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12 years ago
Nice variety of shots. I really like the the way the shots are tasked to get to the various modes. The different modes each require different shots and my favorite is Bonesaw which always gets me pumped up. The Dock Ock shot and magnet are well incorporated into the gameplay. The Super Hero is not easy to get to but is not impossible for an above average player. This game is great for working on flipper skills, and also has great combos shots.
12 years ago
The outlanes hurt this game pretty bad. Otherwise a unique playfield that is fairly fun.
12 years ago
Not really my cup of tea, but I can definitely understand how it rates highly, especially considering the year it was made. The upper playfield is tight and plays fast, but once you get the hang of how to play that part of the playfield you can rack up big points.
12 years ago
A pretty good game for the 1970's. The layered flippers make for a unique style of play. It seems the best way to play is to shoot diagonal shots to the upper playfield areas as much as possible.
12 years ago
Many original shots. Shooting the ball into the mouth is always entertaining. Maybe a little monotomous in game play after a while, but a pretty good game considering it was made in 1990.
Definitely a top-30 game.
12 years ago
One of the best looking games ever! Beautiful original themed artwork. Gameplay is fairly unique such as the spinning lamp, magnet at the genie and lock ball, a harem, etc.
Definitely would love to own one of these machines evetually.
12 years ago
A very deep game. Not a game to just play a few times. It needs to be played 30 to 50 times to really appreciate the variety. The various shots have a good variety of functions such as shooting the ring through the back of the playfield, the upper right saucer/tower crash shot, the Gimli hole that if hit too hard can be hit right through, and many more, so much variety in shots. The story is played out with 6 modes, and the three multiballs lead you to the destroy the ring mode. If you can destroy the ring it is really cool seeing the machine act like it is going to explode in celeberation. Definitely a shooters game, and not quite as much of a flow game.

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