanted an AC DC Luci. But, if I was buying another band pin, I would own a Prem Led Zep. It just plays that damn good.
1 year ago
Dr. Dude screams early 90s, and its a fun theme, but of course dated. It also is of the alpha numeric era and of course Pre-DMD, which means its a bit before the 90s golden era of pinball.
This machine is not a bad one, but I don't think its a great one. While dated, it looks good, has nice energy and design that also is coherent and cohesive. I don't think the artwork is amazing, but it fits the fun silly theme. Backglass tells a silly story, and the cabinet and playfield look nice enough.
The pin has a nice sense of humor and the callouts are fun and while limited(as where all during this era), and I personally enjoy the callouts.

Its a silly theme, but the pin commits itself to the theme.
As for the layout, there really is nothing too exceptional about it. But, I do like how the code makes you utilize most of the playfield. Most... Not all...

As you really don't want to hit the right orbit. That sends you to the pops and when leaving the pops it most likely(not always) will go down the center lane and that could sometimes lead to SDTM drains. The skill shot is useless and not worth going for as it feeds into the pops.
The best thing to do is small plunge and try to get control and go from there.

My strategy is to get MB. Which you need to complete magnetic personality, heart of rock and roll and gift of gab.
It is possible to get these as rewards from the left orbit... But, not likely... Most of the time you already need to have 2 of the 3 completed to be rewarded with the last one.

From there you need to hit the mixer. Then you hit the left orbit. This increases the dude meter and starts MB.
When you're in the MB you want to hit the mixer and hope luck is with you and you get enough hits in the mixer to register the Jackpot.

Its rinse and repeat from there. You want to complete the dude meter and get the gazillion point shot. And that's all there is to the game.

But, really... I think its enough. Its can be a brutal game as there is no ball save and the SDTM due to the pops.
Which is why its important to soft plunge and get control. Still, just to hit the shots to qualify for MB can be quite dangerous. The heart of Rock and Roll is safer from the left the flipper, but if you miss it can go into the center lane and pops and then SDTM.
If you miss the gift of gab from the left flipper it can go into the right orbit.
Some games you might be able to hit it from the right flipper(some maybe not). So while this game might be simple... I do think it can be brutal.

I like the rules. Simple, but make sense and to get into MB the subsequent times is a little bit harder as you need to make more shots to qualify.

The mechs and gimmicks for this machine might be a bit tame by comparison by today's standards. The nice light for the dude ray is a decent effect and leads to a decent light show when you activate it.
The mixer is fun, but really makes the game a bit of a lottery. As you could hit it 5 times in a row and not register a hit(rare, but possible).

There is a bully toy sculpt and I do like that he taunts you, and you can bash him back... But, there really is no point to aim for that. As it'll just happen. But, its not a strategy you should go for or ever aim for. When he is lit and then subsequently hit, it lights the big points for the outlanes. Which can be nice when you drain down them. But, again... Not worth aiming for. You'll hit it plenty during your normal game play.

As I said above, I like the callouts. Not a lot of them, but I feel, enough and they're good.

I don't know if I ever would want to own this game. But, it is a fun game to play on occasion. I like party zone better, but then again Party Zone came out later and was a DMD.
1 year ago
This game is a mixed bag for me. I'm a fan of the film and I think its a really smart satire.
The pinball machine does a great job with the theming and I like how it incorporates the digital scoring on the playfield for the kills of the bugs, even if I don't pay much attention to it.
Lots of toys, and a good amount of mechs. However, it just feels like it tries too hard and not everything meshes.
The 3rd flipper is a gimmick that I think the game would be better without. Do I use it... Yes... Not certain you really need to. But, for some shots if you get the timing right it can be useful. But, its a strange gimmick and I don't think the game is better for it.

Since I'm talking about the toys and mechs. As I said, lots of toys on it and sculptures. I like the brain bug that pops up. I also like the animation that happens when you fail to kill him... He kills you. And that cracks me up.

What I think works well with this game is its sense of energy. I think the music is passable and works. But, the energy comes from the sound effects of you zapping and killing the bugs, and the bombs and explosions, and the callouts from the movie and /or voice actors for the pinball machine work so well. Some are funny, but all capture the feel of the movie.

While I do think the gameplay does get repetitive and nothing really makes me want to play one more game. It is a very fun game in small doses for me. Love killing those bugs.

I also enjoy the animations, and again those help lend to the energy of the game. As I said above the brain bug killing you is just too funny.

The artwork I think is a mixed bag. The cab looks alright, but to me a little stiff. I think the backglass is nice. But, the playfield art is nothing special. However, as I said above the digital displays are a unique and interesting feature.

I understand most of the code, but I do think the code... While it attempts to do something a bit more unique... Just to me, doesn't really seem anything special. However, this is a late 90s era pinball. And I do like that era of code. Its just to me this machines code doesn't really stand out among the others. It is different and unique. Not bad, but it doesn't make me want to try to get the next mode or anything like that, like how some games do.

Would I ever want to own one of these. I think if I had room for 50-100 pinball machines, I wouldn't mind this one. I know that's not a glowing endorsement. But, I do enjoy playing it and shooting it.
1 year ago
Normally I tell people that I am biased when I love and theme and let people know that... While I love The Munsters and I think its a great theme, I don't need to do that warning, as I really dislike this pin.
I've held off doing a review of this machine until I could truly give this pin a fair shake. I've played this pin on about a dozen or so opportunities, from location to various conventions(2 in 2019).

Sadly I just never seemed to click with this game. I've never had great games on it, but I've had decent games. So I will say... If I opened it up a bit, I might appreciate the machine... Alas, that has never happened.

Let me start with the good. The art package is amazing. Whether it be pro, prem, or LE it all looks great. I will be reviewing the prem, but I might talk about the other models. I love the black and white look, it makes the prem stand out at a location and no doubt would do the same for the home. Great translite, great cab art, and for the prem... The playfield is alright, but that's because it has a lower playfield and art is limited on it. The pro doesn't have a lower and the playfield art is AWESOME(but, missing a prime feature).

I think you can agree that I think the theme is a good one. But, I don't think it was used the best and I think there were too many good clips left out and I don't like the callouts. Paul Lynde was in 2 or 3 episodes of the 72(I believe) and his part was recast with Dom Deleuise for one episode.
I think it would have been better to have someone else do the callouts. Callouts are fine, but would have preferred more Munster oriented callouts.

Also they have a woman, although she sounds like a small boy, do the callouts for Marilyn. Again... Marilyn... Not Lilly, not Grandpa, not Herman... Why? Just a bad choice.

Following the lack of Munster content, I feel the same with the video and animations. While I tend to be more forgiving on animations for pinball machines, I think the animations are crap. The end of ball bonus countdown with the cars looks BAD. Why not use the actual Dragula when it goes to the drive in and its cleared out. They might have to cut it a bit and speed it up, but that would look better.

Lilly dusting with the vacuum is a weird looking model that makes the lovely Yvonne De Carlo look strange. Why not just use footage of her actually dusting... They could have edited it to where it looped better, but they used a bad 3d model instead. The animations are BAD, and again... Same for the dragula shot. Why not use the real Dragula instead of that bad 3d model. It takes the charm out of the Munsters theme.

Now, the video and callouts can be forgiven as they're minor in the grand scheme of things. But, I do not like how this machien shoots or plays. The skill shot is boring. Basically if you overshoot it, you got 0 shot to even nudge or get it right and that sets the whole tone for this machine.

The Herman shot looks easy to hit, and perhaps for some it is. But, for me I've never been able to dial into it. I don't know why... I think its just on a piece of the flipper that I just never am use to hitting the ball at. If you can't get Herman easily, then you're going to have problems.

I don't like the code. I hate no ball save by default(you can turn it on, but not all people on location will or know how to). I just don't like the code. I like the idea that its simple. But, there is a way to even make the code bigger and still keep it simple. And while this code is simple, its not very fun or easy to understand.

To me this game feels clunky. I never can open it up. I'm not the best player in the world(but should you need to be to enjoy a game) , but I'm a decent enough player, and I feel like I've never had many good games with this machine. The lower playfield has potential, but as a gimmick it wears off.

The toys are alright. Spot coming out of the stairs is nice, but you hardly notice him when the ball is zipping around. The Herman bash toy is cool. And that really is about it. I don't think there is a clock or raven mech on the playfield. The topper is, but that's an extra.

To me, this pin is all promise and it does not deliver on any of it. The Munsters show was so much fun, but none of that was channeled for this pin. It's bland and lacks personality. It looks great, but its vapid to play.

I don't think this would hold up well in a home and for me I play it 2-4 times on location and I'm really fine with that.
1 year ago
I will once again admit my bias, I love Ghostbusters. From the movies to the cartoon to the even the really cool video game. I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I was a kid(who didn't), and I also believe themes for pinball are one of the more important aspects of a machine(at least for owning one).

This will basically cover pro and premium. There are slight differences in layout, but nothing that majorly impacts the play or feel of the game. Yes, I believe a ramp is different, and that ramp might be better on the Pro than Prem and LE.
The biggest differences are the magnetic slings which are cool and also the slimer. Having slimer move around instead of just dropping down and staying put is better.

I always like to discuss the artwork and this machine might just be one of the best all around looking pinball machines ever. Zombie Yeti did the complete package on this one. An amazing translite, great cabinet art, and an amazing looking playfield. Generally a game at best will have 2 out of 3 that looks good. But, I Would rate each of the art categories as some of the best ever in pinball.

I want to transition to what I didn't like about this game. At first when I played it the code confused me. I thought it was overly complicated and I just didn't like it. However, that is more on me, and not the actual code. While at first it might seem confusing, the code is actually pretty simple. And I like the fact that you can choose different modes to progress through. There is a lot of strategy in this game. Also building super jackpots as well for big points. I really think the code is nicely done as I think it balances the line between deep and too deep. This is a fun game that will have you shooting for a long time to open it fully up, but also seems attainable. I did take a point off, because I do think it can be confusing for casual fans. But, then again with some casual fans they think pinball is just a slot machine that you whack a ball around.

The other area that I didn't like was the flipper gap. When I first played the game it seemed so much larger than a normal machine and just made SDTM drains so much more brutal. However, the more time I spend on this game the more I don't mind the flipper gap. It gives the game character... But, I won't lie... I could do without it, but its there and its not really the worst thing in the world.

I like the layout as well. The designer is a personal favorite designer of mine and I believe no one themed their games better(PT comes close). Its a unique layout and I don't know of any game I've ever played that shoots like it. Its challenging and its fun.

As for the animations and callouts. This is before the modern LCD and animations, but I think the animations fit the classic 90s pinball feel and are perfect for pinball. The callouts a mix of recorded Ernie Hudson and parts from the movies are great. Ernie brings energy and charm to the game and I Think the whole sound package is among the very best ever. It makes me smile and laugh. Again... I love ghostbusters... So I am bias. But, I grin all the time when I hear the music and I finish the quotes for the movie callouts.

The toys and gimmicks are many. You get the slimer toy. Which as I said is better on Prem. Truthfully... if you're playing the game the right way and completing modes, you won't see him that much. Which is fine. The ecto googles are really neat. And I rather enjoy the magnetic slings.

Another gimmick is the lane change light reflection. I don't really like it. I think the concept is cool, but its hard for me to read and I always forget about it as I try to just look at the obstructed lane itself.
Oh and their is a sculpt of Staypuft. Which I really like. I have seen modes of him swaying to look like he is walking and those are cool. But, as is... He is stationary, but he does sway when you nudge the machine. Its a simple sculpt but it adds so much to the game.

A lot has been said about the difficulty of this game. And I do think it can be difficult... But, so can a lot of pinball machines. I personally love playing this game. I play it as often as I can in person. I own it on my PS4 digitally(code is old, but still helps me out knowing hte game). And I do hope to own one for my house one day.

To me this is a dream theme pinball machine and they knocked it out of the park.
1 year ago
I'm of two minds on this pin.
My first thoughts are this is some of my all time favorite Backglass art. It's like if Frank Frazetta would have done a pinball backglass... And yes, the art isn't up to Frazetta's level, but its still very nice art, and I think its amazing. The playfield art is nice too, and the cabinet art is good for that era.

Of course the sounds are just electric sounds and not much of them, no music, and nothing fancy. The rules are simple... But, I do like simple rules.

My biggest beef with this game is its a widebody. When I first got into this hobby I didn't really understand what a widebody was, and I knew some people liked them and others didn't. I first starting playing virtual pins and so all the games were on the same screen, so I never grasped how different a wide body feels. And to me, I don't like how to handle or control a wide body. I'm not a fan of them. I find it harder to nudge and control. So I find the playing on this game for me is not enjoyable.

Couple that with the layout for this machine, which really doesn't give you much to focus on or shot... And I think the gameplay is rater forgettable. Which is a shame as this pinball is hands down one of my all time favorites to look at.
I wish I could say in 30 pin collection I'd love to own it. But, I just don't want to ever have to handle the fuss of moving this hulking beast around. I might try to get a back glass for it to mount on a wall.

Not saying there isn't fun to be had shooting it. It's still pinball and I enjoy shooting it. Just I do think after a handful games you feel like you've played enough. At least thats how I always feel.
1 year ago
My biggest gripe about this game is the code. Its just not good. There is just too much. The cards, the score, grandslam.... All the stuff you can do is just too much. It also makes head to head a little bit of a dice roll and not skill based, depending on what random rewards the players get.

With that being said, I really enjoy playing this game. I think its fun to shoot, and I think it's probably one of my favorite 90s Gottliebs I"ve played. I think it has good animations that lend to its theme and add energy to it. The callouts are great and not only add to the theme of watching a baseball game, but really do amp you up when playing.

Also, I feel like Gottliebs don't have a lot of cool mechs, but this game has a really nice one. The glove!!! Does it have it's problems yes, but its still super cool. I like the ramp and I like the glove. Hitting a homerun or grandslam is great, but even when you make a great catch.
Some people say the glove results in a lot of sdtm drains. Sure... But, so does the force field in AFM. Its part of pinball.

While I'm not a huge sports guy, and I rather have women or babes theme pinball, this is a looker. Nice side art, nice playfield and very nice backglass. It's also one of the rare gottliebs that the theme is spot on, you really don't get a better theme integration in pinball.

This is a flawed game, but a really fun game to shoot. I think in a small collection it wouldn't age well. But, with a bigger collection this should be a winner for people. Yes, the code stinks. But, its fun to shoot.
1 year ago
I know a lot of tournament players crap on this game and rightfully so.
But, if you're playing this game causally I think its a lot of fun. Its a fun layout and shoots smooth. Lots of different flippers and things to aim for and plenty of fun ramps.
Its a fun game.
But, its not really a looker. I don't care for the theme. The art is serviceable in the theming, but I just don't care for it. There are no real toys in it. The troll doll doesn't count. The callouts and animations are nice and do help provide energy to the game.
About the code. I know I watched a whole Papa tutorial about the game and figured out the flaw in the game code, but I can't remember what it was. If I was in a tourny and it was in it, I'd watch that video. But, just playing with my friends or family there is no need.

