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2 years ago
Very fast game. He has no deep rules, but he can catch and like to come back again and again. Backglass and Cabinet Boring. But the game is great. "Roger 5-0-4, apprehend 'em."
2 years ago
Beautiful playground, lots of shots, lots of light, great animation, great sound and music. I like playing over and over.
2 years ago
My Favorite Pin. One of the first I played 20 years ago. I had to have him. Great fun for the whole family. Cross ramps catchy. Toper is the best I've seen so far. I love it!!! Leave a message, go fishing.
2 years ago
Very deep rules. A large number of great toys on the playground. Wide playing field .. SUPER PIN
2 years ago
My second and third pin. Very underestimated. Great fun, I want to play all the time. I love music and talking. Ramp heavy to overcome. 6 multiball is a big rush. LIV LIV LIV :-)
2 years ago
My second and third pin. I was tempted by a high rating. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied. A tough game can terminate 3 balls in 1 minute. Ramps put the ball straight to the center. Maybe time will show if I'm going to love. MOVE YOUR CAR :-)
edit: a badly set game has shown great difficulty. I play a lot now and it is a GREAT GAME. Right now my biggest fun .. LOVE IT
2 years ago
Under rated machine. I do not get so bad a rating. I'm the owner and it's a great fun to play. Great fun for wife and children. If you understand the game, you will find that scoring makes sense. The punches have the right direction and sense. I like to return to him ... Hole in one :-)