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4 years ago
This is a pretty good pinball machine. Some people have complained about the artwork but I don't know I could live with it. I don't play the artwork or the backglass. I own The Shadow, WPT, and BSD and let me tell you, no one is going to be writing home about the artwork on those (Sorry, Mr.Baldwin) but they all play well. The callouts were good. There are a lot of shots and I thought it was well thought out and the mode are interesting. I don't know why this game gets a bad wrap but I think it is a very solid machine. I would rate it above some of the top 20 machines on the list. One of the things I think put it ahead of some machines is that it has a sense of humor about itself. In my opinion, nothing ruins the fun of a game than something that takes it too seriously.

Case and point: AF and TZ are both Lawlor games. In my opinion, one is a blast and the other feels incredibly dry in comparison.
4 years ago
I want to start off by saying that this game is a ungodly terrible design for commercial location. Very hard shots, unclear goals, unclear strategy, complicated rules. I don't think anyone knew what they were doing when the game was on location.

That being said. I own one and had it on the chopping block recently because I was looking to change up my collection. I went back to watch a bunch of youtube videos on how to play the game to see if I missed anything. I missed A LOT. The game is a complete shooters game. The shots are hard and long and you can't really make anything happen by accident. The depth in the game is above my other games, Judge Dredd, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and the Shadow. You can't run up games by accident. The game is a challenge and the challenge is how many things can you line up correctly to put up a high score. This probably is an excellent game in a tournament setting if you set it up correctly so that the really good players don't run up 15 minute games. My only real complaint aside from having to do homework to understand the game is that the game doesn't have a lot of humor in it like Judge Dredd, Attack from Mars, Fishtails, or The Shadow. But that being said, if you looking for a machine that is challenging and really shows its colors under home use, this game does that and can be found relatively cheaply ($2,000 +/-). If you come across one at a reasonable price, I recommend picking it up. If you don't like it, you can always sell it. But if it clicks with you, it will probably stay in your collection for quite awhile.

Edit after it being the only pin I played over Christmas break -

WPT is your chubby ex girlfriend that you miss because she made you Hungarian goulosh and liked going to comic con. This game is way better than it looks. The part that I like the most is that the multiball is well implemented. The shots are long and you have two playfields so it makes it hard to just sit on caught balls to drag out multiball mode. I always thought it was kind of self defeating to implement a multiball mode but the goal of all the good players is just to catch the balls so you can play around with just one ball. The bonuses during multiball mode are high and the shots are long so it is hard and you are rewarded heavily for accurate on the fly play. The only complaints I currently have about the game is that the drop targets need to be tweaked so they stay up (there is a bulletin for this) and that the rules need to be spelled out. I don't know how much the drop targets play into score because I usually just put together hands by accident but maybe with the 3x bonus they become important to pay attention to. I haven't gotten to removing one of the top post to allow for smoother play, yet but I probably will. It is annoying when the ball bounces off the post into the bumpers when you hit one of the orbits. But, yeah there is a lot here, the layout I good, the rules are well thought out, and I am finding I like the game the more I play it. I really wanted to get a Johnny Mnemonic, Tales from the Crypt, or a Fishtails and still do but this is a lot more bang for your buck spent.