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1 year ago
Game looks and plays amazing. The choice to focus on the 4th movie was great since it is the best of the series. I love how the machine features Forky, Gabby and Duke Kaboom so prominently thru the game and leave the old characters woody and buzz to the background.

The innovation shown by the giant iPad mounted to the playfield is genius and I believe this will set the stage for future releases by all manufacturers.

Excellent job JJP team!!
3 years ago
Wonka is a pinheads dream. Has that typical lawlor flow with butter smooth shots all over the playfield. The rules have such a nice variation that gives you multiple ways to approach the game. Stacking is where this game really shines and if you get multiple things going at once the light show is like your own lil ride on the Wonkatania.

This game is a pinball masterpiece. You won't be disappointed.
4 years ago
Best game I've played in awhile. There are shots all over the game. I love the code also. The game really has that world under glass feel. Really captures the Jurassic park world. I can't stop pressing the start button. What a game!
6 years ago
Man the constant talking while you're playing and disjointed movie clips is just awful. Couple this with a standard vanilla layout and you've got a pure loser.

Hopefully Stern will step it up on the next game. I do think the groot multiball lock is cool. I enjoyed the integration of the magnet in the middle of the playfield. Maybe some code will save this stinker but I wish the talking would just stop.
7 years ago
X-men is a fantastic game. I was hesitant to get one since the early code suffered from some serious flaw but am happy I did. I find this game is great in a home environment because once you learn the ruleset is just really a fun shooting pin. I played it on location when it first came out and was turned off because it wasn't super obvious what the goals of the game were and in typical Stern style has a worthless instruction card.

I really enjoy collecting all the x-men by hitting their various shots. Professors X's mode of finding the mutant is super cool, but can be frustrating since some of the mutants shown aren't obvious which shot they go to and when you hit it again for it to light the shot, it isn't obvious which shot is lit.

Collecting storm is one of my favorites and I think the lighting effects when hitting the pop bumpers with the GI going off and the flashers lighting up simulating a storm is fantastic. It feels so great when you stack this with weapon X or magneto multiball.

I don't find the ease in starting weapon X multiball to be that annoying as others do. I still have the factory wolverine on there and while it's hard to strategize when to start the multiball, the randomness doesn't always come at a bad time.

I have xmen stacking turned on so I can collect multiple characters at once while playing thru the game. I personally find this more enjoyable and eliminates a little bit of the linearity that you would have if it's turned off.

My usual strategy is to try and collect a few xmen while making combos to get close to lighting deadpool and also lighting a villain at the scoop. I then will play the villain and I pick one depending on if deadpool is lit or not. If I have him, I'll usually pick sabertooth or Omega Red since I find those two modes to be more challenging to make the shots. If I don't have him, I'll pick sentinels since all shots are lit or shadow king.

I have yet to get to dark phoenix but have almost beat danger room.

My advice is to play a more than a couple of games on the machine before you judge it. It really is a great game, but lacks that easy to learn ruleset of the classic 90's B/W pins and takes a little time to learn. It is well worth it once you do.
9 years ago
I have had this game for around 8 months now and play it almost daily!! It is just fantastic. I used to be a huge BW fan and this game makes the BW games look like clunky old turds. It is fast and furious and engaging.

The layout is so fantastic - the ramps and orbits are buttery smooth with nice tight shots and really punish low accuracy
The rules are very simple and any average player can start trying to turn out huge scores almost immediately
I have the VE and initially I wasn't a big fan of the super bright LEDs in the GI, but over time I"ve grown to love them and it makes every other game looks yellow and garish
I enjoy the one ball exponential points from achieving do or die. These rules remind me of a throwback to games like Taxi where you had one ball to achieve it all
Stackability of the whiplash and war machine multi balls is great as well as the iron man fast/double scoring
The music is so intense and the callouts are from the actual actors
So much more

My only qualm is that I think the iron monger comes up much too frequently

Overall I see myself keeping this game for along time.
9 years ago
I borrowed one of these in really nice condition from a fellow pinhead. I couldn't get rid of it fast enough. The game is such an incredible bore. I don't get what people see in it. I tend to like all eras of games, especially early SS, but this title didn't click with me.

