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53 days ago
i really enjoy mine its a machine in its own league must play one if u can very "diffrent"
6 months ago
With pinball I learnt its about fun an experiences with friends an family and I wanna know what's a better machine ??

everyone loves mario brothers there funny it's cool an kiddish but in a pinball world sense ok it's not the fastest game not the MOST exciting game compared to new machines or some classics

but tell me what's more funner cooler an kiddish then a mario plus Friends an family can have a laugh on it an enjoy with a drink best old classic in my books an this is My NO1 FAVORITE game love mario brothers hope cgc do a remake but the 35th anniversary has passed so I doubt it please play this machine it's a classic an really good for a gottlieb considering they are a more clunky an slower game
6 months ago
Why is this machine so low ??? Put this next to a Addams family in the later 90's an this took my money ??? In Australia anyways only machine my father said was better but anyways not for an operators view

I loved it tasteful LEDs an blades an man she's a keeper we had to move ours on due to no room at the time an dam I wish we kept it fun fast action game the gun u must shoot it a mode but I honestly carnt get my head around the low score reviews of this game it's really fun an a new buyer 1at machine would pick one up fairly cheap awesome 90's game one-day I might get one again if it's a reasonable price
6 months ago
Fun old game music is cool an corny not a bad old game drop a few bucks in one if you get the chance she's a classic but we're wanting newer games so didn't last that long around 6months of fun was decent game an buy tho
6 months ago
I'm not into addams family but I'll try be extra nice since it's the king of the 90's but played one at pinfest with LEDs an blades in good condition an didn't do alot for me very expensive machine an I don't see the value the game it's self is alright but owning it is very hard due to flipper an current market but she's the masterpiece of. Collectors machine but sadly not for me
6 months ago
Love fish tales I wanna own one oneday fun fast game for the kids an adults no faults but the music can be lil repetitive should own 1 or 2 games with a fish tales it's fine for a small collection
6 months ago
Played it at pinfest australia an not sure the big demand an hype for this game play wells not a normal shooting pinball theses jersey jacks different I cool them a "played movie" don't get me wrong there fun an look REALLY good but in a pinball term they shoot slower multiballs bit more clunky an they don't have the flow of a stern I've noticed same with gunners they a wicked lights how but slower machine I personally find but they make a clean classy machine none the less
6 months ago
To much on the liscening sadly the game lacks alot of lighting an code played a pro an my honest review is not a bad theme not a bad game but not for a small collection an very dark must get spotlights for sling shots an pinstadium
6 months ago
Love my dracula I played one 12 months ago an ever since I saved an saved an .... Saved $$$ an finally brought one an not sure what a better review is u play it u like it u buy it an it will never leave just mirror blades an some tasteful LEDs an it's a home run love dracula
6 months ago
Don't understand this game played it an moved on fast very boreing playfield I found an it's an old layout I believe an just not up to standard with other new games cool El panel lighting on the side trims but lil mods ain't enough not a good machine for small collection would want about 10machines to wandering from an to
6 months ago
Played it at a friend's place fun game but still think Lotr is bit better not by much tho
6 months ago
Wish my dad keeped it many years ago now covid prices threw the roof we will never own one again but If u ever get the option to buy one at a fair price do it with a few mods it stands against many new machines loved our Lotr
6 months ago
Have Owens Deadpool premium for bout 6months an just love it only new stern we own an we have had bout 10older 90's machines threw our shed but Deadpool will never leave the premium is the best I believe cheaper then LE but still get the same features gotta give it a 10-10 my favorite stern an second favorite pinball machine