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Written by dgpinball on May 15th, 2012.


About DGPinball

Written by dgpinball, published May 15th, 2012. 2 comment(s).

 I've loved pinball since I was very young, first game I remember playing was a 1968 Williams Lady Luck that was in the local high school cafeteria, so I guess I was around 12 or 13.  Also fondly remember playing 4MBC and Jackpot at the PNE around the same time.  Kept playing thru the 70's but like most, got caught up in the video game craze and really didn't get back into pinball until Space Shuttle came to a local arcade and my interest was reborn!!  Played tons of pinball on location until 1988, when I decided to buy a few arcade games for my video store, ended up getting Space Shuttle and a Big Game!!

The learning curve was steep, I drove the distributor that I bought the game from crazy with questions, but eventually learned, and then bought another, and then another.  Eventually, I had more than I had room for, so I started putting them in other places, these were golden times for operating pinballs, the late 80's early 90's, so in 1991 I was able to buy an Addams Family NIB, a game that I still have!!  

In the mid 90's I was introduced to EM's, and at that point my focus shifted to becoming a serious collector, and today I have over 90 pins ranging from a 1934 Rockola World Series to a WOZECLE and in the not too distant future, The Hobbit!!  I particulary like rare or unusual games, nothing gives me more pleasure than watching someone play one of my games that they have never seen before or had the opportunity to play!  

I'm a director of the Vancouver Regional Pinball Association, a vibrant club and league in the lower mainland/Fraser valley area, and go to as many shows as I can, taking games as far as PPE and CAX when I can. 



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    HELLODEADCITY commented on May 19, 2012 07:28:53

    thats one heck of a collection 90 pins - welcome to Pinside dgpinball

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    MrBally commented on September 02, 2012 03:35:59

    Hopefully you have been in touch with John Robertson of John's Jukes. Heck of a nice guy. I love the Fraser Valley. Only place in North America that is nicer is Kelowna.

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