Pins are life

By Dinobot

July 20, 2021

69 days ago

I love pinball machines my whole life recently was able to afford to buy one just an arcade one up Marvel pinball but it's a start I spent years playing in my uncles arcade in Vancouver on Broadway like most Greeks they had a gambling Hall where they played backgammon cards and pool off to the side there was a small little room with some pinball machines and some arcades where I found myself learning how to grow up since I bought my machine here at home it's been fun I relived quite a bit of my childhood recently had a stroke and this machine keeps me going I've spent hours just sitting there by myself playing watching the lights and thinking about my past thank you guys for having me it's a blessing being a part of a community that has the same love as me I appreciate all of the members here and hope to become friends with many and spend hours playing pinball thank you

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