One of the most amazing backglass art packages. Absolutely gorgeous.
The layout is really cool and really flings the ball wildly around the playfield.
Love the double flipper layout at the bottom
Sounds are really well done and match the theme very well
The multiball is so hard to get and when you do it tends to drain super quick
I hate how you lose your ball if you don't drop the targets on the lower PF. I think this is just super cheap.

Overall I just find the game to be like a hot girl with no personality. It looks really pretty but deep inside it's just an empty box.
10 years ago
I picked up a TFTC after playing it at my buddies house a few times. The music, the shaker motor, the dots and the artwork all drew me in. Just a cool overall package. As a disclaimer I was a huge fan of the show in the 90's and just love the horror theme of the game. I think the backglass and playfield and overall art package are phenomenal.

Unfortunately the placement of the creature hole makes this game super frustrating. I just couldn't get over the number of bricked shots out of it. This is a real flaw in the design of the game. I really like games that are strategic and challenging. In my mind the main shot to start modes in the game shouldn't be overly difficult to hit. If that mode hole was somehow made easier this game would be a top contender for me.

The modes are cool and straight forward. Shooting into the crypt and starting the multi ball never gets old. I love the dots when you hit the jackpot and the head gets chainsawed in two.

Overall the game is still a keeper in my mind. I enjoyed playing it thoroughly and it was always a crowd favorite. Getting rid of it came down to space issues and I know I"m going to miss it.
10 years ago
I don't understand why this game scores so high. I'll drop a few coins in this game and be satisfied walking away. It just doesn't have a draw to me that other games do. I think the theme is really strong and has a coolness about it. This is as far as the positives go for me though because I think the game play is really simple and for the most part blah.
10 years ago
This is by far my favorite pinball machine. I've been hooked since the first time I ever dropped a coin into it. Everything is linked together so well. The flow of the game, the music, the lighting, the balrog. It's just great.

This and STTNG are the only two games that really make me lose my sense of reality for a minute and get into the game. I feel like I'm part of the epic journey when I play this game. It is very satisfying. I'm surprised it isn't the number one ranked game it is that good.
10 years ago
Had a nice HUO example of this game and just couldn't get into it. The layout is great, but the game just lacks on the gameplay front. I feel like you just constantly are shooting into the skull. It feels like a system 11 game with a DMD. This game would've really been enhanced had there been some modes or other goals to shoot for other than alternating ramps and the skull.

The theme is done really well and the art and lighting is a complete package. The backglass and PF art are really nice and I think this game really looks sharp. I just wish it played as well as it looks.
10 years ago
This pin is so great. I'm surprised it is rated so low. I suspect people don't dig as much of the artwork and the overall theme of the game. I'm glad that this sleeper hit isn't as popular since it makes it much more affordable. The flow on this game is amazing. I played it for the first time a few months ago at the local bowling alley and was hooked. The machine had flippers that were slightly weak, but good enough to make the ramp shots semi-consistently.

I would pick this game and play it first over most of the newer Stern machines that were also on location. The flow just really pulls you in on this one. The sound is phenomenal and the DCS system really pulls you in with the background music taken directly from the film.

Even if you don't like the film the game is probably still fun. After getting used to using the unique handles, I don't think there is any other way to play the machine.
I have yet to reach demolition time, but will update once I've put more time into it.
11 years ago
Jokerz is a cool machine and is very approachable by a variety of players. I frequently have parties at my house and jokerz is the machine that nonpinheads are drawn too. The gameplay, as with most system 11 games, is straight forward and easy to understand for anyone. Raising the ramp with the middle target is a great feature. I also enjoy the ability to steal ball locks from other players. I understand people's problems with the double the score feature, but think that it adds to the fun. Every player is trying their hardest to shoot both ramps to lock in a win at the end of the game. It's like gambling it all! The game tries to even out the double score feature by lowering the hurry up timer in relation to the player's score.
My personal favorite things about this game are the artwork and the music. The artwork is fantastic and flows really well with the theme. The queen is one hot bitty!! The sound is also awesome. Chris Granner did a fantastic job with the baroque style cartoonish music and the callouts with the helium laughter are also great.
I'm really surprised that this game isn't rated higher because it is a definite keeper for me.

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