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34 days ago
Great game. Amazing show..Rules are a tad confusing. Video, sound, art all top notch.
64 days ago
Great game. Made the year I was born. First pin with return lanes. I love these mechanical backglasses. Beautiful pin.
66 days ago
Spinners, spinners, spinners. Rip them on both sides of the table and hear those chimes. Knock down drops (by accident) and double your bonus. Lots of fun counting down bonus during ball. One of Steve Kordek's favorite designs.
66 days ago
Great game. Replacing the slings with 2 inch flippers is a game changer. So much flow, so many drop targets. I'm keeping mine.
66 days ago
Great old game. Playfield is laid out beautifully. Great rules and you can generally reach the top of the playfield from the flippers. Nice gimmick with scoring wheel. As usual, terrific backglass animation. A winner!
71 days ago
I own and love this pin. Satisfying to rip the spinners and win balls. Great backbox action. I never get tired of it. A winner.
10 months ago
Wow. What a great game. Tremendous flow and the shots are varied and all terrific. One of the best upper flippers yet. Artwork is okay but rules, flow, playability and fun are all top notch. May be the greatest "just one more game" pin ever.
4 years ago
AMAZING GAME! I cannot believe that this game is not finished, code wise. It is a thrill ride already.

Perfect implementation for the feel of the original 60's show. Adding the mini villains harkens back to the eccentricity of the show and each villain (represented by a different former TV star). I have already learned to groove the two ramps in ever increasing combos. Game has great toys with the moving bat cave and the crane, etc. Sounds are superb as is the LED-changing lighting.

Cons? VERY few. Not a huge fan of final score screen...mystery graphics are meh. Otherwise, this game is so deep and incredible.
4 years ago
Excellent pin. Plenty of shots. Right ramp is super smooth. Good rules for modes, MBs, multipliers but hoping for a code update.
5 years ago
I LOVE my new Rob Zombie pin. Great haunted theme...you can't go wrong with scary and spooky. I'm not a RZ fan but still really like the music. The game feels really solid and well built which is a testament to Spooky and co. I love the add a ball and modes and the extra slings EVERYWHERE which really keep the ball hopping. Also, fun to mod with good room for extra toys. Can't wait for another code update!

5 years ago
An underrated pin in my opinion. I know its not fancy but it is a lot of fun. Note that the version I played (which i own) has strong flippers, which is likely a must to reach top of steep ramps. My balls rocket around the playfield.

Game has a moving goalie which works extremely well. It has a magnet which "saves" the balls when shot at goal. I also like the stadium which gathers balls for multiball. I disagree with other reviews about the sound as I like the European announcer and the familiar chant of "Gooooaaaaalllllllllll!!!" For around $1500, you cannot go wrong.
5 years ago
A good, solid Williams pin but not my favorite. Rules and PF layout just seem to elude me. Decent flow and a hard pin (which I usually like) but just CANNOT GET INTO IT.

The fan is a nice toy.
6 years ago
Great game. The Pro is super fast because of the stand up targets on all sides. I added the Aurich art package to replace Angus face and man, what a difference. Great game to mod; music is sensational; great DMD animations, etc. etc. A winner all the way around.
6 years ago
Finally got a POTC and man I love it! I have been owning FAST and hard games like TWD and IMVE and this is a nice change of pace. Definitely has longer ball times and a lack of constant drains, i.e., TWD. I'd put it square in the middle of a Stern pin (fast and hard) and a 90's Williams pin (repetitive pattern that repeats)

First of all, the machine is beautiful. Love the LED effects in mine and the game simply looks great. That said, the BG and side art are "meh" but overall it's a pretty pin.

Tons of toys, a decent Depp impressionist, and great use of the pirate theme make this game a winner! Plus, a nice wizard mode.
6 years ago
I find this game, ranked #353 on Pinside, to be highly underrated. It's a newer Stern with a fairly deep rule set coupled with Stern's typical insert lighting system. Of course the music is excellent if limited by often changing songs.

