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2 years ago
Excellent game fast play without pop bumpers. Second set of flipper buttons for the diverts makes you concentrate more on the state of game play than other games. Most mini playfields are slow and boring but this is fast and always challenging. Definitely a challenge to master this game great for skilled player
3 years ago
This has to one of the best 80’s games good playfield layout. There are 3 shots to make left Dracula pickup the ramp and Santa pickup and 3 on the right Gorbie pickup the ramp and the express lane plus the two banks of drop targets. Great call outs awesome lighting with leds fitted easy to understand game fast play definitely has that one more game factor
3 years ago
This game is truly a top tier pinball, a must in any serious collection. White water has a great flow and challenges you to play again and go a step further. Very entertaining.
3 years ago
This game really captures the corvette car theme very well, it’s a fast exciting game very underrated I have sold higher ranking machines I found boring compared to the corvette. It’s also a very attractive machine with great features like the lt5 motor and the drag strip definitely a machine for the more experienced player and corvette enthusiast
4 years ago
Love this game. Rudy is the central toy and does a great job of leading the player through the game.The playfield is well laid out with some great skill shots the game is also visually beautiful and bright with a set of leds added
4 years ago
Dark theme I just couldn’t warm to this machine,game play is fast and brutal,but on the plus side stacking the features produce high scores and the floating ball is pretty cool.i owned this machine but moved it on as it got a little repetitive and the call outs started to grate on me.
4 years ago
I used to own this game it has a great theme and artwork.the playfield feels cramped with the long ramps and it can be a drain monster. I moved it on because of the weak link being the hologram would devalue the machine if it faded away as no replacement was available then. I loved the drive in rock and roll theme.
4 years ago
A beautiful colourful machine great toys like the trunk and levitating ball .I found the call outs repetitive and got old with me after a while, but nonetheless it is a fun game
4 years ago
A beautiful machine visually,and a fabulous theme.this game would suit any player,the wide body packs a lot in.the video games are awesome especially with a colour display. If you are an Indiana Jones movie fan you will love this game especially the way they integrated the 3 movies into the one game. The stern version couldn’t hold a candle to this.
4 years ago
Great game never gets old one of the greatest themes in pinball. An absolute workhorse I have very rarely lifted the playfield on this machine and I belt it every day wish I had ten of them.
4 years ago
I’m lucky enough to own an original 3 magnet game which adds some cool variation to the start of multiballs and spiral awards.The game itself is a masterpiece it truly epitomises every aspect we regard for evaluating and enjoying the game of pinball. If you haven’t played a twilight zone you must.
4 years ago
This is my second bride of pinbot I suffered vendor remorse after selling the first.its the first pinball I light up in my collection to play, simple rules great fun to play great shots to make for wheel bonuses or heartbeat ramp and of course the shuttle ramp to turn the face stages. Exciting going for the billionaires club the scoring though is lopsided with a billion points bonus.great colours on this game even better with LED’s fitted I love it
4 years ago
A really fun game visually beautiful definitely a keeper for me

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