I like the game and I think the theme is family friendly. Would I have it in my house. No... I rather have almost any other lawlor machine. But, I think it would be nice enough in a non-hardcore players home.
Flawed game, but still a fun game.
1 year ago
I like wrestling, but I don't like this era of wrestling. So to me this game looks bad. I don't like the cab, playfield, and backglass. Even though I don't like the wrestlers featured in this game, it still lacks energy and just seems ho-hum to me.

And that's kind of my feelings with this game. The animations are good, but not great. The callouts serviceable, but apart from the opening "Welcome to Wrestlemani" they're not memorable.

I hate the rules. I hate games that you have to scroll through a list of abilities. I think that's stupid and takes way too long to get into the game. And when you play against people who can't make up their mind its really grating.

So... I know I've been very negative on this pin. But, I actually really enjoy shooting it. I think its a fun game. I would love it to be rethemed for a classic era. I'd buy that.
I like the ring gimmick at the top. Even though its really a mixture of luck and skill and not all skill based. But, it makes things interesting and fun.

The layout is unique and I think shoots very well. I like the left creature shot. Its a bit tricky to hit, but still I think pretty smooth. JT always made unique layouts and always did a good job with theming the game. Just the theme is a bit of a turd.
But, again I really enjoy shooting this and playing it. Is it a great game. No. Lots of flaws. But, its a fun to shoot game. Would I own one.
No. Because I think this is one ugly, ugly pin.
1 year ago
I really enjoyed this game. Its such a fun game to shoot and I rather like the simplistic rules. I actually feel sometimes games can be too deep and the rules too convoluted. I personally really enjoy classic simplistic rules(I still love deep games too), but when a game shoots like this well and also is challenging to boot, I don't think it needs a deep rule set. Its enough of a challenge to just get multi ball.

The game is smooth as I said above, but if you miss a shot, it can be costly. Its not very forgiving if you lose control(I know most games are like that, but trust me, this is a unforgiving, but fair game).

I like the art. Think its great and it fits the theme. The playfield art while not amazing, certainly is easy to read and understand. The backglass is very nice and I love the mirror on it. The beacon light at the top is a nice touch. Adds a good bit of flair to the game.

All in all this is a classic for a reason. Would it work in a small collection.,.. Possibly. I think it could also be a persons only pin. Would it get old, sure... But, for most people I think you'd only want this if you have a few more modern and deeper games.

But, it plays great, unique layout, looks great, and for the time had great music and callouts. Not so much callouts as voice samples. But, it tells a story and that was ground breaking.
3 years ago
Galloping Ghost has a Joust and I've played it quite a bit. I don't ever play really more than 2-3 games on it per visit. But, I do try to always play on it each time I am there, as this is a super rare and unique pinball machine.
I only ever played 1 solo game on it. Not interested in that. But, I did think it was neat that I controlled both sides with my flippers with single player game mode.

The art on this game is minimal, but actually has more than the traditional cocktail machine. I like that there is art on the fronts of each cab. A nice touch, and it perfectly captures the looks and feel of the original Joust arcade game. Which I as an aside always enjoyed playing.
For the cab itself. I rather am a fan of wood grain look. It screams atari to me, and that is a good thing. So I like how this cab looks.
The playfield art is good, and once again captures the feel of the arcade game. Nothing too amazing, but it looks good and doesn't feel too busy.
The layout of the game is unique. I mean how many other head to head games are there. Two spinners, but only one belongs to you for the points. The other its best to avoid. 2 rows of drops, a saucer, and then you have the drops that act as a bonus multiplier. I would say... If I was just shooting the game by myself and had only my half of the playfield and the other half was blocked off. This layout would only be adequate, but you throw in the element of another player and balls caroming back and forth between sides, and this layout is actually fantastic.
And that head to head play is what this machine is all about. Its super fun to play against your friend and really just a fun and unique pinball experience. I'm not very good at this game. I don't really know or understand the rules, and that is fine. I do go for my spinner once its juiced, and I know about the eggs and the bonus... Really that is most of the rules, I just don't know what makes the spinner juiced.
But, what I do know is that head to head games are frenetic and a joy to play. I normally am on the losing side of things. Which is a rarity for me for when I play my father or my friends. But, that is okay. As I always have fun on this machine.
A 2 player game doesn't take too much time to play and is a really nice change of pace from the other games that you could play.
I like the sounds in this game. They just fit pinball, and I really like the sound that starts up when its the last 30 seconds and you just get the huge rush of balls being launched constantly.
As for the theming of the machine. As I said the art matches. Does the two player head to head play denote the classic feel of Joust the Arcade game. I think in a way it is fitting.
I can understand why this machine was not a hit in the 80s. As probably the pricing for the 2 player game was way too much and too expensive for the time that you could get.
But, that is not something I have to worry about. And really this is just a fun machine.
If you can find one you should play one.
Would I ever want to own one... They're expensive. Even if they weren't. This wouldn't be a machine I'd want in my collection. Its really a bit useless as a single player machine, and even as a two player game. I would get bored of playing it over and over. It is fun, really fun in fact. But, in smaller dosages. I don't see myself playing this for more than 30 minutes in one sitting. Fun idea would be to do king of the hill type tournament. Where the winner stays and the losers cycle out. That could be fun, and then at the end of the night you count who had the most wins total.

And if it wasn't clear my feelings on this machine. I think as a one player game it is rubbish. Two player is the only way to play this game.
3 years ago
When I first played an f-14 I hated it. I then played it a few months later at a different location and I one again hated it.
Finally I watched a papa stream of them playing it and I learned a few things about it. Strats and code rules. This lead me to want to play the game again.
Well, I've played it more than a few times since then, and now I really do enjoy this game.
I don't love it. But, I can see why some people would.
Game is fast and brutal. Has a nice sense of flow to it(it is a Ritchie game).
The rules are while being simple, are not the most intuitive. I feel they might need some explaining, as sometimes when you play the game you might wonder why something is happening and why one person keeps getting a ball save.

I do like locking all the balls in the locks. That is fun. But, MB can be hard to acheive in this game. But, when you do, its a good one.

I really like the animations. Yes, its alpha numeric, but they do some fun stuff with it.

The light show I also really like. Really good for a pin of this era and the topper no doubt helps it a lot too.

I think the backglass is really well done. Just slick and full of energy. Cab looks good, but nothing amazing, and the playfield of course matches. I feel with the theming the light topper, and the display animations do go a long way to helping enhance the theme. But, no real toys or anything else on this machine. Its just about pure gameplay. And I respect that.

However, I will say. I don't always like or want to get my butt kicked so badly by a game.
Right outlane is brutal. Still I'm glad I gave this machine a 2nd chance. Its a fun one.
3 years ago
First a minor disclaimer. I've only ever played Spirit for 30 minutes. And it was just 2 games. But, it was two LONG, LONG games. I do hope to play spirit more in the future. And if my thoughts change. I will edit this review. I don't think they will...

What I like about this machine.
The backglass is amazing, love that swirling lights on it. The cab also is a cool looking cab and also remember this time and era.So this cab really does further stand out when you take that into consideration as well, and the playfrield art is good as well. It further ties and connects all the art from cabinet, playfield and backglass together. Just really well themed.

The layout is an interesting and unique one. Lots of flippers, and you got an upper playfield. Also, really like the ramp that can raise as well. Game is a widebody. And it has a lot going on.

However, because of all the areas. I feel your really just try to get the ball into position. Then with that areas flipper you hit the one or two shots you can with that flipper. Not a whole lot of variety in what you can shoot for. Each flipper only has a few choices. Just how I felt.

I won't lie and profess I really understand the rules. They're seem okay and get the job done. Its an early 80s solid state. So basic rules and they hold up.
Game is decent enough fun to shoot as well...
But, what I don't like about this pin. Its really hard to drain out of this one. You get the extra flippers on each outlane powered by their own buttons. Because of this I was able to save my ball quite often. You really almost don't have to worry about the side to side motion on this game. Because, if it goes into the outlanes, you probably can save it.

With that being said, there is a lot of side to side from the slings, and it really slows the game down. Just really slow. Sometimes I waited 20-30 seconds just to get my flipper on it. Again, no real danger. Just a lot of waiting.
I like this game. I do. But, I think its lastability isn't the greatest. I know I'd get bored of it after 1-2 plays tops... It looks amazing. I like the sounds on it. But, it really just isn't the most exciting game to play. Would I want one in my collection. Not at the current prices for it.
My thoughts are. If I find it in the wild. I'll play on it. But, if there is a line or a wait. I'll hope on a different pin.
3 years ago
Cocktail pinball machines fascinate me. I think they're a really clever concept, but ultimately a flawed one. One thing about normal pinball machines that like, in fact its one of my favorite things about them, are the backglasses. I love backglass art. So, that is a big minus for me, not having that art. But, the cool thing is you save space with a cocktail pin. The length is not as long as a normal pin, but the width is basically like a wide body. So it almost balances out.

Now, this game in particular. What I like about this game is its layout. If you count the special target there are 7 shots in this game. Two of the shots are standup target banks. The layouts shots are not super easy. But, they are doable and the lock shots in particular are a bit harder than you would think to hit.
And also I think the code for the game also enables you to actually try to use the whole playfield and not just spam one shot.
Not saying you can't cheese the code. You can. But, its a bit clever in a way, and I think pretty nifty. To kick out your lock ball to start MB, you need to trigger the release switch. That switch turns off and on by bumper and sling hits. So not only do you need to get control to make the shot, you need to time the bumper hits. Makes it a little more challenging.
And while there are only truly 6 main shots(i'm not counting the special... as how often will it be lit up... I've gotten it a few times, but mostly its off and useless), the rollovers are actually pretty important. You spell put out rock and get an extra ball, you can spot a rollover at least one way, maybe more... But, having the rollovers matter a little bit, gives you a little something to do.
Also, the inlane gives you rewards and each switch hit lessons the rewards. The most lucrative is double your score. And that is where you can get really silly points quickly, depending on your luck and then your ability to control and make the shot.
The shot for the rewards is possible from both flippers. So either inlane you go down, you can take your shot and try to get that reward.
This is the flaw with the game. This is where you want to try to shot all the time. But, again its not easy to get it to go down an inlane. So, I don't have an issue with this scoring concept, but the amount of times you can get double your score in a short span of time or a game can be really silly. And thus in a multiplayer game can make it more than a bit unfair. Balance issues aside, I still like the code and its fun.

As I said there are only 6 shots, but 2 standup target banks. Sometimes there is a roving shot that you need to hit, and then you can hit them all to reset it. So I like how the code makes use of the targets. Makes it a bit harder, as you might not always get the clear bonus as you need to hit the roving shots first. Just adds another element of challenge into it.

Then there are the outlanes in the layout. I like these as either outlane can lead to a drain or back into play. Just watch your nudging and you might be able to save it.
And also if you have extra balls lit, you can control them and give yourself a little insurance if the ball goes to the outlane then you might get the eb if you set it up as insurance.
So I like that about the layout. Game keeps you active and playing no matter where the ball is at.
There are no toys or gimmicks... Aside from the fact that it is a cocktail machine. That's its gimmick... Not a great, but as I said. I kind of like them... Even though no backglass art.

As for the art itself. Its decent. Has some sex appeal, and that's really it. Just men and women dancing. Nothing great, nothing horrible. It works... Kind of. There is no art on the cab, but I like the cab. Its retro has the 70s wood grain finish type look of an atari. So I like how it looks. Not fancy and it won't stand out among other cocktail cabs with the same cab design. But, there is a charm to its look.

One thing that really shocked me. The light show. WOW! Light shows are something that to me is gut feeling. This machine has a great light show. It wowed me. There is just something about how this game uses its lights that I think was ahead of its time. It just pops and really makes the game so much more enjoyable.
The music and sounds are fine, nothing amazing. YOu'll enjoy them as you play. Or you put music on, and hear what sounds you may, and just enjoy the light show.

Will say... One of the biggest flaws with this game is no jackpot for MB... I don't know if that's because the code or sys 80 b couldnt handle a jackpot. I'm not certain. I don't know. Just a bit of a bummer that the only benefit to mb is that you have a 2nd ball that you can shot and get points for.

