Pinball Addict

By DCWyld

July 22, 2019

30 days ago

Well you probably have heard this story once or twice before in your life. I am a pinball addict. I'm ashamed of my addiction (not really), and have no hope of recovery at this point. I've been on all night benders flipping machine after machine, lines of them. But I just cant stop. It started when I was young, you know, hung out with the wrong croud. Those guys hanging around the token machines. It wasnt long after that that I was looking to score my own machine, just one machine! Then one machine turned into two, THEN THREE! Before you know it, I owned an arcade. No I'm not proud of this addiction, but I know there are others out there, hiding in the neon lit shadows, fighting their urges too. God speed brothers and sisters, keep the faith.

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