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1 year ago
Really great game to play with some super cool modes..always makes me chuckle with some of curse words used...moving up the ranks is always fun task to accomplish..great toys in the game as well..if you love the show...then you gotta have it
1 year ago
It took me a long time to find this pin and we'll worth it..the game play ..all works well the flow of the game.. going back from the 80's to the 50' such a blast with this pin.. especially the chimes...I believe it's worth well over's a keeper
1 year ago
So fun to play with an excellent art package and music and speech ..the ship on the playfield works well and the shots are a challenge..make sure to get one with a decent looking ramp that isn't cracked...most have typical cabinet fade.. getting one not faded is a plus...overall it's a blast to play and look at...and listen to
3 years ago
Some really neat features that make this game fun to play .. Some really fun shots..Ball accelerator..Drop Targets and great theme..Overall pretty fun and I kinda like the sounds and voice call outs
3 years ago
Great artwork and pretty fun to play..Cool features with having the rollercoaster habitrails and spinner in middle of playfield..Game has lasting ability and doesn't get boring..A keeper for sure
3 years ago
Simply a blast to play and it never gets old.. Challenging every time..Plays fast and nice art package..A true keeper
3 years ago
I just picked this up cause I fell in love with playing it at Allentown PA show..Great Backbox animation ..Great artwork and a blast to play ..theme is great..It's a keeper and quite rare
3 years ago
This game has a coolness factor but I believe it to get boring after a while and repititive..Not exciting to look at either..If you can get it cheap then get it..But I can't understand all the hype..Just an average playing em with some targets...In my opinion
3 years ago
An outstanding example of a gottlieb wedgehead..Super fun and challenging to hit the ace when you need it .. Bonuses make this game a blast to play and excellent art work on the back Glass..Great game to own if you can get it..
3 years ago
Good playfield layout and great artwork..Alot of things to shoot for as well as an amazing feeling to watch the pop bumpers light up....A blast to play and look at.
3 years ago
The second d best coctail pin out there..Can get repititive but still great 80s fun..Music and playfield layout is cool and multiball is easy to achieve..If you own a coctail pin..This should be one of them..
3 years ago
Probably the greatest art work on a game ..It's quite fun with alot of cool features..Upper playfield is cool with a great use of time ball feature..This is a zaccaria masterpiece
3 years ago
What a great playfield layout and great artwork..Timed last ball is challenging and fun ..A unique game that is one of zaccaria best..Cool Backglass
3 years ago
Game is hard to find but when you do it will never leave your collection..It has multiball..Cool artwork and fun gameplay..I think the best coctail pin ever made..Great lighting as well
3 years ago
This game is loads of fun to play and quite hilarious..Don't know why it gets a bad rating..Speech and toys make this game a true keeper..It always makes me laugh..Very enjoyable
3 years ago
I think this game is alot of fun especially if you are a south park fan..Great toys and I love toilet multiball..Chef and Cartman are quite funny..Game can get repetitive..But I still like it anyway
3 years ago
Simply the greatest Pinballs out there ..So many things to do..So many challenges..So many shots..Great toys..You will never get bored of this Pinball..ever
3 years ago
I believe this to be one of the greatest Pinballs out there..Simple but fun ..Fun ..Great artwork..Backbox animation..Great shots to make and not even a multiball..A must have for any collection
3 years ago
I believe it's a great .. Challenging game to play with cool artwork and toys..A true Sega classic that never gets old
3 years ago
What a great game with simple ..Easy to follow rules and a challenging layout..Backglass is excellent and great artwork..No wonder it was featured in the movie Tommy..good all around..