So all in all this is a fun and clever pin. Is it the best pinball machine ever. No it is not. Is it fun. Yes it is. Would I own one... Well, yes, I do own one. I don't know how many more cocktail machines I'd want to own. I do want to get its sister pin, as I like the playfield art on that one better, and I think it might be the better game of the two.
But, this has to be one of the best cocktail pins ever. I say that, because its actually a fun pin to play, and I've had more fun playing this pin, then some actual normal pinball machines. With that being said. Around 15-25 minutes I think this machine could hold my attention before I'd want to play on something else.
3 years ago
I have played this game quite a few times at Galloping Ghost Pinball. I know its super rare, but I am afraid I find this game SUPER BORING to play. It also breaks quite a bit. But, I've played it more than a few times when it was working 100%.
The game just to me is ho hum. Sure the cab looks good, what little backlass is acceptable, and the playfield art is decent. Lots of toys and sculpts, and one of the coolest ball lock mechs in all pinball... That might be the coolest thing about this game is the ball lock.
But, it just everything lacks energy. I make a shot, start a mode, mb.... Who cares.
I like the movie, I love Vasquez, but I don't love the movie. Other sci fi and action movies I like better, but I do like the theme. And even the clip utilization is just boring in this game. Just a snoozefest for me. I don't know why that is, its just I don't ever have a desire to play this game, and sometimes when I am at GG I don't play it at all, and I couldn't care less if it is extremely rare game and that's my only place I could ever play it at. I rather play AFM or Black Knight, or insert literally any other game just about.
But, even the art package on this. Its just nice, it doesn't pop. Nothing truly pops. The rules. I won't lie and say I understand the rules. But, I do know there is nothing about the rules that really stood out and made an impression on me.
If you like this theme and you like the game. That's great. To me this pin just hasn't clicked with me. If my opinion on it changes I will alter this review. However, I've played many games on it, and I just don't enjoy it. And that to me is the most important thing about pinball. Enjoyment.
So would I ever own one. Not even in a collection of 50 pins would I want one of these. Too expensive, too much hassle and just no thank you. But, one of the coolest ball lock mechs ever.
3 years ago
This is a very influential pin as I believe it was the first lower playfield game and while its not a perfect game, its certainly a good one. And it's a looker to boot.
The backglass with the rotating black hole effect is really neat and makes the pin stand out. So I would for that effect alone say this is one of the top all time pinball backglasses, sure no sex appeal, but it looks cool. The cab art is basic only some speckling and 3 color tones, but that was common for this era. However, it has a nice design that also fits and enhances the theme of hte pinball. So all in all, this machine is a looker. The playfield art isn't cluttered and is a bit basic, but works with building the theme of the blackhole. Also one really cool feature of the playfield art, the action lines. That really helps gives the playfield energy and adds to the whole being sucked into the black hole vortex vibe. Not a lot of complicated busy art, but methodical and well thought out. So very nice art design.
The music and speech. It's limited. But, it has all that you need, and it fits the theme. I like it.
The layout is very unique and groundbreaking. However, the upper playfield at times can feel a bit too wide open. That's because of the need to have the window for the lower playfield. Still all in all its a unique layout and can be fun to shoot. What I don't like though is the rules. Don't compete the tasks for re-entry while on the lower playfield and it results in an insta drain once you drain out of the lower. That is a bit harsh and can be off putting for any player. Its one of the reasons why I ding the code how I did. To me its the games biggest flaw. I can understand why they wanted the achievement. And I think it totally should be something that you should trigger on the 2nd time you go down into the black hole. That would to me seem fair. But, I also know this is 1980s, so that kind of detail might not have been possible. But, the roll over tech was... So they could have had a flipper button change the roll overs.
I do like that it does have mb. And so while this game might be a bit tough and unforgiving at times. Its certainly worth playing a few times.
As for fun and replay-ability. I like and enjoy this game. I don't love it. Once again it doesn't have any shots that make me go WOW! Because of that. I play a few games on it, and I have my fill. Would I ever want to own one... If I have a collection of 40-50 games. Sure possibly. But, there are many other games I like the look of, and excite me more personally that I'd rather own.
However, I still enjoy this game. And I enjoy playing one whenever I can find one. The trick though is finding one that is in good working order. But, if you do find one that is playing well, give it a few games and enjoy it.
3 years ago
First I'll get out of the way that I'm not a real big fan of upper playfield games, but I actually do like lower playfield games(or at least the idea of them). I know this might not make a lot of sense, but its because I feel a lot of the upper playfield games really lack any sense of flow or amazing shots. Black Knight is one of the few that has rewarding shots... But, this is my review for haunted house. SO with that disclaimer out of the way lets get on with the review.
I like to generally talk about art first. This has a great overall art package that really enhances the theming of the table. The backglass is really nice, the cab art is unique and good(especially for the era that it was made in), and while the playfield art is simplistic it works. It really sets the tone that you're in the haunted house.
And as such there are three areas the attic(upper playfield), the main lobby(main playfield), and the basement(lower playfield). Its a unique and different design, and so that is always good. But, I just don't feel personally there are many satisfying shots. I'm not saying this game isn't fun to shoot. I'm just saying there is not a single shot that wows me after I make it.
The rules... I won't lie. I really don't understand them all that much. I just aim for stuff and shoot the flashing lights. And I generally pride myself in learning games codes... But, this one still eludes me.
Speaking about the code. No multi ball. This game would be cool with MB... I know some people do an add on for it. But, stock factory is what I am reviewing. I really think this game would be awesome with MB.
The music also plays into the theme and has some nice creepy classical music. The only downside is once you hit a switch and trigger a sound effect, the music starts over, and over, and over again. That's fine... For the most part, because it has a building/looping quality to it. I like the sound effects and they fit.
So while no really cool toys, the main gimmick is the three level layout. And as I said, its a unique layout... But, for me lacks excitement. Still it is fun for me for short bursts. Galloping ghost has one and I don't always play a game on it when I am there. And if I do play on it, I generally only play for couple of games and move on. I don't hate the game, I do enjoy it. Just it doesn't get my pulse racing like some of the other games. But, I do respect what it did for pinball, as I do consider it a classic. Would I ever want to own one... I don't know. These games are a bit heavy and if I have room for 50 games... Perhaps. But, more than likely its a game I'd be content with just playing whenever I come across it in the wild.
But, its a looker, and its a unique shooting experience. So I can understand why some people might love this game.
3 years ago
So this is a game that is either fun to play or just completely garbage. Because, only a handful of black knights I have ever played in the wild have proper flipper strength. With proper flipper strength the game is actually pretty fun. It has one better upper playfield layouts in the history of pinball, and in my opinion might be the best upper playfield game ever made. I might rank Hardbody over this game only cos I LOVE the theme of Hardbody so much more.
On the topic of theme. There are no toys in this game, as for the toys and gimmicks... I think there are no toys, but two gimmicks. The first gimmick is the magna save, and that is awesome. One of the coolest features in all of pinball. Really nice way you have to unlock them, but can be frustrating to a newbie if you don't know the rules. The 2nd gimmick is the extra ball time you can win in this game. not really necessary and just confusing and doesn't do much.
For the rules. The game is not deep, but it has a lot of cool simple rules. The first being you need to complete the drops within a certain amount of time after the first hit activation or they reset and you get basically nothing(small points). But, if you do complete a drop then you get one magna save activation. You complete the bank... That is something as well, but honestly I forget... And if you complete the upper drops thats a type of special or reward you can get, and the same for the lower... Doesn't really matter... That I forgot. The important thing in this game in the rules is the multiball. You don't need to light the locks, but if the ball drains before you activate MB, then you have to relock the balls in the next ball. They don't drain, but they'll kick out until you lock them again.
I really like how the playfield scoring multiplier in mb works. Basically its x times the number of balls you have in play. So you drain to 2... You get 2 x. MB is fast, but can really be lucrative if you hit the right shots.
Game also has some hurry ups. Might be one of the first games to have hurry ups. Right inlane I believe lights the spinner for the left ramp. Left inlane lights the center ramp shot. These points can be big and add up. Especially the spinner rip.
Game is pretty hard and brutal. Even with a strategy. But, I believe is pretty fun to play. Not the most fun I've ever had, and I might get bored with it after 15-45 minutes. But, I know each time I see one, I wouldn't mind a few games on one. Always worth the challenge.
And as for having in a home collection... One day I might want one in my home. Right now I don't have the space for one. But, I do like the speech in the game, and the callouts. There are not a lot, but it works and its fun. The other sounds are okay. The artwork to me is good, but not great. The cab looks nice, the playfield nice, and has a cool but not amazing backglass. If you love medieval knights and who doesn't its a cool theme. No toys as I said before. But, this game doesn't need toys. Its a good shooter, with a classic and unique layout, with good rules. Game will kick your butt more often than you will kick its... But, that's part of the charm. I mean the game's titled Black Knight, and no one defeats the black knight.
3 years ago
The theme of Whirlwind is one that I don't care about... LOL! Does anybody... I mean if you like tornados then you'd buy this and possibly twister and have them right next to each other. Anyway, this game is an original theme and it actually fits that theme really well.
The art is is competent, but I don't really think anything special. It all is cohesive and combines itself to where it looks nice, but it just doesn't excite me. Still, it does look nice. Playfield art is rather bland, but tells you everything you need to know, and it isn't crowded. But, I've never felt compelled to study and look at the details. In fact writing this review is the first time I noticed the face in the clouds blowing the wind on the playfield. Just never needed or felt the urge to look at the art.
What this game does have that is pretty cool is three spinning discs and a fan for a topper. When the discs turn on so does the fan. This is pretty cool effect and actually does ratchet up the tension quite a bit. The only downside to this is, sometimes you can get a bit chilly from the fan blowing on you. Sometimes its nice if you've been playing for awhile and need to cool off.

How does the game shoot. Well its a bit of a traditional lawlor layout. Gotta admit I never really noticed until someone in an online video pointed out how this game and Adams were similar. And if you flip Earthshaker they have some similarities as well. But, can't fault a person for having a style, and each of those games shoot very different, and they all shoot really nicely. This game is no exception. The rules are a bit basic. Its basically a game where you want to enter into MB, and you rinse and repeat that.
It shoots so nicely you don't mind that mb is your only goal. The callouts are serviceable, but nothing truly amazing. You might repeat some of them. The storm is coming. The storm is over. But, I don't really think anything too iconic, but still they fit the mood and theme nicely. And the woman's voice from Earthshaker is back. that is nice.
All in all I gotta say this is a really nice pinball machine. Would I want one in my collection... Not in my current house where I live. As I'm almost out of space and I rather have games where I love the theme. But, if I had room for 30-50 pins, yeah... I could see this being in my collection. And when I get the chance I always enjoy playing it. I believe I have played one at 4 different venues now. Always fun to shoot.
3 years ago
What an amazing game MM is. From how it looks, how it plays, it's implementation of toys, callouts, and animation this game is amazing. Also has really nice rule set as well.
The first thing I generally like to talk about is the art. The backglass has to be an all time great backglass. It's sense of energy is amazing and it fits lots of the jokes and characters in the game on the backglass. While it is busy, it doesn't feel cluttered, it has a nice sense of composition. It works both if you study it deeply or if you just casually glance at it.
The cab art is good, but for my tastes a bit boring. However, I think that does contrast nicely with how busy the backglass is, so it works. And the cab art still looks nice.
The playfield art... Lots and lots of inserts on this game, but they don't feel cluttered and actually they get a lot of big characters still on the playfield. So I think it has great art on the playfield, and it tells you and shows you all that you need/want to see as well.

Now how does it shoot. Its a classic fan layout. Perhaps the layout to rule all fan layouts. It shoots really well. There are 8 main shots in the game. 10 if you count the trolls. Merlins magic targets and the troll qualifying targets do not count as main shots as you shouldn't be shooting for those, get those on the recovery or bounces. Game shoots smooth with the orbits and ramps. It can play fast, or you can slow it down for controlled play.
The danger in these games comes from not enough power to get it up the ramp(especially the right one), or hitting the castle gate, or hitting the trolls.

The game has what I would consider 3 main toys. The biggest and coolest is the huge castle on the playfield with the working drawbridge and gate. Has a little moat or ditch in it for the ball to fall into. This ditch makes the lock shot a wee bit tougher than it normally would be, but still a make-able shot. What is really cool is the ball lock area. Its a fake wall in the castle itself that you shoot the ball into. Then a cool animation will appear showing a catapult breaking a hole into the wall. Once three balls are locked you get another cool animation to start the mb.

The mb rules I think are really nice, and coupled with once again great animations and callouts. You hit a ramp(either one) and that takes out one of the bad guys knights. You take them all out, that unlocks the super. The super is lock shot itself. Great rules and great callouts.

The other two toys are the trolls and catapult. The trolls are two bash toys hidden beneath the playfield that pop up. These can block you from hitting the castle. But, you can thread the needle and still hit it as well. As I said before, this is where it gets tricky and if you aim for them it can result in a drain sdtm. It's best to try to take out the castle gate and trolls while in mb if you can accomplish that. Otherwise, be prepared to nudge and shake or slap the game to save your ball.

The catapult is just really a coil that shoots the ball up a wireform really fast. But, its integrated into the code and you can hit your flippers to choose what you fire at the castle. A nice cool effect, that adds to your immersion in the game and also adds to the sense of humor as well.

Speaking of its sense of humor that is found everywhere, from the art, to the callouts, to animations. Lots of humor in this game. Won't spoil it, but its great. As you go about destroying castles, and thanks to the cool toy you really do get to destroy them, you meet so many weird and quirky characters. The callouts are as varied as any game I've ever played, and really are just fun to hear. I don't know how many princesses you can rescue, but those are always fun to hear. And Tina Fey was the voice of one of them(before she got famous).

I even like that the inserts for the bottom lanes matter. You can spell fire which unlocks stuff like a video mode... The video mode is about the only bad thing in this game. First its a bit hard to get to, and that is alright, because its really not that good. I like video modes, but I don't like this one. AFM has one of the best all time video modes and it fits the theme perfectly. This one... Again... Its the only real wart on this game. Better if it didnt' have one. But, since its a quick and hard to reach thing... Not that big of a deal.

I would say while this game doesn't have a lot of modes. You basically shoot for a few things. Completing orbits gets you the jousting madness. Completing catapults the same. Left ramp is peasant madness, and right ramp you rescue princesses. Collect all those and trolls and you get into one of the madness wizard modes. You also can get a mode before you collect all of them that gives you a mb and adds a ball for each of the madnesses you achieved so far.

The main focus however is destroying castles. You hit the shot to lower the gate. Once the gate is lowered, you hit the gate to open it. Once that is lowered you shot into the castle and a cool effect happens and you see the castle destroyed. Receiving also a cool bit of callouts and animation. The only issue is. I think just shooting for castles can be pretty easy... Maybe to some boring. As it can be played pretty safe.

Once you get castles that require more hits to open the gate. Its best to start a mb once the gate is down. And really the lock shot is pretty safe. So if you get dialed in, you can really limit your risky shots.
I know from the above you might think I am a great player. I am not. But, I still can get nice scores in this game. Generally good enough for a replay on the machines.

I really like this machine. Think its almost as perfect of a pinball machine you could ever hope for. Fun to shoot, looks great, and I think while not a lot of modes. Its pretty hard to destroy all the castles, and also qualify for the ultimate wizard mode. Which you need to complete all the madness modes like 5 times each or something like that... That is tough. I've never come close to that. But, it is attainable. Just not by me.

Could I see myself owning one of these. I really hope so. Yes. I really do. Till then I shall always play it whenever I get the chance.
3 years ago
My numerical rating might be pretty low for this game, but I still like it. I still enjoy playing this game whenever I find one. I believe so far I've only played it 2 or 3 different times. But, I've played a good handful of games each time. I LOVE ROBOCOP! One of my all time favorite movies. And while this pin could be a heck of a lot better, as it lacks toys and some of the artwork is hit or miss, its still Robocop. And really this is a relatively early Data East pin. And with each release their pins got a bit better and better. And this pin is far from horrible, I actually do enjoy shooting it.
The backglass is nice, but doesn't pop as much as I think it should. I think some of the color choices might be the reason why. Should have done a nice cool blue to accentuate robocop, not the ugly background color they chose. The playfield art is serviceable and is cool that robocop is on there, but kind of really basic and simple, and not in the good way. It lacks energy. But, hey its robocop. So still cool. I like the cab art, but I think maybe something more chrome than black would have been better suited. But, again. THey didn't have that kind of infrastructure in place yet, to do complicated cabs. So its nice... but, if I owned I'd reskin the cab to something a bit flashier.

The layout is unique... But, really not a whole lot going on. There really are only 6 main shots as two of the shot groups are target banks. I'm not going to profess that I know the rules very well. I know once you get an arrest warrant you want to hit the ramp. And that ramp is hard to hit. But, pretty cool that has that gap or jump in it. Nothing too special with the layout, but again it shoots well enough. I will say I actually have a hard time with the ramp. But, after a few games I can get dialed in decent enough.

Sadly no animations in this pin, just some text that will tell you when to make an arrest. But, there are callouts. Don't know if they're from the movie, or were rerecorded, but I do know they are robocop. And while really not a whole lot of callouts. There is enough to keep me happy.
Which I think is the overall case with this pin. Not a great pin, to me it is a great theme, and it does just enough to make me happy and enjoy shooting it. Would I get bored with this pin. Yes. After probably about 10-25 minutes of play. But, if I had a large enough collection I would totally love to have it in it someday. Its fun for a game or two. And I think backglass alone it look good in a collection. Dead or alive you're coming with me.
3 years ago
I like Gene Wilder and I like the movie this pin is based off, and I even read the book when I was younger. With that said, I really don't like this theme. I think the theme lends itself to pinball, but its not a grail theme for me.
This is the standard I am reviewing. I think the art package is a joke. And garbage. The backglass is just text. BORING. The cabinet looks good, but doesn't pop... Does look good for text, but I hate just text cabs. The playfield art is well done, but I think it lacks energy. Its not cluttered, which I do like, but again just lacks that it factor. But, it is good art.
I really like the layout for this pin. I think not only does it have a unique layout, but I think it shoots great. Easy to chain shots, easy to hit the ramps over and over again. Ramps feel smooth. Has an interesting spinner location.

