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3 years ago
Oddly, this games plays a bit like a reversed TOM in my option.
I had fun playing it, but due to the vague rule card, was unable to really come to terms with the rules.
Some nice flow with an inner loop (much like TOM) and fast orbits and ramps.
Modes seemed varied and fun to play, but not worth a lot of points.
Multiball seems to be where the points are.

I'd play again if found on location.
4 years ago
The inner loop shot
Theme Integration
Good Flow
Deep Rules
Lots of Multiball
Long Games

Lots of multiball
Parts of the art package
The audio quality is inconsistent
4 years ago
I had a a chance to play many games of The Hobbit at the Silver Ball museum recently. I'll focus more on the game play.

The Hobbit was a lot of fun to play even though I didn't know the rules (what happened to rule cards?). From what I could tell, locks are lit on the right ramp through the four L-O-C-K roll overs. I am not sure how modes were qualified, but the modes were started on the right ramp as well. Within a mode "time" could be added by shooting the left ramp. I think before a mode is started it can be changed by shooting left ramp when "BOOK" is lit. By the way, both ramps could be back handed. I also think available modes changed depending on the characters you collected by hitting the various drop target and other shots.

I know the game is supposed to have 30+ "modes", but a lot of the modes I played were very basic, such as a right ramp countdown hurry up, a orbit hurry up, shoot the hole, and the like. Some were more advanced, such as shooting moving sets of drop targets. Some, were more complicated and required multiple shots like repeatedly hitting a pop up monster. There were a few "frenzy" modes in which the "time" ramp increased the base value. I can't say how well the modes tied into the theme or stories in the movie. Modes can be stacked with multi-ball, and even started during multi-ball.

The pop up monster targets are fun to shoot at and seemed to be activated by rolling over any of the four in-lanes. I think hitting a certain number of monsters started a multiball that I think could be stacked with the main multiball. I like how these pop ups were not only a target, but also blocked important shots (ramps and orbits) from time to time. It seemed like a hit from behind also registered.

The game has at least 4 skill shots. A hard plunge to a moving drop target, a medium plunge to the far left drops, a softer plunge to roll over the lock targets, and a very soft plunge to the in-lanes. The in-lane skill shot was my favorite and seemed to score the most points (close to 10K).

The pops were reachable through a shot from the flippers, or a weak shot around the orbit. They didn't seem to play in to scoring as much as I could tell.

It appears the spinners advance your progress on the map but I am not sure how this played into the progression though the game.

It took some time to learn where the shots were on this wide body machine. I found the two holes were the most difficult to hit consistently and one hole is sometimes blocked by drop targets. Flippers seemed to deliver enough power to easily make both ramps and to wail on the spinner. I wouldn't call this a fast or a flow game, but it didn't feel like a "stop and go" game either.

The Ring button (much the fire button on ST) was a bit of a mystery to me. It appeared switch hits built up the ring's "power" and pressing it would award points or another awards such as "light Thorin". No idea what this did, though the Thorin shot appears to be the captive ball. I also was unsure what values the "Mystery" target gave, but it seemed to be lit by in-lanes.

Scoring seemed low, but not as low as WOZ. I liked this as it made the high value shots seem even that more valuable. Grand Champion on this machine was around 1.5 million.

Although the playfield is quite empty (when monster targets were not up) The Hobbit seemed like it had a lot to do and shoot for and having a better understanding of the rules would have made game play even that much more fun. Most drains came from the right out lane (the left had a kickback, but not sure how this was lit). The center post came into play quite a bit and I really enjoyed the expected and unexpected bounces back into play.

The art, light and sound package was top notch and really put you in to the game. I didn't find myself looking up at the screen too much but when I did I found the video sequences to be amazing.

Overall I really enjoyed playing The Hobbit. It was definitely a shooters game. My lack of rule knowledge made my games feel more like a journey. I'd definitely own this game if I could as I see a high replay value (once the rules are figured out).

One more thing, I can't figure out why they went with a third flipper. I could not see any advantage to using it as all shots could be reached with the bottom two. Maybe there is something I am missing?
5 years ago
This game is fun and fast to play, with great flow and combo possibilities. Probably the best flow of any non-Steve Ritchie game. I love the inner loop.

The art work is awesome and supports the theme just as good as any 90s DMD game. Unfortunately, the rules do no encourage completing modes, scoring is unbalanced, and it just seems like more of the same. "Shoot the chest", ignore the mode, repeat. Lame Wizard mode, then repeat.

Really a shame the software and rules are so bad because the game is fun to play, just no lastability.
5 years ago
Love that talking head. Though a lot of fun to play from time to time, I question it's lastability if I owned it.

The right scoop is a waste. It wish it gave more point, awards, something, other then just spitting it back out.
I think if I owned it, this would be the game non-pinheads would gravitate towards.
5 years ago
Here is a theme I can get into! Love the variety of shots from all four flippers. This is a game that requires strategy and accuracy due to the crowded playfield and deadly left out lanes by pops. Stacking the right modes with multiball is challenging. Though a "stop and go" game, there are some fast flowing moments. The music get a bit tiring, and I wish the main Twilight the game's one major design flaw. I wish there was more incentive to play modes, rather than time them out. Wizard mode is awesome but a little too easy to achieve. I wish there was more of an incentive to play out modes as the big scoring comes from Lost in the Zone.
7 years ago
Today I played 11 different machines both old an new at The Pinball Gallery in Downingtown PA, and I was surprised to find that Cyclone (along with Whirlwind) were really fun games. Cyclone proves a game doesn't need a ton of modes, multiball and a deep rule set to be fun. However, the game can get a litle boring after a while.

Easy to understand rules and scoring, great audio call-outs, fun shots, center post, lots of nudging needed too. As much fun to play now as it was when it came out when I was 11.

"Hey you with the face!"
7 years ago
Super addicting game. Great flow and action. Amazing use of sound design within the game play. Ramp and orbit shots produce a satisfying sound effect that increases sense of speed. Easy to understand rules (shoot flashing shots!). Unlike games where points can be easily scored without knowing what is going on, this game rewards accurate shooting and forces you to make for specific shots and combos for big points. Ramp shoots "feel" great and are satisfying. I've must have played around 1000 games so far and I keep coming back for more. Call-outs don't get old. I like Pro version better because the non-functioning spaceship toys of the LE obscure some shots. Virtual kickback is better than LE kickback because it feeds pops and upper flipper.

Best thing? All shots (other than warp ramp) can be made from either flipper.

EDIT: Based on 1.6 software

Wow. This update is a game changer. The Galactic Away Team mini modes add a new challenge and additional strategy to the already exciting game play. The away team shot is difficult enough to make and now it becomes even more essential for high scoring. This rule additional makes me rethink which mode to start. In single ball play? Go for the Space Jump or Klingon Battle Galactic Away team as they play best in single ball play. Have a mutiball coming up? Go for Prime Directive and start GAT for balls to feed lanes.

Galactic Away Team add up to huge points if played out. I've seen 24M+ mission totals in Save the Enterprise and Prime Directive.

The medal system, and stopping the timer of the ball is cradled, adds even more incentive to play out the Level 1 missions. The Medal Bonus when starting Maru also adds additional strategy. Play a few Level 2 missions to earn more medals or sets of medals for additional points?

Overall ST seem like a complete game with just a few minor bugs and I'd like to see more Blackhole Awards, more points for combos when not in a mode, and a high score position for Unique combos made in a future update.