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23:15:17 Rated game Apollo 13 with a 8.64


11:49:16 Updated game rating Bram Stoker's Dracula to a 8.24


08:13:30 Rated game CSI: Crime Scene Investigation with a 7.95

08:03:45 Rated game Grand Prix with a 7.96


17:45:14 Updated game rating Space Jam to a 6.96

17:44:35 Rated game Space Jam with a 6.96


18:17:48 Rated game Whirlwind with a 8.69


23:57:31 Rated game Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) with a 4.21


23:12:17 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Birthday (Be active on Pinside for 1 year)


00:15:55 Rated game Tee'd Off with a 7.09


11:52:00 Rated game Scared Stiff with a 5.21

11:47:48 Rated game Star Trek: The Next Generation with a 9.38


14:24:53 Unlocked Pinside achievement Missing out (Having multiple breaks from Pinside)


14:50:02 Rated game The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard with a 7.87

14:39:18 Unlocked Pinside achievement Ratings Reporter (Write 10 rating comments)

14:39:18 Rated game Road Show with a 9.38

14:34:51 Rated game Independence Day with a 6.89


20:08:32 Unlocked Pinside achievement Ratings Commenter (Write 5 rating comments)

20:08:32 Unlocked Pinside achievement Approved Rater (Become an approved rater)

20:08:32 Rated game Aerosmith (Pro) with a 9.14


15:24:13 Unlocked Pinside achievement On a break (Don't visit Pinside for at least a day)


08:07:15 Became an approved rater dex82


09:47:53 Updated game rating Bram Stoker's Dracula to a 8.24

09:46:39 Rated game Bram Stoker's Dracula with a 8.24

09:43:54 Rated game Shadow, The with a 9.04


23:37:12 Unlocked Pinside achievement Proof is Everything (Add a high score with photo evidence)

23:37:12 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Leaderboard (Add a high score)

23:37:12 Added a high score of 36,315,780,430 for Ghostbusters (Pro)

23:25:06 Rated game Getaway: High Speed II, The with a 9.54

23:21:21 Rated game The Walking Dead (Pro) with a 9.74

23:18:00 Rated game Medieval Madness with a 6.51

23:14:51 Rated game Metallica (Pro) with a 9.80

23:10:51 Rated game Tales from the Crypt with a 9.08

23:06:14 Added a game to the wishlist Tales from the Crypt

15:32:12 Added a game to the collection Batman 66

15:32:03 Unlocked Pinside achievement Starting a Collection (Own a pinball machine)

15:32:03 Added a game to the collection Batman 66

15:28:23 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Member (Sign up for a Pinside account)

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