What I think is a bit hard to follow... At least for me. I never know what to shoot for or how to get anything besides gobstopper mb going. I'm generally good with rules. I won't lie... I hate insanely deep games. If anything I rather a shallow game like space shuttle or sorcerer. But, I do like games with deeper code, but I think it has to be done right. And this code feels deep for deepness sake, and that makes it hard to get into. I think you should reward the player for opening up the game, not hinder them for not knowing how to open it up.
As for the toys, you have a camera, and the gobstopper mb. And I really like the gobstopper lock. Just a cool concept. Slightly dangerous shot, but it should be, and really its not horribly dangerous, so its worth the risk.

As for the lighting. I think its as well done as any modern game, but the one thing I don't like. When you hit some shots on the ramp all the lights flash way too much, and I can't tell which inserts to flip or change because it won't tell me which one is lit or unlit, that is annoying.

I feel this game fits the theme as well as anyone could hope. I do know a lot of people were expecting more... But, I don't know what could have been done different in terms of playfield or toys. And I think when coupled with the interactivity of the backboxes animations. I think you have a really nicely themed pinball machine. Does the playfield resemble a medieval madness, or monster bash. No it doesn't. But, it still has a nice world under glass feel to it.

Lastly, while I enjoy playing this game. To me there is a spark missing from it. It shoots well and smooth. I enjoy the animations and callouts. But, to me it just lacks the energy. No real shot has me on edge if I'm going to make it. I mean... Take a very old game like Elvira and the Party Monsters. When you get 2 balls locked the music changes and speeds up to make you nervous about hitting the lock. And then when you do, you get rewarded with the Lights, Organ, "organ Music", and oohhh nice organ callout. Then the yelling and MB starts. It all adds up to a moment. And I don't get that with any shot. Yes, I'm not happy when my ball drains. But, to me this game doesn't have any anxiety inducing shots like the 3 million point shot on EATPM. Not saying that game is better. All I am saying is, for me this game lacks a little bit of pep or pop. Still I always enjoy shooting it. And I think Wonka fans(of the movie) should love this pin. Its a really well made one. But, has Pat ever done a bad pin.
3 years ago
I don't like the theme of this game, as I only socially drink about 2-4 times a year. So I am biased against the theme for this game. However, I do really enjoy this pin. I like its sense of humor and its sense of fun. I also like how its not afraid to sex things up a little bit, and it does so in a tasteful and playful manner. The backglass and playfield have pretty women adorned on it, and the sling plastics do as well. The art is very well done in a pseudo realistic yet exaggerated manner. I like the art. And the art itself is imbued with the same sense of cheeky fun in it as well. And really it all comes together, the beer, the women, the ducks, the kegs, the steins and it is a rally cohesive theme. While I may not like the theme, it certanly all comes together nicely and forms an amazing looking pinball machine.
The toys are pretty cool. You have a stein you can shot a ball into, a big keg that's atop a ramp. And speaking of the ramps you got a really cool corkscrew ramp and a 180 ramp as well. Crazy, crazy layout, and lots of magnets.
The one thing I don't like. Its a crazy layout, but I feel it might take awhile to truly learn how to play this game and certain shots don't really flow. I know they help you out with the magnets. But, the upper flipper ramp shot is a bit tricky to nail. And I think the code or game might be too deep and rely on entering the tent too frequently. As a casual fan. Its just not worth it to find out what each stein does, and then having to select the modes. Its a bit of a crapshoot if you don't know what you're doing.
Now, with that said. I really do like playing this game. The ramps are super fun to hit. The callouts have a nice cheeky sense of humor. Love the female voice that does the callouts. I also like the animations. They're basic, but they don't need to be super articulated. They work great for what pinball animations should be.
As for the music. Its about what you'd expect from a pin of this theme.
So my thoughts about this pin... I don't like the theme sure... But, I like a lot of things that are in it the sense of fun, the sex appeal. Its a very nice looking pin, and it plays good, and I think for a home market it is so deep that you'll be mining it for a long time... I also think it could work on location if its a bar or brewery. I think that fits the theme. And I think it'd make people put more money to just try out some of the modes they probably never get to.
But, I don't think this is a pin I'd ever want to personally buy. Just not my cup of tea, or rather stein of beer.
3 years ago
What a great looking pinball machine. Awesome backglass, one of the all time coolest playfields ever. The cab art itself is good as well. I also think the animations are really great. The layout is good, and I really enjoy shooting it. Two fun ramps. The code is good, and it really places an emphasis on stacking MBs. The callouts are fine, but I think really they lack energy. I think the music and sound effects fit the pin. And while I really think this pin shoots good, and is quite the looker, I do get bored with shooting it after a few games.
But, it has to be one of the best examples of pinball completely nailing theme that it is based on.
Would I ever like to own this game... Depends on how much space I have. But, since this game had a low production run, I don't think I will ever buy it. But, I think if you come across one. You should play it.
3 years ago
I love pinball 2000. I wish there were more that were made. I also love attack from mars. That is one of my favorite pins ever. This is a very worthy follow up. Has a very similar playfield design, except a bit mirrored and again not 100% the same. But, its a fan layout and the fan layout I think is one of the best layouts in pinball. It has a ramp that pops up for you to hit the center shot and thats a cool feature to end a mode. Easy shot, but I think its meant to be, as again its the knockout punch and shouldn't be hard to make.
Really nice artwork and energy in the backglass and I think this might be one of the best looking cabs ever in pinball. I think the playfield art is actually better than attack from mars as well.
I love these animations and I think they still stand up to this day because of the cartoony style. Lots and lots of fun in the callouts and animations.
So while the callouts, animations, and art package are on par with the original attack from mars, the gameplay sadly isn't as good. I want to love this game, as I really enjoy playing the episode 1 game.
But, it doesn't shot as well as AFM and the start of the game with the two branching trees can get repetitive. Now.... With all that being said the game does play and shot well... Just not as well as AFM. It has a little bit of clunk feeling to it that AFM didn't have.
But, I really enjoy opening the game up and seeing all the modes that it has... I just wish perhaps they were a little more serious and less silly at times. More action less comedy. Still I enjoy this game and it does make me laugh, and I never fully opened it up.
Is this a machine for everyone. No. But, one day I'd really like to have one of these in my collection. Just I'd want to have AFM in my collection first.
3 years ago
Playfield is a bit sparse, and the code can be easily manipulated... But, its still a fun game. The art package... It's not bad, but its not the prettiest machine. But, its a macabre theme and so it kind of fits, and I like the lighting effects with the color. The bats and rats bonus can really change the outcome of the game and really all you need is one good ball for the first ball, and then not tilt on the next two.
Still, I think it shots well, even though not a lot of shots on the game. Really only 5 main shots... But, it plays fast, and it works well for the type of rule set.
I think the sound, callouts, and music fit the theme. Animations are really nice. I think it has one of the best video modes out there. And the mist mb is one of the coolest MB starts ever.
Has at least 2 other MBs and those are fun too.
I like this game. Its fun. Not a good movie, but a good pinball machine. If I had a lot of space, then I'd love this to be part of my collection one day.
3 years ago
I would love to say this game is the ultimate EM game as it has a lot of really cool things going for it. Love the spinner disc, 3 ball mb, zipper flippers, and a cool skill shot. However, the spinner disc shoots the ball all over the place and loves to shot it out the outlanes. Because the game is zipper flippers combined with the unpredictability of spinner disc makes it really hard to gain control of the ball. As for the MB... I like it. Can have 2 ball or 3 ball and that is a rarity for EM. And I think the skill shot is one of the best ones for an em. Simple rule set, but it works. The idea of this game is better than the execution and gameplay. Machine looks great(art package is superb).. .But, I don't think it plays great. Its just too wild and unpredictable. With that said... I enjoy it, even if it kicks my butt. Always good for a few plays.
3 years ago
This game is a massive wide body. And I think because of that and the fact its an older heavier game, it makes nudging a bit more difficult... At least for me... Really two ways to get big points on this game. Either hitting the captive ball over and over again. Or the horseshoe in the center.
I'm not a great player of this game. But, I have gotten a replay on this game fairly often despite not really playing it too much... I do like the sound effects. I like the theme... Both the space invaders and alien concept. I think its cool to shoot ufos... Just wish that it was handled better... But, really the tech was just not there yet. So they did the best they could. The backglass is one of the best ever I think. Love the art and the lights. Cab art is really cool, playfield art is cool as well, just the playfield is more alien the movie and less space invaders video game.
Is this game the best game ever... No... I get bored easy with it. But, while I probably wouldn't want to own one(even though it looks amazing) I wouldn't mind playing one from time to time. I just think you play 2-6 games that's really all you need for awhile.
3 years ago
Gorgar is a very deliriously macabre pin. I love most macabre things and I also really love heavy metal and there is a band called Helloween that made a song about this pin. So I really, really like this theme and I find the artwork to be really good as well. The backglass is just gorgeously dripping with malevolence and its use of colors is very effective. The same color scheme and art is extended to the playfield and you almost get a nice story on the playfield. Like the backglass the woman is sacrificed, but on the playfield you can fight and save her against gorgar. Like the backglass is the foreshadowing of an ominious future, one that can be avioded only if you can "Beat Gorgar". Easier said than done, because most of the time "Gorgar Beats YOU!". And that is the main gimmick of this pin the speech, only a handful of words, but that is all Gogar needs. Because, if you do play well enough he will say you not only hurt him, but you beat him. Or rather You Beat Me".
There is no real music in gorgar, but I like the use of the heartbeat while playing this pin. The better you do, the more you advance the game the quicker it speeds up. Simple rules, but effective and they require you to shoot and hit all the shots. I'm not really aware of any overpowered shot or strategy for this game that makes it unbalanced. Simple ruleset, but I like the old time rulesets. No MB. But, game is fun enough without it.
The main shot you will be going for though is probably the spinner, once you get that up.
The other shot is the Pit shot, but you need to build that up first. Has a magnet in it as well, which probably also was one of the first uses of a magnet in pinball. So this machine has a few firsts going with it. Obviously the callouts are limited, but I am judging it on what was available at the time, and this was the first talking pin. Also, Gorgar doesn't need to be chatty, he says just the right amount and that is all you need.
Fantastic art package and I really like the theme and how it all is connected from evil voice of Gorgar, to the heartbeat. Just really engrosses you in the game.
Also this is one of my favorite cab art for this era of pinball machine.
The game is fun to shoot, and while I wouldn't want to play one for hours on end, 15-25 minutes of shooting or playing is always fun for me. When I see it at expos I try to play a few games as well. If I ever get a bigger house, I hope to get a Gorgar machine. But, I really think you'd might want it to be a part of 8-10 pin collection. Think how well one would look right next to a Monster Bash, BSD, or any other horror themed pin. Fun to play game with a nice simple ruleset. Can't go wrong.
3 years ago
Police Force is to me a very middle of the road pinball machine. It doesn't do anything very well and most everything is just competent. The theme is a bit strange and its like Tango and Cash meets Disney. The art isn't bad, but the theme is really strange and doesn't do anything for me.
I do like the concept behind the skill shot, its not the best, but its fun to plunge as the sound effects really amp up the shot. If anything I think sound is where this pin excels. Nice sound effects, and music cues for some of the shots. The callouts are just okay however.
Not much to shoot for in this pin. Shoot the center ramp over and over and unlock the million point shot and just keep trying to hit it until you miss. That is one of the best and easiest ways to get a decent score.
To get a massive score you'll need to hit the jackpot. Not too familiar with how to get it, as I played most of the time on a machine where the jackpot shot was either disabled or broken. But, I did play it on a few perfectly working machines and I activated it a few times. You got to arrest all the animals and then its activated. Then once activated you just have to hit the shot before it times out. Again... I think that is how the rules work.
Simple rules for this game. But, it is fun to shoot around. I enjoy playing a few games on it. I do like hitting the center ramp over and over.
And while the right ramp isn't hard to hit, it just isn't as fun to hit. I know that's your double score shot, and also MB shot. But, its just not fun its a boring ramp. The toy car is interesting. But, ultimately doesn't do much. But, hey at least it did have a toy that does something.
So would I own a Police Force. I don't think so. To me its not because its not a good pin. Its average to fun to shoot and play. But, coupled with the theme that does nothing for me. No. This is a pin I would never want to own, but I will always try to play one or two games on it if I find it on location. There are not many good games with a center ramp and I do enjoy games with a center ramp.
3 years ago
Big fan of the TZ series, I think Rod Serling is one of the greatest TV writers who ever lived and one of the most important as well. This is also one of the rare pinball games that I like the art package and it doesn't have any cheesecake or women or pinups on it. The cab art is mostly text but it has just enough images to give it character and enhance the theme. Love the backbox art though, that is really good. The translite is classic and really just well done. And while it might not be sexy, I still think it should rank as one of the best backglasses ever really sets the tone and is important for all the easter eggs in the theme and playfield and animations.
About the playfield. It's cluttered... Shots, toys, and artwork. it's very, very cluttered, but it works. I like the art for the playfield as well, as I said while it might be cluttered it works. I really like how the door is used to keep track of your mode progress. All in all this is a very nice looking pinball machine. You got the clock toy, the gumball toy, and the power magna flippers.
I like the animations for this game, I think they're all really nice and quality and fit the theme. Really like the match animation the best I think. The creepy doll for extra ball is fun as well.
The sounds for the game I enjoy. I know some people don't like midi music. I don't mind it. In fact I think that the way its going now with using actual bands music... It might take some of the special unique feel out of playing pinball...
With that said... The song used is Golden Earring's Twilight Zone. One of my all time favorite songs, and I enjoy the midi version of the song. And I like how it changes up during gameplay. Other songs are used, and I like how they're incorporated. The don't go into the door... That can be annoying, but for the most part I enjoy the callouts. Wish there were more Serling callouts...
Now on to the gameplay and the rules... The rules are not complicated and the gameplay is fun. This game has a unique layout, and it shoots very well... But, I kind of stink at this game. Never really fully opened it up too much. Still I enjoy playing it. The layout is a bit slanted to the right side as the power playfield takes up a bit of the left side. But, really you don't notice it that much. And you still have shots that you need to hit on the left side of the playfield.
About the power... I really stink at that. I've completed it a few times, but mostly I think its luck. Need to practice that more.
I also like the skill shot. I wouldn't want any other game to have one like this one, but I like the fact that it not only rewards points but also lights pops. I'm a fan of any game having a true skill shot. And this one is unique and challenging.
Lots of modes, lots of things to do, and I think its deep enough that I've never opened it up an I've played it a good bit. So I think it would do well in a home collection , but maybe a 3-5 pin collection is needed.
I always have fun when I play this pin. But, I will be honest I get a bit frustrated when I play this pin and I do lose interest in playing it after about 15-20 minutes of play. And I don't have a strong desire to always play this pin when I see it. Not that I don't enjoy it. It's just this game and the ruleset and me don't jive. I struggle to open it up, and I just don't get the code. Or its a type of ruleset that is a bit different from how I like to play. And as such I tend to get bored when I'm not putting up the scores I would like to and I move on to another game that I enjoy more. That doesn't change that this is a good game. Its just means that I prefer to play other games and that is fine. This ruleset is not my particular cup of tea.
All in all though a very fun and very good looking pin, and its no wonder that its considered to be one of the all time greats. One day when I have more room, I would really like to add it to my collection.
