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1 year ago
Reviewing as ROM Code 7.0. Changing the city order to various fixed my biggest gripe with the machine. The repetitive/linear nature of the past code made me overlook this game.
I'm a metalhead so not a fan of the music, but it's fits the theme and not overly annoying. There's always the PinSound option. :)
Great game - especially for the price they are going for today.
5 years ago
This game was designed for customers with small children in their home and at the time, the only titles available were Metallica, Walking Dead, etc. It was also designed for easy serviceability and reliability. A lot of these games suffer from the Elroy shot as the tight loop guide was not bent/formed correctly which caused the shot to be clunky instead of a fast tight return shot to the flippers. Lastly, the ultimate goal of the game is to the EEP-OPP-ORK-AH-AH multiball which is started by collecting the other 2 multiballs. The music and "hype" effect of the wizard mode is worth at least getting to once on this game. Game definitely needs callouts - who knows - perhaps new code will come int he future that adds them!
7 years ago
A friend and I have passed this game back and forth a few times. He's not getting it back again. :D
I'm mostly a 90's+ collector/player, but this game really stands out as one of the best and most fun solid states.
The rules are about as good as they get for the timeframe. The playfield artwork and backglass are FUGLY, but I'd rather have a sweet playing game than pretty artwork. Both is nice, yeah, but Warlok playability makes up for the artwork shortcomings.
Better than Blackout which the layout is very similar to.
10 years ago
gave it a terrible for speech - Beast is just horrendous. An awesome game other than the speech.
10 years ago
One of my favorites!
10 years ago
Great innovation putting the DMD on the playfield. Weird awesome colors and theme, but again, another JPOP Disney with training wheels ruleset. Great artwork and some neat shots but ringmasters should each have had different voices. Too repetitive and WAY TO EASY!!! I beat the game on factory settings the first night I owned it. In fact, I had a friend come over and I was showing him the ruleset and beat the whole game while explaining it to him. Later rinse repeat.
Ick. Jpop needs to find other software developers.
10 years ago
Way overrated game. This Disney movie with training wheels for rules. Pop bumpers are like throwing a hotdog down a hallway - never hits anything up there.
Gorgeous cabinet and playfield, but WAY TO F'N easy and nothing to keep you coming back. Ick.
I sold mine for a $300 loss to get it out of my house.
10 years ago
Yes, Perfect 10. It's my desert island pin. I will never be without one.
10 years ago
The king. Owned one for several years and played the crap out of it. No desire to own again [been there done that], but still an AMAZING game.
10 years ago
Not sure why everyone loves this games. Played both premium and pro [pro suxx] and I just can't get into it. It's a decent playing game, but the MEtallica is WAY better. Not an ACDC fan at all, so maybe that's it. This is better than the hideous playfield of the pro, but that ain't saying much.

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