My Pinball Story

By Dexter

May 19, 2015

6 years ago

My name is Ryan Dexter and I'm relatively new to Pinball. I was lucky enough to get back into pinball right when a league was formed in Madison, WI last year and got to know a bunch of great PinHeads from the Midwest. I now live in North Florida and have gotten hooked up with the Silverball Rollers out of St. Augustine area. 

Growing up I had a SS Charlie's Angles pinball machine in my basement.

Life happened...went to college, got married, had kids. 

Around 2009, I got reintroduced to my love of video games by picking up a game I played a lot as a kid in the old arcades: NBA JAM. I also picked up a new cocktail table arcade that plays 60 games. Then the pinball bug hit me - pinball can't be beat by any of the new video's too real, too much going on...pinball's beauty is unmatched by the video screen resolutions and pixels. Christina (my wife) told me that I could not have a pinball machine in the house ....way too big and gaudy. I became obsessed - bought books, joined Pinside, played games on route, went on the Internet and found Pinball groups. I wore Christina down with my constant pinball talk and I purchased my first table in 2009 which looks awesome next to my arcade and keeps with the basketball theme - Bally's NBA Fastbreak. 

I have since sold both NBA JAM and Fastbreak and have totally gotten bit by the Pinball Bug! 

My other hobby is running. I have run over 70 marathons and ultramarathons (more than 26.2 miles) and have a blog that contains some of my adventures:

Our super kids are aptly named after our love of being active: Chase (19 yrs), Cruz (17 yrs), and Dash (15 yrs). Also have a Weimaraner (Brody - named after Jaws character/Jason Lee character in Mallrats) that I like to run with and three other small dogs aptly named Han, Chewie, and Leia. 

To make a living I'm a structural engineer licensed in all but 2 states. That's pretty much it. Thanks for being such an awesome group of guys/gals. 

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