3 years ago
I never thought I would get to play a real Q*Bert, but Galloping Ghost has one and I've got to play it a lot over 2 weekends of play. I did before I played the real thing play a virtualized version of one. This pin has a really unique and cool layout, I also like the prospect of if you're good at nudging time it right then you can cave your ball with the lower flippers. SDTM drains can still be dangerous, but if you build up your pyramids they can be worth a lot of points and draining down the sides you won't get the bonus.
Just like the unique layout the ruleset and scoring is just as unique. Unique, but not good... Not a lot to shoot for in this pin. The goal is to complete pyramids and stop the monsters. If the enemy/monster timer plays out then you lose a square on the pyramid. There are targets that set the enemies back, and if you make the shot you get points for defeating the enemy and another one starts at another location. There are three enemy locations with 3 shots. And there are a handful of ways to make pyramids, mostly by rollovers.
Not a lot of points, this game is very, very grindy. Very, very Grindy... I had fun playing the game and learning the rules, and there is some skill, and it can be fun in small dosages. Interesting and unique game, but not a great game.
The art is good, and really fits the theme. Cab is horrible though, but playfield and translite are good for the source. Music isn't really great, it speeds up when the enemies get closer to getting your block. The noises and speech are from the video game and again fit the theming.
All in all. This is a game that if you see in the wild or at a convention, you should play it. But, the novelty wears off and I don't really think it fits in a persons collection... Unless you lover Q Bert...
3 years ago
Not really a fan of the show or really of this pin either. Not the worst pin I've ever played, just really don't enjoy playing it. Can't really seem to open it up like other pins. The cabinet MB mode is easy to achieve multiple times. But, for me this is a low scoring pin, even if you go into the modes or rewards for hitting multiple shots. You have to watch hitting the orbits, as those can cause your ball to drain, and the ramp shots are tight. But, the ramps are fun ramps to hit when you do get them right.
For the art. Its mostly just big head artwork. But, I think they do it right in this regard. The translite looks nice, albeit not amazing, but nice. It captures the series and the leads nicely, and even though its big head art it works. The playfield is big head art as well, but again it works decent enough. But, the real gripe I have with playfield art is its too barren. Its just too sparse, and while you can tell where you need to shoot, its just too empty. Also more lights would be nice for a better light show. This light show is only adequate. What I do like is all the sculpts and toys. Got an alien embryo in a glass jar, mud monster, and the bash toy/ball lock file cabinet. The file cabinet is a fine toy for pinball, not the most exciting, but it raises and lowers and I think its a decent enough toy to base a game around, if a little underwhelming to look at, but the integration is spot on.
The cab artwork is one of the best examples that minimalist art can be the best option sometimes. Its just the X-Files logo and it looks really nice. Normally I hate just text on the side of machines, but again this machine pulls it off nicely.
The DMD animations are good, but they lack energy or flair. They really didn't excite me that much, and really that is my problem with this game. It is decent enough to shoot a few games on, but it really doesn't excite me. From the music, to the callouts. Everything is just decent enough for you to stay and enjoy the games, but nothing gets your heart pumping or blood flowing. I don't think I'd ever want to own one of these in my personal collection. But, I will always put a few quarters into one if I see it on location. Not a bad game, just for me it just doesn't excite me. The gameplay after a few games doesn't hold my interest to want to keep trying to open it up. Maybe because it has a MB that is so easy to get many times in a game.
3 years ago
I really like this pin. I like how it shoots, and I love the theme. I won't lie I like babes and pinball. But, I also love macabre themes, and I enjoy Elvira and her cheeky sense of humor. I'm a big fan of art and I think this pin has a very good backglass not the best, but definitely among one of my favorites. The cab art is really nice and I think its one of my favorite cab arts. The playfield art is only decent, but the sculpts and tombstone targets really make the theme pop. No real toys or complicated mechs in this one. Regardless it doesn't need any. And all the little flourishes like the skull lock, and the aforementioned tombstones targets really add up to make the theme pop in this pin. I do like all the silly details and jokes in both the backglass and playfield.
One thing I like about the playfield is it's easy to know what to shoot for, and its not cluttered. However, with that being sad... I feel the light show on this game isn't the best. I'm not harsh with lights as I just for the most part like any type of blinking and flashing light show.
The layout shoots really well. Love the ramps. They're super fun to shoot and watch. I do like the coding and rewards for shooting them multiple times. And I like the look of the ramps they have nice personality.
The callouts and music also add greatly to the personality. They're not a lot of a variety to the callouts. But, they're good. My favorite is when multiball starts Dracula says "Lights... Organ... and there is a really nice flourish of organ music, and Elvira says... OHHHHHhhhh nice organ." Its probably one of my favorite MB starts there is. And they really use sound amazing in this game. From the sound effects to speech and the music. The music is good, but not great. But, I do like how it speeds up with every ball that is locked. Really amps up the tension, however it can get old.
About MB its simple rules. It starts off with the lock lit for all three balls and you just need to lock them and then it starts. To get the jackpot you need to hit both ramp shots. The 2nd time it's the jackpot. Nothing to complex. And if you're decent at trapping and you're lucky to be able to get control, then its not the hardest shot. But, I find the real trick is getting control to trap them in the first place as there is no guarantee that you can get control from where the balls released.
Then after the first mb you'll need to light the ball lock each time you want to lock a ball. To light the lock you need to complete jam or bats. Jam is risky, but easier than bats...
And that's the game... Rinse and repeat... And I won't lie the game can get old and repetitive. But, its still a very, very fun game. I like the rules. And all in all I think this is one heck of a pin. In a small collection it might be too expensive and too shallow, but if you have a big collection it would fit nicely. As is. If you ever see one. Play it. Its fun.
3 years ago
I love tales from the crypt tv show, one of my all time favorite horror shows ever. I also really like the old EC comics that it was based off of. I think the artwork for cab, translite, and playfield to be good. I understand some people might not like it, but I think it not only fits the theme of both the show and comics, but also pinball. There are lots of little gags to discover and I personally like the color scheme choices, I think it sets it apart and more closely resembles the old school comics. I also like the fact that they still put some babes into it, albeit more ghoulish babes than traditional babes, and I think that is funny.
I really like this layout and I love both ramps. They're both fun to shoot. I love the cork-screw left ramp, and I really think the whole upside down right ramp is really cool... I wonder what machine was the first to include a ramp like this one... This could be the first, but if it wasn't the first its certainly has to be one of the first. I also like the trick shot that you can pull off when your ball hops between the right to the left. Just fun that they coded a callout to it.
I like skill shots, and this game has a decent.. .If easy skill shot to achieve, but the animation is delightfully macabre... In fact I love all the animations for this game, I think this game has some of the best dots from 90s. Certainly some of my favorites. The callouts are hammy and cheesy and just terrific... The only downside is they do get repetitive... Still great unique callouts. The animations, callouts, and playfield art really set the mode and just truly immerse you into the theme. And I love the theme.
Game isn't the most deep, and you can exploit the mode time out feature to move on to the lucrative modes if you are so inclined. Still, I like the game and all the modes, and the MBs... I'm not an expert at the game, and I really don't have any strategies for playing it yet, but I love to shoot it. I do think both the spinners and the pops are utilized nicely in the code, and that is always nice.
In fact the one thing I like about all the modes is the fact that it does reward/force you to hit all the available shots on the playfield. And the game has a decent amount of shots. I count 11 main shots... Not counting a shot that is available into the pops. I also only count the targets and drops as one shot and not 3. That's just sub shots within the shot itself.
It has 3 flippers and the upper flipper is important to hit all the shots like the crypt shot and even the mode start shot... But, its not necessary. If the upper flipper breaks or just too weak, you can still hit all the shots in the game... But, to truly appreciate the game the upper flipper working makes it so much better.
There really aren't any toys on this game. Two things that I think are cool is the doorhandle/ball plunge button and the crypt lock/bash target. Those are the only toys and they do fit the theme and add to the immersion. I do think the crypt lock is a good lock, not the coolest in pinball ,but it fits the playfield and game and its still pretty cool. The doorhandle takes a bit to get use to, but it really looks quite nifty.
This game isn't for everyone. I love the sense of humor and all gore and macabre elements. Can it get old playing over and over sure... But, I think if you like the theme and like the animations this could be in a nice 3-5 pin collection without getting tired of it.
3 years ago
First I'll admit when it comes to pinball I like sexy women on depicted on the backglasses and playfields. I'm a teenager in that regard. I also am a little biased when it comes to Elvira, I love cheesy horror movies, and I enjoy cheesy comedies, and as I mentioned before I love boobs!!!! So I've always liked Elvira. This pinball machine has one of the coolest backglasses in all pinball, and the fact that it has an interactive feature is pretty cool as well with the spider. That's a really cool toy, that can add some degree of strategy to your game. I personally like to go for the extra balls... But, I only get them a few times, but having crate or coffin mb extended can really make a difference as well. The playfield artwork is really good, but I don't think great... But, what it does do a great job with is layout of all the tasks/modes/shots that you need to do to advance in the game. It's not overly cluttered and its not sparse or barren. It is in the sweet spot of just enough. And I really like all the sculpts and little ghoulish and macabre flourishes on the playfield. Bony beast ramp is super cool, the coffin toy not only looks great but is integrated quite nicely into the game. The cab art fits the theme perfectly as its the crate from the crate bash toy/ball lock, on the playfield. My only beef with that choice is you don't have a sexy picture of Elvira, instead you get a boring crate... But, it really fits the theme nicely and is quite perfect of a choice.
I really like how balls pop out of the coffin when you start that mb mode, and the crate toy is a great ball lock, and is integrated amazingly as the callouts for advancing and completing it are just top notch. As per all the callouts. They're amazing and they're unique. Not just cos they're full of innuendo... Actually I find the humor rather tame... But, what I like about them is it proves you don't need to shout JACKPOT!!!! For a callout to be good. There are plenty of callouts and Elvira talks a lot in this game. I like the dead head jokes, do they get repetitive... They can, but its still fun to get good head... My favorite...
I like the coding for this game. Its not great, but its good. The objectives are simple and straightforward, but they're fun. They have nice animations that go with them.
I generally don't comment much on lighting in pins as I am easy to impress with it. But, I really like those light orbs and the effects that they render that are on the playfield. Really add to the macabre and old time horror movie set theme. And when they're all flashing they look amazing.
The only downside is what people say about this game... It's too easy... And they might be right. I've never owned a scared stiff, but I've played one on 4-5 different occasions. And played the heck out of it for 2 of those occasions, and I've gotten to wizard mode quite a bit on this game... Haven't yet maxed out the stiff o meter and got monster mb yet. But, I know I will... As I was really close just the other day. If I owned this pin, I know I would complete that goal quickly... Does that make this pin any less fun or awesome... Yes and no... It just means the replability or lastability is a bit lower than I would like. In a 5 pin collection it might be too shallow, in a 10 pin collection it should be fine to stick around. With that being said, while I think in a home it might not have lastability on location I will always play the heck out of it.
3 years ago
I love this game. Its a cheesy sci fi theme and I love cheesy sci fi. It has a nice retro feel to it, and also a cheeky sense of humor. Its a bit of an homage to both the Mars Attacks cards and old science fiction movies. The monsters are obviously inspired by ERB's John Carter books with maybe a dash of Ray Harryhausen thrown in. I will start off by commenting on the art first. I must admit I like the art package of Revenge from mars a bit better. The translite looks nice, but I don't think its the greatest ever. But, again I like the look of it, and the model in the retro Marilyn Monroe dress is a nice touch. The playfield art is very basic and plain, but fits and helps expand the theme. Its also laid out in a manner that makes it super easy to chart your progress and for that I think its great. But, the art could have been a bit more detailed, but as is. It reads very well for your eyes and puts the focus on the ball in play and making your shots. The cab art is nice, but basic. Has a good amount of energy, but I hate purely text cabs. But, this one is fine and it fits... Just basic.
The toys... The spaceship is a great toy. One of the best in pinball. The use of the shaker is well done and really sucks you into the gameplay.
The martian figures while I feel could use more color, are a nice asset and make the whole martian attack modes more immersive. Really nice that they stop shaking when you hit them and kill them during the attack mode.
Now the layout... I think its a perfect layout. There are really no short shots for you to make. Some people might hate that the layout is so wide open, but I think that gives this game its charm. Its about accuracy and also strategy.
And the code compliments the layout and the toys. Really just perfect coding, and I think this game is deep... Or at least deep enough. As you have lots of different things to shoot for. You have to destroy UFO's and then mars. Along the way you can hit all the shots multiple times. Then once you've completed each of the shots you get Total Annihilation which is a fun MB. This can stack with Martian MB. And that allows you to get massive points.
To get wizard mode you need to complete all the goals which require you to destroy mars, get a 5 times combo, get a super jackpot, and achieve TA and other goals. And for me I've never gotten to the wizard mode on an physical machine, I've only gotten that far on a virtual one. Hope to one day make it there and beat it.
So again... I really like the shots and I really like the code. I think there is strategy on when to try to stack your hurry ups, and even your martian mb and your TA mb or even your main mb. I even like the roll over lanes that light your stroke of luck. You need to pay attention and make sure you're always lighting them up and completing them. That is a cool feature and it might be a little thing, but Monster bash doesn't have it, and I feel it just gives you a little reward for paying more attention and planing ahead.
Just a fun, fun game. I really enjoy playing it and hope to own one. Without a doubt its one of my favorite pins ever. I'm sure some people might find it too easy, and that might be true if you've beaten it a few times. But, I have yet to do so, and for me it will always be part of a mutli pin collection so I'm not worried about getting bored of it.
3 years ago
I think Monster Bash is one of the best looking pins ever, from how the theme comes together and is integrated to the toy placement and artwork on cab, translite, and playfield. Now I love art and to me great art is important in my pins in my collection. And I think the art is top notch for monster bash, but I wouldn't say its the best ever. Translite is fun, and it fits the theme, and looks good. But, I can't help but think it could have been a bit better... Cab art is a bit abstract but cool, and the playfield art is limited, but I think works as it doesn't clutter up the playfield, and tells/shows you what you need to be shooting for.
And I don't want anyone to think that I am not a fan of the art by me rating them one off perfect score... As I really think the cohesiveness of the art, and the fact that it looks good upclose and from a distance, means that I don't think that the sum of the parts don't make it one of the best all around art packages. And although the playfield art is a bit sparse for my liking, as I said, it reads well and you can easily tell your progress on all the shots and modes. The toys make up for the lack of art on the playfield, as these toys are some of the best ever. The frankie toy, the drac attack toy, and even the mummy coming out and saying hi is cool. And the sculpted Eegore adds to it, and again... This adds to this pin just looking so pretty. Game plays amazing too. Great layout. Lots of shots and the code is simple and fun. Not a deep game, but I think its deep enough and its fun and you can have a few different strategies with this game. One of my all time favorite pins. Personally I think Attack From Mars is my favorite of the MM and AFM and MB trio. But, really really love this game. And the animations are now some of the best ever.
