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3 months ago
I’ve been in the hobby since 2015. This review is for the 30th version of the game. It is simply sterns best machine ever. Actually has a toy, one of the best along with amazing layout, rule set and it’s Elwin’s finest. IMO this is the best pinball machine of all time as well. I am a HUGE Jurassic Park fan so this combo is a 10/10.
3 years ago
Probably the last loaded game from jjp and one of the finest pinball games ever, I only took points off bc I wish the chapters felt more varied. Otherwise a widebody that shoots like a standard and loaded like none other.
6 years ago
I was a DI hater.

I am now a DI owner.

Unbelievable flow to this game. Best pure shooter I have every played. This is pinball magic period. Theme actually works well. JJP just did a terrible job introducing it as the cell phone is not the game. The theme is actually a disaster theme and the cell does a great job telling you what it is.

EDIT - I wish the game rules were more varied. Got repetitive hitting the phone scoop, shooting the same shots and then repeating. They need to mix in more. Ended up selling not b/c it was bad but b/c I just wasn't playing as much as expected. Will pick up again later date. Great game still

Bluetooth is garbage and a complete fad, but we're talking about the best pinball machine I've played in some time.
7 years ago
Blown away by how fun this game is to play. I owned a pro and switched to premium b/c I really didn't like the virtual lock and wanted the light show. The updates to premium really do feel like the complete package. It's become one of my favorite pins. So much to shoot for and keeps you engaged throughout - just a very fun pin.
7 years ago
The game really stands out as unique. It feels like the modern twilight zone with all the toys, widebody, deep rule set except I find it to be more engaging and just more fun (prior TZ owner). It's a game that you can play for hours. To think it's JJP first pinball game is impressive. The entire table feels premium and looks/plays like the next tier of pinball. Love the left and right outlanes mini games to save the ball, the feet that come out of the house, the castle minipf. List goes on and on.

Owner on 6.06 code.
8 years ago
Great game but I love the band. Pinsound is imperative.
8 years ago
Fun game just wish it was deeper. Still a great experience.

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