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2 years ago
I have owned Time Zone the 2 player version of this game, and just picked up ST yesterday. Was happy to get the 4 player version, and since TZ and ST are the same game other than number of players, felt knew enough to rate ST. Timing the time tunnel and avoiding the out lanes seem like the key to this game for me. And both are challenging. Then of course avoiding the three center targets at all costs since seems to drain 8 times out of 10 off any of the three targets. So time the tunnel right, keep the ball in the upper play field, and have fun.
2 years ago
Just purchased this game. And even after only 1 day playing. For a 1966 Pin, challenging yet fun to play. Normally don't like wide spaced flippers, but the two center kickouts at the bottom really make it interesting. And with no flipper trapping, lining up the shot to either side to get back to the pops adds a nice challenge. And feel really lucky to have found a game in very good condition, no pf paint loss.

Update: Have owned this game for some time now, and still love it as much as day one. The bells sound beautiful. And while fun to play, when you here the free game knocker on this game, you know you are having a great pin playing day.
2 years ago
Own this game, and while game play is slower than today's machines. Set the back legs on longer than normal feet to add tilt to the pf, and the game plays great. For a 1950, 68 year old (as of this review) game, it has a lot to shoot for, and keeps you thinking about the best use of your next shot. And if you are skillful or lucky enough to light the abc roll over specials, then aiming for the side lanes is a great challenge. It has also been rewarding to take a machine painted blue, with yellowed plastic over a varnished pf, and multiple electrical problems, and bring it back to life.
3 years ago
Hook gets a bad rep from a lot of Pinsiders. But in the short time I have had it, my non pinhead friends seem to gravitate to it first or second (after Rocky and Bullwinkle) among my modest collection.
4 years ago
This is my most frustrating game to play, which is exactly what draws me back to it again and again. While not my favorite game, the fact that it is so challenging yet with a simple clean play field makes it like pinball "crack". I walk away having almost won that free game, but not quite. Like just missing the jackpot over and over again so you keep coming back.
4 years ago
Sound not like your typical em of this era, makes it more interesting. Also, multiple ways of winning free games make it more fun. Also as I have played it more, have realized how fun it is due to the fast play. Five pop bumpers that close together really gets the ball moving.
4 years ago
Only ss game I own of course only have 6 games, but never want to sell it, and totally fun. Has every character of the show I loved to watch as a kid as part of the game play. The animations are cool for the year built. And while challenging, you can score well. And love to set up the hat trick to watch the back glass pull a rabbit out of my hat animation.
4 years ago
Love this game. Played it as a kid at the local roller rink where I worked and played. Always trying to get that last 4 set of 4 lit, then hit the special lights over and over. Doesn't happen often, but like a jackpot when you do.