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2 years ago
I have played a few of these now. LEDs really help it out. The purple ramps are an absolute disaster as they block so much of the play field the clear replacements would be a must. The play field artwork is not an appealing color. The game is fun. But the best parts of this machine is that quirky retro backglass and the oh so wonderful techno retro sound track. The gimmick of just revealing the life force is lame at best
2 years ago
This game to me is the one that I keep playing and seem to keep having the most luck getting long playtime's and scores.
2 years ago
How can you go wrong with the Creature from the Black Lagoon? You can't. The back glass is an absolute masterpiece. It plays well and just keeps going.
2 years ago
This is my first purchase of a pinball machine and I will never sell it. I remember playing this machine at the local bowling alley. Being from Kansas this machine was right at home. The movie left a little to be desired and it carried into the machine.

The layout is good but I wish they had found a way to sneak one more ramp shot into the mix. As for toys and gimmicks this one hits the spot. Magnadisc, all the unpredictability of the discs in Whirlwind or "The power" in Adams family, and add in the magnets of golden eye and this gimmick sticks the landing. Multiballs that start by feeding you a ball every once in while move out of the way, this one magnetizes all of the balls spins them around and then releases them in a fury.

All of the artwork on this machine leaves a bit to be desired. It suffers from the powers that be, i e movie producers trying to ram the characters of the movie down your throat when they should have focused more on the actual star of the show, the tornado. I think that the back glass suffers the most from this. The cabinet artwork doesn't suffer from this but the colors just don't hit the mark.

The sound is ok and the sayings are from the movie.

This is another game that even as a young man I found the lighting a little low. But with the LEDs this game comes to life. They are in my opinion a must.

But as I said from the beginning it was fun in 1996, and is still fun in 2019 and it will never leave my collection.
2 years ago
I have loved this game the second I put my fingers on the buttons. Can't beat the animations and the storyline. One of the features I like the best is being able to play as different heros and having the game tailor the storyline to that character. The shots are all clearly marked and attainable. The death star shot where the ball circulates on the ramp is pure genius. I have not been displeased with any of the new Stern pins and this one is no exception.
2 years ago
I think this is an amazing game. The color animations are extremely strong.
2 years ago
After playing one machine with LED and one without, LEDs are a must. I absolutely recommend this game. You would think with an Elvira game that it would have more sexual inuindo, but I understand why it doesn't. It does have a few shots that are instant drainos and that can get a bit frustrating.