The game is a bit shallow and I don't think it even has the strategy of Attack from Mars where you can stack certain MB modes together. But, I don't think that is the point of the code. As this game only has a few MB modes. Frankie, Mosh Pit, Monster Bash, and Monsters of Rock. That's it. I think they wanted to have a Grand Wizard mode that was attainable. And Frankie is the only mode that is harder to attain the second time. Otherwise you just hit the same shots or complete the same goals to unlock the other peoples modes. Mosh Pit of course is harder to unlock as you need more spins, but really I meant the main goals of the game. And you can stack modes with either Frankie mb or even Monster Bash wizard mode. So if you need instruments to unlock. One of the ways to do that is to start the monsters mode and then go into the MB mode. That can really help you out collection instruments. So really no wood chopping and while the modes are straight forward. I like that in this game. As straight forward doesn't mean simple. And this game really shoots well, and has a nice sense of humor, with good music, and lots of variations in callouts. And I think the theme integration is some of the best ever and the lighting is just amazing and totally fits the pin as well.
3 years ago
Let me get a few things that I hate about this pin out of the way. I don't like the hand triggers, I prefer to use the normal flipper buttons. And I think it has just a horrid backglass, and the cab art is just garbage as well. They reuse Snipes face for the upper cab art and it wasn't a good portrait to begin with. Big faces on cabs and backglasses are BORING to me.
With that out of the way I think it uses the theme of the movie really well. The toy car and eyeball toy are cool. Has a crane that lifts the ball and lets you select the modes. That's a really cool touch and a big crane is in the movie and is important in the movie too! I think the animations for the DMD are really well done, and I like the MB mode where Stallone just grunts and yells everytime you hit a jackpot. I love Stallone, so that sound doesn't get old for me. I think its awesome. I like the playfield layout. Game has a really nice sense of flow. And each mode seems to be done nicely. Game also is really fun to shoot, and I think has really nice replay-ability. I actually think its the artwork that is the main reason why this game isn't so sought after. Could also be the callouts for non Stallone fans, but its just a boring to look at pin, but fun to play. I think if I owned this, I would re-do the cab art and totally replace the translite with a better image.
3 years ago
This is a double spinner game. I like the layout. Its fun to shoot. The theme doesn't really do much for me. The artwork is good, but I don't really care much for it. The rules are simple but fine. EM's are not for everyone, but I enjoy playing them. I think with a nice coat of wax and proper coil strength this game could be a lot of fun. Besides the two spinners there is a gate. Sadly the game I played the gate was broken. Not much innovation or toys in this pin. Some EM's had a lot of cool toys. But, with two spinners you don't need much. A fun game. And I think if you have the space and can find a working one. Might be worth it to add to your collection.... And I think it could even be a great candidate for a retheme...
3 years ago
I really like how they implemented the gun ball launch toy into this game. Its a really cool gimmick. I also like how they handle the video modes and I think the animations are really fun in this game. The video modes are super quick and once you learn to pull the trigger at the right spots you win big points. There is the shooting range which is okay, and the fistfight mode which is tough and worth so little points. But, really its cool that this game has so many video modes, and they are so quick they don't take away from the game. Rather they enhance the theme. There is also a cool feature where you shoot a gunman down while playing and you need to decide if its worth the risk to shoot him or to keep on playing. The more you shoot him the bigger bonus.
I think the layout is good, nothing special, but its a fun to shoot pin, and the rules make sense, and are friendly to people who just like to shoot mindlessly.
I like the music, you have 3 choices, and I love zztop. Yes, its midi music... But, who cares. Its pinball I just want to play pinball, and I still enjoy the midi version. The callouts are okay. Not the best not the worst. What is the worst is the art package. The backglass is just horrible. I think this and demolition man are two of my least favorite backglasses. I don't like giant head backglasses, they're boring. The cab art is okay. And the playfield art is decent. I like the uzi being on there, and they have some explosions and other scene depictions from the movie.
There are no real toys on the playfield, but I feel the gun is a cool toy, and again out of all the gun based launchers. I feel they did a great job incorporating the gun into the gameplay. Because, you tend to use it more than the other games. Is this the best pin ever. No. But, its a fun one. I wouldn't pay top dollar for one of these, but for a reasonable price in reasonable condition... Yeah, I wouldn't mind owning one. I know people like to give ratings as this is an A or B pin... I think this is a solid B pin. It shoots good, its fun to play. And if you like the theme, I think it captures the movies really well. As good as you can hope.
3 years ago
What I really like about this game is the simple but challenging rules, nice layout, fun to shoot, and it has a nice theme and nice art to boot. The backglass is just as good as any from that era. In fact I'd probably rate this backglass as one of my favorite 60-70s era backglasses. The playfield art sadly isn't as good. Its okay, and it fits the theme, but its not great. The one thing I do like is the sword art being used to track the bonus, and I like the spinner add to bonus circle. Those while not truly visually the most exciting images, add to the whole cohesion of the theme.
I think this pin is a blast to shoot. Its both fun and challenging. Doesn't have a lot of shots, but it does have a nice risk reward with the strategy and I think for an early SS has just a fantastic rule set. I really like how the bonus multiplier is earned in this game. And once you complete all the drops they reset, and you collect the bonus and can start racking up a new bonus.
The theme appeals to me as I love Ray Harryhausen. I wish they had more of his influence then just the really nice backglass. Still, its a fun theme and I would wager one of the first pins to be based on a movie(Outside of Wizard of course, but still has to be one of the first few). I really dig the chimes. They sound amazing. No music, and no other sounds aside from the chimes and the knocker... But, I don't think you need any. Do the sounds get old.. .Sure... But, I rather take simple sound like this, then some of the sound from say Firepower and Sorcerer, which are both games I LOVE(sound can get annoying though)!!!!!
As for the toys and gimmicks... The game doesn't have any. It has a spinner and spinners are always fun to hit, but this one really could have used a booster in the code. Something that once you clear or hit something it gives you triple points for the spinner... And while I said I like the code... I do think that is the most glaring omission... But, no game is perfect, and the spinner still is fun to hit. And this is not the best game ever. But, its a fun pinball machine and I think anyone who likes pinball will have fun playing it. Will you want to play it for hours on end... Maybe not. But, for a few quick games its really fun. And I think you can always come back to it. Its a fun challenging pin, not the best, but a good classic oldie, that still stands up today.
4 years ago
I've played this game at three different locations, and I always enjoy playing it. And it seems to always play well, so it seems like its built to last. What I like is the game has a lot of shots, but easy to understand rules. The modes are fun, but you also don't need to just do modes to get points, as there are many different ways to get big points in this game. I really like the skill shot, and I like the ball locks, especially the thing hand. That is really cool. The artwork is nice, but not really terribly exciting, but it all fits the theme, and the Cab art is really cool. I think this has a lot of really good sound and callouts. At one time they're probably the best ever, maybe not the best today, but certainly still up there and certainly still the measuring stick for great callouts. SHOWTIME!!!!! I do like the playfield as there is a lot to shot for and the shots make sense. Nice magnets, that sometimes piss me off, and sometimes don't... Still a fun feature. And the other toy is the bookcase, which is a fun enough toy, or diverter. Is this game worth the insane price people want for it... No... Is this game really, really good. I think it is. And one day I hope to own one... As I think modern games rulesets are just too confusing and strip away the fun. This is a game that has toys, magnets, and nice shots and a lot of fun. And its a nice looking game, not the best, but its looker.
4 years ago
The two side ramps are kind of useless in this game... Yes, at on 3rd ball you can double your score... But, if you have a low score it doesn't matter. Really the main thing to shot for are 3 different shots. The middle ramp(and ramp raise button), the add a card shot, and then the draw poker shot.
But, really my focus would be the middle ramp and to get into mb as much as possible.
I do like the draw poker effect on the backglass. And I do like the backglass. But, the playfield art while having a pretty lady on it, just by and large isn't that good. The ruleset is simple, but easy to understand, and while not deep I do enjoy games like this. I hate the music, I hate the sfx, and they get really annoying really fast which kills replay. But, then again, as stated their isn't much to shot for in this game. An so I think about 15-25 minutes is as long as I'd ever want to play the game... Would I ever be interested in owning one of these games... For the right price, and if I had room for like 100 games... Then maybe...
4 years ago
I really don't like band pins where the songs you select change the rules... I like how Iron Maiden handled it and you can listen to any song you want when you're not in a mode, when you're in a mode, then you get the song to that mode. As there are some songs I like, but I hate the modes and rule sets... But, what I do like about this game is the theme, artwork, toys, and songs. The callouts are okay and fit with the rock concert theme. I like the animations and how they mix real footage of the band too. Love the Demon Gene head lock device. Really cool. Game shots fine, and I do like how its not hard to get 1-2 mb per play.
As the love gun and demon are attainable and both fun to play.
As band pins go this is a really good one, it both fits Kiss' image and also is just a fun pin.
4 years ago
I really didn't want to like this game. But, I must admit I really do enjoy it... What I don't like is though, I think its hard to get into MB... At least for me... It has a nice ruleset, but its a deep one... So I think for bar use... You don't have much time to experiment and try to go deep. You gotta find what works and just mine points. For a home use game, I think its perfect. Lots of villains video clips and they did a great job getting that feel of the old show. Maybe one of the all time great incorporation of a theme. Until I played it, I thought it looked bad the use of video clips, but no, it works. The one downside is the silly crane... Its a cool toy, but it has as much to do with Batman 66 as it did with the Dark Knight. The other toys like the spinning batcave, phone, and tv are cool. Nice feature. This is a fun game... But, I think really it be better at home then a bar. And one day I hope to own one, and I really didn't think I would be saying that. The art package is really nice. Playfield art is the weakest though, as I'm not a big fan of big heads on playfields. But, it still ooks nice.
4 years ago
I think this pin has a lot going for it. Really good music, great animations, a nice sense of humor, and one of the all time greatest ball locks EVER!!!! Not a really big fan of how this game shoots... I just couldn't ever truly get dialed in. Again, part of that is play better, but most of shots are just different from what I am used to aiming for and going for. Its a nice unique playfield and a decent rule set. I like that you can stack the light locks. And I like the risk reward for MB. What I don't like is the unique rule set for each song... I rather you enter modes for the songs, but pick a song to listen to when you're not in a mode like Iron Maiden. As there are some songs I like better, but hate the modes... While I really like the music, I think the callouts are really weak. But, the animations are funny, cheeky, sexy, and cool... Really topnotch animations. The upper playfield doesn't add too much to it... But, it does have some risk reward to it, as you don't want it to fall down the ramp and risk a drain, but going for the standups and upper loop, or even elevator and getting a lock are a nice feature. Fun game, and perhaps it could be in my collection one day... If I have a 50 pin collection.
4 years ago
So I know there are issues with the wolverine toy. But, the place I play at fixed those issues, but sadly the iceman ramp was permanently disabled. The artwork for the cab and backglass is amazing both LEs look great, but the Magneto really pops. Playfield art is a bit too sparse for my liking, and also just bland. The top of the playfield is too dark, but that might just be the pin I was playing on. I'm not a big fan of the layout. Or its rules. They're clunky rules and I really still don't know how to light villain... And I've played this many, many times. It tells me when I've lit it, and I know how to do everything else. Mostly I just go for Weapon X multiball. So far I've never really made this game explode, as its just the type of ruleset/layout that I just can't seem to really get big scores on. That's my fault... The code I do think is deep, as lots of different modes, both the X-men modes which you unlock doing the shots and the villain modes. I like the sound effects and the voice actors. I think they do a great job sounding like the 90s fox cartoon. I also really enjoy the animations in this game. Sadly, this game just doesn't pack too much of a fun punch for me. I play a few games of it and I'm content. Its just not a layout that I personally like, and I don't like the ruleset... Not saying its bad. Just not my thing. You got a lot of different ways to play this pin and things to focus on. Magneto MB is pretty cool, but I seldom get it because I never focus on it. The toys are cool, but again... Good luck utilizing most of them as I think I've only done nightcrawler mode a few times. If I had a 50 pin collection I'd like to have either the Wolverine or Magneto LE in my collection. It is a fun pin to play. And I think its a nice pin for a small collection as its a deep rule set. Just not my cup of tea, but if I owned it I think I would do better at understanding how to shoot it and better game strategies. Which might cause me to like it more.
4 years ago
Not a fan of the art style. But, its okay for what it is meant to be. Just I'm not a fan of it. The theme doesn't excite me, but it does make for a decent pinball theme to be honest. The TV, Trip, Truck standups are scaled to be worth more depending on how many targets they have. Center ramp spins the light wheel, which rewards points. Has some callouts, not a lot... The sounds effects are not the best, not the worst. They are passable... In fact... Everything in this game is passable. Not the best, just barely middle of the road. From Layout to the fun factor. Nothing will wow you with this pin, but its fun enough to play for a few games. Would I ever want to own one... Sure, if I had a collection of like 200 pins.
4 years ago
This is basically Pinbot but with a dmd... I think the ball locks are really cool. Decent rule set. Fun mb's and if you like robot babes then great artwork. To me, there is nothing great about this game. I like Bride of Pinbot better, but I think I rather own this over a Pinbot. Good animations, decent callouts. Again... its a fun game to shoot, just not a great one. It looks nice and would look nice in any persons collection. But, again in a limited space collection I rather have Bride.
4 years ago
First I will admit that Iron Maiden is my favorite band of all time. I own all their studio albums and most of their live albums. So I had to get this machine. The artwork is amazing and Zombie Yeti did a great job channeling Derek Riggs, while also still giving it his own distinctive flair. My only gripe about the artwork is that I have a prem, and that is my least favorite art package. I think the Pro Translite is the best, and also the best cab. However, rating the Prem cab, I think it looks great, and is one of the best looking cab arts there is... Just like the Pro better, and the translite for the Prem is still amazing. As for the layout, I'm going to talk about the rule set as well. I really think the rule set and the layout work amazing together. There is not just a single shot that you can go for over and over again. You have to hit every target eventually if you wish to advance and go far in the game. The power targets are the only exception. As you don't need to hit all of them, just any of them to register and collect the power jacket pot rewards to prime cyborg mb. The game has 4 flippers and unlike some games where the upper flippers really only have one shot they are used for, they can be used for various things... Not saying they have lots of shots, but they have about 3 shots each and a few purposes. It has a very deep rule set, and its a non linear mode system. Which means that each game has a different feel to it. Which to me means that I can play this game longer without getting bored and tired of seeing the same things over and over again. There are also different strategies that you can go for in this game. Of course you should always try to stack your multiballs. Speaking of MBs there are a lot of them. Aces High and Rime of the Ancient Mariner are the two mode based mb. Those are fun, I find Rime has more points. But, both are fun. Then you have the Trooper mb. That one you get by hitting the drop targets down at least 2 times to light the locks. You want to stack this MB if possible. Getting a 2nd or 3rd Trooper MB, isn't impossible. You just need to hit the drop targets down again. Only this time each time you clear the targets when lock is light you only get one lock. So it takes longer to get into. And you need to shot the lock before you can light another one, as you can't stack lit locks. Then there is Cyborg MB, and that is a fun mode. You need to hit all the shots of the pyramid to get the orb Jackpot lit. Once you hit it, it adds a ball until you max out the balls. Fun mode and can be really crazy. Then there is Mummy Jackpot. Which is a great idea. The mech for the ball lock on the prem is really cool concept and idea. Never seen a ball lock like this before. The first mummy mb is easier to get, but if that is your focus then really unlocking it isn't too difficult. I will say I need to fix my newton ball as it doesn't always register hits. Sometimes I can hit it 4-5 times with good hits and it doesn't register. This can be annoying, but that is pinball. Once again Mummy mb has its own unique rule set and utilizes the playfield really well, making you go for a variety of shots and hitting different shots from other modes. The other modes are the fun as well, and each has its own different shots. My least favorite is Icuras... Mainly cos hitting the ramps can be a pain sometimes... But, when you get dialed in and hit 4 ramp shots combos its amazing. And a good bit of points. There are not a lot of toys in this game... Prem has 2 figures that are just decorations. But, I like the underworld ramp and scope. Those are fun mechs, along with the bullseye target. And the Sarcophagus ball lock is really cool as I said. Great music, great callouts, its varied. Love the devil voice, and the woman's voice adds so much to the game. I really think she softens it up and is needed, as if it was just the devil I might get sick of him. The only issue is some of the mixing is good awful and I get static from time to time. As for the animations. Some animations are amazing, some look really bad, and some are inbetween. Still... For the most part the animations work and enhance the playing. The game plays fast, but you still have time to look up from time to time to play and enjoy the animations. Lastly the wizard modes. Can I play with madness is a fun MB mode. Don't really get the rule set, but its fun... 2 Minutes to Midnight, is a cool wizard mode. Nice animations for it, including the adding time animation. I haven't battled the beast yet, and I haven't Ran to the Hills yet... Might never do Run to the Hills... But, Battle of the Beast I figure i have a slim chance at when I fix my newton balls.