The biggest complaint is about Mick on a Stick but I enjoy the toy. It adds randomness and I like having to shoot around it, especially on Rock Star mode to add a ball. There aren't a lot of toys/shots but the game is fast and hard and has good flow.

350 better games than this one? Yeah right. "I know, its only pinball, but I like it....."
6 years ago
Love this game. Just fun shots. Love to hit the loop and combo the volcano. Big scores. Not the greatest theme but a great pin. It seems to have more lastability than a lot of the old B/W games. Fun but to9ugh video mode, easy to understand rules, etc. A winner.
6 years ago
Great game. Difficult if not impossible to hit the rollover lanes in order. Easy to nudge and save the ball. Great theme - the first Playboy nightclubs.
6 years ago
Incredible game and my favorite rules ever. Requiring the drops to start modes is excellent. And what a light show. Color changing LEDs are a game changer. Thanks to Cleland, it even has custom call outs from the show now. Lyman u r the man!!
7 years ago
Great game, obviously one of the deepest rule sets around. It's a keeper due to the rules and endless number of shots, modes, etc.

I will say, however, that although Pat Lawlor games are deep and interesting, I do not find their gameplay to be very smooth. Monopoly, RBION, Simpsons, Addams Family - to me the games just don't flow that well, like a Steve Ritchie game does. But it is a beautiful game with a ton of features, toys and sound.
7 years ago
A good "kitchen sink" game - feels like Lawlor threw everything he had into this one. I like the mini flipper hitting the blast; having the ball head to the left plunger, a la Funhouse and GnR; locking balls for multiball through a tight spinner; obligatory Lawlor shot through the bumpers to a cool ramp, etc. Layout kinda reminds me of Last Action Hero - lots to do everywhere.

Sounds are okay, a bit repetitive as you work your way across country every game. Carlene Carter fans will love it! Wish it had a bit more variety...

Oh and yes, the theme is confusing...country music, construction, trucking, ???

Overall though, a fun game by the master designer.
7 years ago
WOW Iron Man Vault edition....may be what I have searched for - a KEEPER!

I love fast games and this one is fast. Very similar in game play to Metallica if you ask me, with a fan layout starting various stackable multiballs. I love the ramps and the bogey sequence; the whiplash is a cool boss/toy and of course, the Iron Monger. On the Vault Edition, the unique backbox is stunning and the 3D side art is incredible. I have added figures to mine with a shaker, etc.

Audio is top notch. The roar of the jets never gets old. I enjoy the "Spiderman" - movie feel to the animations, also similar to Tron. If you are a fan of the IM movies...forget about it!

I like Stern; they make good games (despite the correct complaints from many about delayed code) and I think Iron Man is one of, if not their best. Play it!!
7 years ago
I bought an Indy 500 and love it! It is set up steep and man oh man, is this one HARD and FAST game. Brutal. I love it...(btw, I also love Iron Man). The game feels like its uphill all the way and man does that ball fly around the PF.

Lots of gimmicks and gadgets, i.e., the ball accelerator made famous by the Getaway; the RED targets; the center hole for modes; the upper flipper shot to the turbo. The turbo shot off the orbit for turbo bonus is one of pinball's great shots.

Audio is top notch in my opinion and the announcers (real announcers) are great. They really add to the feeling and sound of an Indy 500 race. The lightshow for multiball is very nice.

Artwork is so-so, although I added a bunch of scale cars from Ebay. Lots of fun to mod.

