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2 years ago
I owned one for a little bit. it got boring quick and the TREX toy got old pretty fast !
2 years ago
Ive played many different machines and I just cant get into the game, its not really a game that should even be in the top 100 IMO
2 years ago
I bought one at Pintastic and have been hooked on it since I came home . Its really a great game, awesome music and lay out, shots are fantastic !
2 years ago
Ive played one numerous times, I think the game play is godawful and the flow is horrible !
3 years ago
The theme is excellent, the game is a ton of fun ! I relaly enjoyed this one, I need to play this again ! I was enjoying the game play , it gave me everything i needed in a machine !
3 years ago
Great game, always has me coming back for more ! Just added this to my collection ! Such a great game !
3 years ago
Ive played this several timess and have a blast every time playing it ! its a top 10 Pin for me, the game play is awesome and the game is a ton of fun !
3 years ago
I played this a couple of times, Its a decent game. Wasnt my favorite, but it had some fun elements with the castle and the trolls ! Ill ahve to play it more and update my comments but right now it didnt have me screaming #1 Pin !

Its not a horrible game , it is fun just not #1.
4 years ago
I played this and really didn't like it, I know I'm probably in the minority on this, but I found it uninteresting an boring , so for me I didn't like it !
4 years ago
I got a chance to finally play and was blown away with how awesome it was ! It is on the wish list for a future purchase !
4 years ago
I played this at Pintastic and was a fantastic machine, wishing it was in my price range, I loved the game !
4 years ago
i had alot of fun playing this, the few times that i did play, i enjoyed the lap around the table before shooting out and enjoyed the machine , i cant wait to play this again !
4 years ago
i wanted to play more, this was a really fun machine, it was hard for me, but im sure if i played more i would have gotten the hang of it, its a must play game !
4 years ago
i played this, looking to find a pinball to buy, but i just didnt love it, its decent, but maybe because im a beginer , it just wasnt the machine for me !
4 years ago
this was fun to play, wish i had some more time on it !
4 years ago
i had a blast playing this ! its a whole lot of fun !
4 years ago
i bought this machine at Pintastic ! myself and the kids love it for my first pinball machine !