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derek533 has written 4 rating comments:

6 years ago
Fun game and shooting baskets on the playfield is pure joy. Cab is somewhat boring considering the pins being released by Bally during the same period. Call outs are good and are the same voice from the NBA Jam games of the same era. Scoring is basketball scoring and not traditional pin which is a nice change. Overall, a great game with somewhat linear play and a rule set that is not all that deep. Right lane on middle of playfield can be sdtm drain monster.
6 years ago
Without a doubt, the one pin that got me hooked on pinball back in my youth. Played it a ton then, and judging by all the machines I'm seeing in the wild for sale now, I wasn't the only one who played the heck out of it. This one will be in my collection some day. Beautiful and well executed theme and matching playfield. Sound is great too.
6 years ago
Perhaps, the most gorgeous pin ever created. The cabinet is done so well, it almost looks 3D. The trunk is one of the coolest toys ever implemented on a pinball. Used to drive 30 minutes one way just to play this pin after college in the 90's. My grail pin.
6 years ago
What can I say, the pin that all others try to measure themselves against. That's not to say it doesn't have flaws, but in terms of everything I look for in a pin, this one is darn near perfect. Fun, awesome sound, great playfield, cool toys, etc.