What I like about this game... I really think the layout and the ruleset combined for one of the most varied and deepest games I've ever played. It doesn't get old. So many different ways you can play the game and go for different things. I haven't played still a lot of pinball machines, but I do know that this is a special machine.
4 years ago
My only problem with this game is that in multiball you can never really get up into the upper half of the playfield, or rather shoot and pay attention to anything going on the upper part.
Its a fast, fast game. Ruleset is okay... Don't pretend that I know it all yet. Nice way to get multiball. But, for me to get a ball into the upper part can be a pain.
Plays fast as I said, and because of that I never noticed or could watch any animations. Still was a fun game to play. Just not my cup of tea for the theme.
Edit. I got to play this game again. I enjoyed it even more. I really like how they utilize that one pop. Sounds are great on this pin, and it just feels fun to shoot. Really do love the balllock on this game. Even if my father kept stealing them from me. I actually kind of wish there were more modern games like this. No ramps, just a single level flat gameplay. Old school, but on steroids. Fun game.
4 years ago
For me this game has a fun theme and integrates it well with a good backglass and nice animations. I think the layout is a fun easy to shoot one and also can be a bit challenging at times. I don't like how the skill shot really doesn't have much to do with the plunger... It does have use as you need to time what reward you'll get when you plunge, and then you shoot for the shot and need to make it. So overall its a really cool skill shot. Really cool use of toys and a magnet. Like the trap door as well, even if I hardly ever make that shot.
Nice multiball rules and easy to get to the multiball. All in all I really enjoyed the game. The one thing I like about the layout is there are many different shots, but they do not feel cramped. They feel spread out just the right amount. Also this game has really cool ramps. The one thing I don't like is the rollover lanes. Hard to tell which is lit and which isn't... Yes, they have the mirror, but I can't really notice that.
I don't know if this is a top game of all time, but it has cool toys, good art with just the right amount of sex appeal, a cool theme, cool cabinet art, and good animations, and it shoots really well. So I don't know what else you might want. Don't know if its worth the price that people want for it though.
4 years ago
Love the ramps in this game. Just super fun to shoot, and they are super smooth. I don't care about the theme too much. It's a bit wacky and I like having Big Foot in it, but otherwise the theme doesn't appeal to me. Artwork package is a bit meh to me. Not bad, just not appealing. The sounds and music are good and upbeat and high energy and fit the flow of the game. And the game just is fun to shoot. I love ramps, and these ramps really were something to hit.
I played this game the first time ever at a pinball expo, and I must say when I first hit the long left side ramp, it wowed me. And no other games that weekend ramps wowed me like that one. Also a fan of the whirlpool ramp. And I like the skill shot. This skill shot is a 2 part skill shot. First a nice soft plunge and then you need to hit the right ramp with the upper flipper. I like games with true skill shots. And this one is a really good one. To me its the right balance, between attainable and difficult. The animations were good and kept the energy of the game going. And just in general, what a really fun game to play and shoot.
I didn't think I would like this game that much, but I was wowed by it. It's just a shame a switch stopped registering on one of the ramps, otherwise I would have played it more.
4 years ago
I don't like the art in this game. The artists style just weirds me out. The also bad thing is the left ramp is easy to hit. And once you get use to the game you'll be able to hit it over and over... I haven't hit it 99 times in a row, but I've seen videos where people have. I have hit it about 7-10 times in a row and then done so again in the game a few more times. Its a fun game and I think it was one of the first if not first use of a shaker motor in pinball. So its a breakthrough game in that regard. Also I think it works the theming out very well. Nice fault lock toy. Decent rules. A nice jackpot that is challenging at first to get, but attainable. And I think nice music and great callouts. Love the whole Bitchin and Give me shelter... Also love the whole EARTHSHAKER!!! Callout when you lock a ball. Would I own one of these games... Maybe if I had a 50-100 pin collection. That is mainly due to me just not caring for the theme too much, and the art package. But, it plays good and its fun. And it has nice replay to it... But, I find myself only playing it for about 15 minutes at a time.
4 years ago
I generally am all about art and the joy of how a machine plays. The art in this one is not really to my liking. It's not bad, its serviceable. The cab, backglass and playfield all blend together nicely and fit the same theme. Has some nice energy to it and just a little bit of sex appeal. I think where this game shines though is the music and gameplay. Both are really nice and enjoyable. The magnet use is really cool, but stinks when a machine doesn't have it which makes the ramp shot harder to hit... Not impossible just harder. Rules are not, but nothing really special. The whole sudden death being random is a bit dumb though. But, when you get it and exploit it, its nice.
I don't really like where the roll overs and pops are located, and the whole spelling out skate seems rather pointless and useless... Be better if they actually did something with the left side of the playfield. still, its a fast flowing game that shots smooth. So its really fun to play. And I enjoy coming back to it, just don't see myself playing it for longer than 10-20 minutes. But, I do enjoy playing it when I can.
4 years ago
This is not a great looking pinball machine. It's not bad looking one, its just bland for me. I know for the time a Space Shuttle was new and exciting, but for me now, a space shuttle is just a clunky looking relic of the past, a marvel to be fair, but not something that is sexy to look at. So I find the cab and backglass and playfield art to be really drab and boring. I do like the space shuttle toy in the middle of the playfield, and I like the ramp that it sits upon and I like how it utilizes the drop target.
While I don't care for the theming or the art. I really like the gameplay and the rule set. It's a simple basic rule set, but very effective. It reminds me a lot of Sorcerer.Except there are two ball locks and that means you can get 3 ball multiball. It does have a few things sorcerer doesn't have. Like a circle disc that pops up between your flippers during multiball start that serves as a way to help protect your balls. Cool little feature.
So anyway. I think the best strategy is to lock a ball. Then shot the drop target and then shot the ramp and multiball starts. Once in multiball hit the targets that spell shuttle and this will get you the reward that is listed on the playfield. Keep hitting this and that can lead to a lot of good stuff. And again I think the strategy for this game is a lot like the strategy for sorcerer and that is, get to multiball and when in multiball that is when you aim for the risky shots. Once you go back to single ball play shot the lock and then go back into multiball.
Simple game play. But its fun.
The sound effects are typical of that era and it does have some callouts. But, I wasn't a fan of the callouts. They're just there. They don't really detract from the game, and I guess they can immerse you in the theme. But, again not a big fan of the theme. So they were just there for me.
All in all a very fun game. Don't know if I would want this in my collection, as I rather have a sorcerer, but again if I had a huge silo filled with pins, this would be nice to have in it. Just for me, not a looker and that is something I like in a home pin.
4 years ago
I am rating this after playing this game for probably about 40-60 minutes. I found the shot layout to be unique, but ultimately not very fun. Not a lot of shots in this game. You have the left ramp, the right ramp, the center skull, the left lane to the right of the left ramp, and that's really about it. Also, I found the rule set to be a bit hard to follow or understand. Not a lot of lights or really anything to guide you. The skill shot is interesting... But, difficult to pull off. But, what is cool is loading the multiball. That was and is a cool concept. For me it just needs more shot variety. And I while nothing was horrible about the art, it just the theme doesn't appeal to me. The playfield looks amazing though. Love the roller coaster ramp and love the skull in the middle. But, having that skull in the middle really takes away from the shots you can have in the game. One thing though the music is really good, and while I find the callouts to not be amazing and repetitive. They have a sense of energy that works with the game. It all moves fast. This is a pin that I wouldn't mind playing again. But, I would need to have a collection of like 100 games to ever consider to have this in my collection. Just doesn't hold or bring me back. I got the replay on it and then I moved on.
4 years ago
I don't think Pool Sharks is a great pin. I don't even think its a good pin, but its a decent and fun enough one. The only way I'd want it in my collection would be if I had space for like 100 pins. The backglass I think is the best thing about the game. But, even then its a hodge podge mix, the ladies are drawn beautifully and the shark a bit cartoony and doesn't fit the same style and is a bit jarring to me seeing him there. But, its good fun cheese. There is not a lot of art on the playfield, and that is done in a cartoony style. Art on cabinet is passable, but nothing really fancy. Not boring, just enough art to make a nice side cab art.
What I do like about the game is the space in it. The playfield is wide open and lets you focus on your shots. I like this aspect a lot. It does let you choose between 8 and 9 ball, but I mostly just choose 8 ball play. So not sure how different the game is. There are no real toys, the only toy I can think of is the shark that talks on the playfield, but he looks a bit cheap to me. And really isn't a great gimmick. But, its a fun pin to shoot around with for a little bit. As I said I like the fact that it seems to be more wide open than most pins and gives you room to hit your shots. I do wish the trick shot timers and jackpot timers were a little longer. Because, sometimes you need time to get the ball back under control so you can attempt to make the shot. And sometimes when you get control timer is gone. I know play better. I think its a fun enough game, just not great, but not every game can be great.
4 years ago
I really wish I could have played Taxi on a better maintained and faster machine, but all in all everything worked just the Dracula pickup coil took a bit to launch instead of launching immediately.
This game is all about flow, and if you get into the groove good things can happen. But, I also say, you're going to want to make sure you learn the rules. Because, otherwise you're not going to get any points. The game is stingy and forces you to do things in a particular order.
With that being said, once you learn the rules you're going to have a fun time. Its a tough, but fair, and challenging game. Its a nice crazy/silly/funny theme. Love the backglass. It's got humor and sex appeal, which is always nice. I like how the playfield is basically a road or highway. And you have stations where you pick up your passengers. Has a cool skill shot. Two different things you can shoot for. Either 100k or 25 k and that rewards you with a passenger.
Each ball you have to start over with the passengers, unless you get the carry over passenger bonus hit, then you start the next ball with the same amount as the prior ball.
Just a fun and fast paced game. No ball save, so you can go from good game to bad in a matter of seconds.
4 years ago
This is a very, very simplistic game. First, I'll talk about what I like about it. I like the simple rule set. Its a nice layout with simple goals. The goal is quite simple you have 3 bases, a yellow, red, and blue base. There are three targets for each that need to be hit or lit... Every time you dock in base you light one of the unlit lights for that bases targets. When all three are lit, you can dock and it locks the ball. Then you plunge and multiball begins. The goal is to make it into another base during mutliball. And then I think you want to hit the ramp. That scores big points. I did get the jackpot once on this machine and it was a rewarding sound and light show.
Why I like this game personally is it forces me to nudge as there are certain ways the ball will drain if you don't nudge the machine.
I also love the translite. Its cheesy, but I love it. Lasers and babes in tight 80s spandex. So cheesy, so amazing. Cab art is okay... Playfield art really isn't very good. Its like a bad comic book and its sparse. I'm not saying playfield art is horrible... It is passable, but not enough of it. And I think the game has nice lighting. As I said the playfield is sparse, but I think the way the lights are used and work, really make up for that fact. Not the best light show, but its good enough.
Now, what I don't like about the game. There is no skill shot. I hate games without skill shots. There are no toys. There is a laser tank on the ramp... But, that is all, and it really doesn't do much of anything. The music, callouts, and sfx are okay, nothing great. Not horrible. Just enough to keep you interested.
With all that being said... If one day I get more space to host pinball machines, I wouldn't mind this machine in my house. Its simple, but its challenging, and its fun.
4 years ago
I really like this game a lot. I've only played it a handful of time where everything works as it should. But, when the upper playfield actually is working right and proper the game is really amazing and fun. It has two horseshoe shots one lower and one upper and both are fun, and a bit dangerous to hit. Really, like all old school pinball games, this game can be unforgiving if you are not familiar with how it plays and bounces. I love the theme. This really is to me one of the best themes ever. And while I don't love the artwork, I do like it a good bit. The playfield art and plastics look nice and are just as good as any playfield art around. And to me, the playfield art gives me the vibe that I'm playing gauntlet. Just the perspectives that were used, that's just how it feels to me and that is a great feeling. The backglass art is nice, but I wouldn't say great. I don't think it pops as well as what it could, but the art isn't bad, its just to me lacking the certain Frazetta feeling I prefer in my sword and sorcery art. But, then again... There was only one Frazetta and so you can't blame a person for not being up to Frank's ability. No one is... Back to the pin. I hate the Cab art. Its fine for a pinball machine and it certainly fits... Its just boring. But, it does fit the theme... But, its a pin where you won't care if it gets hidden. Now, the gameplay... Its a nice smooth shooter. Lots to shot for. In my opinion... Which doesn't mean anything because I haven't played enough actual pins... But, I think this game has one of the best upper playfields ever designed. Modern games not withstanding, but out of the classic era, I think this might be the best upper playfield. There are a few ways to reach it. And its fun when you rip a shot and it gets sent back up there. And when the game plays right, its a fun little playfield that you hit your shots and it sends the ball back down and you can start over again. And I think the game strikes a nice balance between the two. You don't need to get to the upper playfield, but if you do you are rewarded with a good bit of points. Lastly what I think this game might have the best or some of the best is the sound. The callouts are amazing and epic. And epic music as well. The callouts might repeat a lot, but they're amazing so it doesn't matter. Go for the tunnel. Just sounds so dramatic. And who can forget "LIONMAN!" All in all this is a solid game. Is it a deep game. No... But, its a game you can turn on and play for 10-30 minutes and really isn't that what pinball should be all about.
4 years ago
First I want to say, I am rubbish at this game. I've only had a handful of good games, and I don't think ever one great game. Still that doesn't matter. I won't be able to comment on all its modes and how DEEP it is. But, again that doesn't matter. Because, to me this game feels like how a pinball game should feel. It plays like a dream. Great flow, great shots. Fun game, love the shaker motor use and integration. Nothing beats hitting the ship and feeling the shaker kick in. Good light show, great sound effects and callouts. I do think the animations are really weak and look like garbage. Yes, its a DMD game, but I know there are older DMD games with much better animations. It just looks lazy and uninspired. But, who cares cos you won't be looking at the dmd, you'll be looking at the playfield and the ball whizzing around. The playfield art is a bland. Love the spaceship toy and all the lights and the layouts with all the ramps. But, the artwork for this game kind of SUCKS!!!! Really no playfield art, cab art is boring and backglass is like a bad movie poster that I would never hang up because its a shot of people wearing cos play outfits... Okay... So its the real actors in their Trek Uniforms... Still boring... I need drama and action. But, again none of that matters, because to me, this game is what a pinball machine should play like. Hard to put into words, but its a great pin.
