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Love at first sight

By Deerlakes6

March 13, 2017

3 years ago

Along​ time ago at the age of 14 I walked into a pizza parlor in Dormont pa..What I saw changed my life forever..A Flash Gordon and Black Knight Pinball machine..I would frequent there as much as possible to get a slice and watch a magical steel ball do crazy things and cause the machine to make cool noises..I was fascinated and hooked..I then began to watch silver spoons on television and noticed Ricky Schroeder had Pinball machines in his house.. That was it for me..My mission in life now was to get a good job and be able to afford to have my own machine in my house that I could play whenever I wanted.. That dream came true in 1995 when I got a Bally world cup soccer machine..I played it all day and night..I'm a huge soccer fan so I got more soccer Pinball machines to own over time..Turn the clock ahead to 2017 and I have acquired many Pinball machines..I have opened up a Pinball store in the Springdale area of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I have met many great people associated with Pinball throughout the years..I love Pinball for everything that it represents as well as just playing it for fun..It brings me back to a time when I had not a care in the world..I have everything I could ever dream of wanting nowadays..My health ..Good job..Love and respect from those that matter to me...And oh yeah PINBALL

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