4 years ago
At first I avoided Road Show, because I thought the two puppet heads were a rip off of Funhouse and just really stupid looking and not a good idea. I think the idea works amazing in funhouse, as it fits the theme of that pin and is creepy. And I just don't really think it fits Road Show... But, I was glad that I decided to quit avoiding the pinball machine and give it a chance. As its a great pinball machine. And while I still stand by the fact that the heads are a bit out of place. They actually work really nicely in the layout, and the theme as a whole. What I like about the table is there are plenty of shots, and lots of things to aim for. Lots of different modes, and I really like the whole shooting balls in both Red's and Ted's mouths. Red doesn't like balls in her mouth though. This game has I believe 4 flippers, and it has two plungers. I still don't know what you want to aim for when you do get the second plunger unlocked. But, its fun enough. It has nice callouts, nice dmd animations, nice game modes, and nice multiballs. And the two ramps that it has, are simple enough to hit, but not too easy. Just the right difficulty and I like that. I don't want to get to into the modes, but it does alternate hitting certain areas, or ramps, or even not hitting a certain area. So I feel like they utilized the whole playfield for the game modes, and that's always nice when they do that in a pinball machine. The art while I feel not the best, certainly has a charm to it. The backglass art I feel could have been a bit better, or sexier... But, that is my opinion and I know most will disagree with me on that. The playfield art is nice and tells the story, but really nothing too fancy or special. Just fits the theme and that's about it. The cabinet art is a bit drab as well, but works. I like the animations. I think they are humorous and for the time just as good of quality as any other pin out there. And I think that is what is best about this game is the callouts, dmd animations, and humor. Just a fun game to play. And when you get dialed into it, it has amazing flow. I've had games where I had only like 30 million on the first two balls and then the last ball(counting any extra balls as one as well) I get 300-500 million. Just a quality and fun game.
4 years ago
This is a really enjoyable game and for me personally it ticks off a lot of what I am looking for in a pinball game. It has ramps, a nice theme, a bit of sex appeal, dmd, and its fun. Is this the best pinball machine ever no, but it was a good one considering that at the time of its release pinball machines were starting to go on the decline. Pinball enthusiasts will note that both pretty ladies and pool are the two most common pinball themes ever. This machine of course has both and it has Jeanette Lee doing the call outs. As for the callouts there is nothing fancy, but they do their job and the same is true for the animations. In fact I think the animations are actually really weak and nothing special for the most part. They get the job done, and they don't detract from the game, but they really don't add to it. But, its a pinball machine and so they won't rob your attention, which is good. I like the layout and I like the skillshot. Its not hard to get, but also not super easy. My only beef with this machine is there is a hole to add to your bumper pool and other games bonuses. And that can be really easy to hit. Still the ramps are nice and fun to hit, it has some orbits. And the magic or mystery 8 ball is a nice touch. I also like the whole row of drop targets that coincide with the pool balls. And the game does have some nice modes that utilize them so you're not always trying to bash them all down. I'm not the best player at this game. I also like the post saves. They're really cool and sometimes they don't work as well as you'd like, but when they do work, its always a blast. And its fun and keeps with the theme and layout. I like the playfield as I said, and I like the backglass. To me the playfield has the right amount of balance, between shots, toys, ramps, and targets. Just enough open space to make fun challenging shots. And not so crowded or busy that you can't take it all in. My only beef is that the playfield re-uses the backglass art. Line for line... I think that's a bit lazy. It's nice art. I love the backglass. Has the right amount of cheese and sex appeal that I enjoy in pinball. But, I would prefer other original art on the playfield. Still. A nice looking pin, and a fun playing one to boot. Is this a great pin... I don't think so. But, one day I wouldn't mind one of these right next to my breakshot.
4 years ago
This is a simple game, but its a fun and challenging one. It plays fast, has a lot of shots and an errant shot can cause it to bounce off a post and drain down the sides. Still, its a fun game and if you get dialed in you you can have a lot of fun with this game. I do like the three flipper approach. I just wish there was more to hit with the third one. But, its still nice. Hitting the spinners are always fun and rewarding, and if you spell SORCERER you max out the spinners for big points. I'm not a big pinball historian, but I do believe this was an early speech game for pinball. Gorgar is the first of course, but, I think this is one of the ones that came out shortly after. Not a whole lot of talking, only a handful of words, but they are used effectively. The sound effects work... And I think they are the same as in firepower, where I think they actually work better... But, all in all, when playing the game the sounds fit and really enhance the playing experience. What I really like is the whole art theme. It reminds me of a Ralph Bakshi movie, and perhaps the dark crystal or Jim Hensen's Labyrinth. Really nice artwork on the backglass, but I think the playfield is just top notch. Might not be for everyone, but its super cool to me. Speaking of super cool, the eyes on the back wall are just some of the coolest things ever. A simple effect, but it really is awesome when they flash. Not a whole lot of lights in this one, but again the flashing eyes make up for it. And then their is the multi ball. You hit the ramp. That leads to a ball lock and you hit it once. Locks the first ball. Hit it again and you bring on the multiball. There are more complex games. But, pinball doesn't need to be overly complex. Just a good layout, with good art, good sounds and you got a good game. You don't need deep, confusing rules. And this game is proof of just that. Perhaps if its your only option to play, you'll get bored with it. But, the same can be said of any game, no matter how deep.
4 years ago
I think Who Dunnit has a nice theme going for it, some great sound, lighting, and how it integrates the DMD and all the animations is really just top notch. Lots a cool toys scattered around the playfield from a slot machine, to phones, but my favorite feature is the center ramp. I like aiming for it and just hitting it all the time. Also I like the multiple loops that you need to shoot for too. And while the theme is cool and I think the artwork is competent, it just really doesn't stand out or pop for me. I do like the feeling the game goes for as a detective movie, and thanks to the dmd animations you really do feel like you're in an interactive detective pinball game(which I guess you are in). I think for the lighting to best be experienced would be a dark room, as when the ax gets tossed at you to start multiball the lights on the game go out and that's a cool effect. I also like that this have novice and expert mode. In novice mode you get a guaranteed 3 minutes of play and I like to choose that mode and play head to head with people, as I think its just more fun than always switching after a ball. I know a few games had this feature, but I wish it caught on a bit more. And to me that is one of the best features for this game. Not my favorite all time pinball game, but it is a fun one to play. I will say while I think the DMD and the animations are great and varied, it also to me does take away the replay value, as it just gets old seeing footage over and over. So I personally couldn't do any real marathon plays on this machine.
4 years ago
I'm not a great player of Bride of Pinbot, I generally only get around 4-9 million when I play. But, I think its a fun and challenging game, and when you do get dialed in very satisfying. I also like the skill shot that it has, its not too hard and yet not easy at all, not a huge reward for getting it, but sometimes in 2 player mode it is the difference between winning and losing for me. The sci fi robot chick theme is cool, playfield is really cool even if it feels a bit squished as 1/4 of it is really hardly ever used and a lot of stuff is unseen beneath the second upper playfield. Love the rotating face, and I love the sound. One of the things I like best in a pin is a sexy female voice doing callouts and stuff like that, and this game has that in spades. But, it has lots and lots of sound and good sci fi music. I think the art is good, while not great, certainly retro by today's standards, but I am fine with that. And it has just a really good light show and usage of lights in general. I will say for first timers the machine can be a bit hard at times, but take your time and learn how it handles, and you will have a great time. But, still the game can be brutal and unforgiving the errant shots.
4 years ago
This is just a fun game. Love the golf cart ramp that goes up and down, and like how the gopher pops up from under a ramp. Just lots of things to shoot for, and also really like the spinning disc in the middle of the playfield too. The only thing this game doesn't have is sex appeal, but it makes up for it with its quirky sense of humor. It's a fast game and you can really send your ball flying all of the place.
4 years ago
I really like the whole concept of pinball 2000, and I think its a shame it never caught on. I hope to play Revenge from Mars one day. As for Star Wars Episode 1, yes its based around a not so great movie, but its a heck of a lot of fun. I think the layout of the playfield is nice. You got two ramps that you can shot for, and then the middle of the playfield is the main one. When you activate a game mode, you then get to fight and destroy stuff, and I love using my lasers. Cool effect how they put the lights into the playfield floor for the lasers. Great animations and just a cool hologram effect, and there are a lot of game modes to where you can play this over and over again and still not go through them all. While not my favorite pinball machine, I always try to play it at least once whenever I am at the pinball arcade that has it.
4 years ago
Dirty Harry is one of my favorite film franchises and this is one of my favorite pins. I really like the theme and I think it has two of the coolest toys you can have. The gun handle to launch the ball and then the gun that shoots the ball out onto the playfield. Now for the negatives... You can't really see the pop bumpers or the $ lanes, so you can't really tell what lane the ball will roll down to set up the lane changer properly. Also the artwork on the playfield is a bit lame. Just stuff like badges and phones, and then you have a safehouse and a wharehouse toy building. Not too exciting. But, the game modes can be fun and challenging. I find it hard to get up the left ramp, as you really need to use the 3rd flipper to do so. But, I still really like this game and I think its just a blast to load the canon and then fire the ball right out of it.
4 years ago
This is one of my all time favorite pins. I love the gameplay, the theme/artwork, and the DMD animations. I think its brilliant that its set at a drive in, and just love all the modes and stuff attached to that. Getting to spell K I S S is really fun, and who can forget MOVE YOUR CAR! Also, hitting the left ramp in this game is really rewarding. You want to hit that multiple times to bank a lot of points and then you cash that in by going up the lane(the move your car lane). I like this game as its spaced out and I think really rewards a player who can be consistent and accurate with his shots. Just love the artwork and the backglass is both scary and sexy. It's beautiful to look at and amazing to play. My one beef with this game is that there are certain parts of tha playfield that are really dark.
4 years ago
I really, really like Breakshot. I think the concept of it is just brilliant its basically an modern take on an EM machine(modern for its time its 20 years old now). With the exception of the use of sound/voices/music/sfx and the dmd, you really get the feeling that this is something that could have been designed during the late 60s or early 70s. Its a simple game and doesn't have any toys in it, except for the middle breakshot ball target/ball lock. That is just a really cool gimmick and trapping balls in it, and then hitting them into the ball lock pockets is really fun. And it more than makes up for the fact that the machine doesn't have any toys. There are only really a handful of shots in teh game. The super loop, then the bankshot that you need to usse the upper right flipper for, you can shot for the 8 ball which gives you a one time bonus collect per ball, the captive ball, and then the two rows of drop targets. But, I really like the simplicity and on the playfield its pretty wide open, so I feel the game rewards the player for being accurate and its really fun to get into a nice flow for the game. And while I do love the game I will admit after about 20-30 minutes of playing I do feel the game starts to feel a bit repetitious. Just a tad bit... But, its still fun. Love the voice of the woman and her call outs, and it has a lot of voice work in the game. I also like the cartoony pinup art both on the playfield, the backglass and the cabinet. I do wish the main body would have something besides just breakshot written on it, as its a bit boring, but I love the pinup girl on the top cabinet. And lastly getting multiball is a blast in this game, and if you play 2 player or more you can steal your opponents multiball which is always fun. And I really think the DMD adds just so much to the experience of this game, and while the animations are not long so you can enjoy them and still focus on the game. Also I found them to be cheeky and fun. The game has a whole flirty vibe and I for one find it fun. Also I really like the skill shot. I think Breakshot is an under rated game and also very unique. I personally love the simplicity of it and the whole EM vibe. I think they took the best bits of the 90s DMD era and of the 70s EM and smashed them together into this cool fun game.
4 years ago
First I want to admit straight off that I am biased, Hardbody to me was a must own pin, because of its theme. It's an FBB theme and I just love female bodybuilders. While I do think Mclish is a bit skinny, she is foxy and she is pumped and pretty on the backglass, and I just love the whole 80s glam vibe. Also the whole theme of the pin is like gym locker room, working out, getting sweaty and then showering off, and I think the game does a fine job with the theme. The different stations and all the targets you have to hit. I think the rules make sense, and I like the flex save, its a bit different having to learn to use them, and it makes for an interesting change of pace over a regular pin. It has two playfields, and both have unique and fun shots. I really like the loop at the top and if you can hit it many times in a row it can lead to big points and an extra ball... Extra balls are a bit hard to get really in the game, but straightforward to accomplish. I like how the bonus multiplying works and again if you can hit that lane 4 times you will get an extra ball. Easier said than done as the game plays super fast and very violent as the ball just really explodes right off the flippers. I think because of the shortened playfields there isn't much room for an errant shot as one bad bounce and your ball will drain. The lower playfield plays just as fast as the upper and has a lot of rewarding shots. The main goal is to complete a circuit and then get your powershot which opens up the ramps. Then you want to do shot the loop and that nets big points as well. All in all not a complex rule set, but fun enough to offer a variety of shots. The artwork I really do like. Its not crowded but rather spread out, and I think gives you just the right amount of decoration. Again the shots are of sculpted male and female bodyparts... I do think they shouldn't have had any male parts on the playfield or plastics and kept it all shots of women. That is one of my gripes about the game. Another gripe is the sound quality... It's not very good, yes the game has moaning and heavy breathing and also some clinking of weights... But, the quality of the recording isn't the best and the moaning and heavy breathing could have been a bit sexier... Still its not bad and it does fit the cheeky 80s gym tone. So while not the best, I do still enjoy it. But, it does also get a bit repetitious so I wish there was more variety and I wish even like a voice saying lets get pumped up or something silly or even just something like Hardbody. I also enjoyed the music and the other sound effects you get when you complete a circuit and that sets off a nice light show. The lights in my pin are LED and they really make the game pop. I really enjoy all the lighting in it and I think its as good as any pin from its era in terms of the lights and flashes. Another one of my gripes is there is not a skill shot in this game. in fact I think the plunger is useless. Really doesn't matter how hard or soft you hit it, so long as it makes it up to the upper playfield. I really wish they would have let you aim for something with the plunger... But, nope....One last negative about it, I wish that it had real ramps... It has two, but they're small and just used to get up and down the playfield. All the shots in this game really are just short fast shots, and so I really never get the feeling of flow when I get to sink a ramp shot like 6-8 time in a row. Like in Elvira and the Party monsters or scared stiff... Just really fun when you get into a groove, and you can get into a groove on this table, but it plays fast and is very unpredictable. But, overall its really fun and rewarding. While I would love to inflate my score, being honest its a flawed, but unique and fun game. Not the best pin out there, but I think its a good one and people should look past the lovely but intimidating Rachel Mclish and give this game a shot.

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