One of my favorites - walk, don't run! But not for the faint of heart....
7 years ago
Very fun pin. Obviously, a take it or leave it theme but I think it would be fun to mod, what with all of the WWE figures available these days. A good variety of ramps, and I especially like the one in front. Very good flow. Sound is good, but the sound of Macho Man saying "YEAH" every five seconds would wear on my nerves after a while. All in all, a solid, fun pin and a good bang for the buck in a not-very-desired-game.
7 years ago
Great, hilarious pin. Top notch audio. Monster Bash lite, with that nutty, 80's Gottlieb feel. Too much reliance on left ramp but still enjoy the gameplay. Catch up mode is cool. Kinda rare, I'm keeping mine for a while.
7 years ago
Awesome game. Similar DMD traits to Tron and IM. Live the toys and villains and a fun game to mod. Like the upper flipper shot and always enjoy a nice center shot a la AFM. Hoping to get one soon.
7 years ago
Fun, deep pin. Loved the ring shot and the Balrog. Superior animations and use of theme. Obviously, very deep. Long ball times though, and I prefer tougher games in general. Otherwise, I get bored as I play every day.
7 years ago
Just not a fan. I've tried to like it and its a good pin but I just cannot get it going. Certainly, not worth making 21,000+ pins but...people who own it seem to love it, along with the noobs...
7 years ago
AC/DC is a great, difficult game. Obviously the music is great. Love that bell and the ramps and spinners. A solid, solid pin.
7 years ago
Just got an HUO T3 and love it. I agree that the game seems underrated. Great DMD and video. Love the call outs, plenty of Ah-nuld. Cool toys and especially metal ramps. I am a fan of backglass animation so love the RPG. The RPG does take some skill and changes from level to level. I also like mode-based games, and this pin has many modes, including RED.

It is not too deep, though and may get boring over time. But I really like it and think it should be in top 100, at least. Also, great value for the money, i.e., a newish Stern game for $2k or less.
7 years ago
I agree with all: truly one of the best games ever. Love the flow, ramps, scoring logic. The music and sound are exceptional, especially given the release date. Only problem is the mediocre lighting. A keeper for sure.
8 years ago
Great target game. Decent artwork although theme is a stretch....obviously, a classic layout. Tough, tough game. Those drops are just so tempting...
8 years ago
Great Gottlieb card game. Has something extra with orbit shot and interesting layout with just one pop bumper. Love the drops but doesn't everyone....a Krynski classic.
8 years ago
Have added a CrossTown to my collection. PF in great shape and ball really flies around for a 1966 game. I don't mind spread out Gottlieb flippers; Central Park taught me that. You still hit the ball plenty and nudging comes into play. The backglass is spectacular. Why did they stop doing backglass animation so often? People stare and yell when the door opens. A classic.
8 years ago
Finally own an iteration of the most used PF layout. Don't know why they changed the art from Target Alpha, which I like slightly more. Tough game. But once you learn the shots, the flow is incredible. More Krynski genius.
8 years ago
This might be my favorite pin of all time, certainly my favorite EM. So simple, yet so clever. It looks easy but it isn't and it always leaves you wanting to play, again and again. This pin shows why Ed Krynski is a genius; why he designed over 200+ games and why Gottlieb ruled pinball for 30 years.

I like the 100,000 countdown by the queen. I like to light just three rollovers for bigger points per drop target. Knock down two Jacks, reset, three Queens, reset, Full House, reset, Royal Flush, reset, Special! A keeper is there ever was one.
8 years ago
Great paying EM. Deceptively simple looking yet hours of fun sniping drop targets, Gottlieb style. First loved it on Pinball Arcade (one of only 3 EMs on PA) and then bought one off a friend.

For me, the backglass and artwork on PF and cabinet, which is decent, pales in comparison to the real star of this pin: the gameplay. Go ahead and play it - try NOT to hit every target, I dare you. See you in a couple of hours....
8 years ago
Somehow scored a working, very nice Hi Lo Ace on CL for $100! Great EM game. I always prefer card themed EMs and this is not even a Gottlieb, but a Bally, which is interesting. Artwork is serviceable but I really like the way the PF lights up with each card you tag. Light up the high cards, or the low cards, and the Ace, and score the Special. Hence the name....

It's a keeper for me, unless I sell it for something else!
8 years ago
I love pool-themed games and this is no exception! I cannot understand why this machine gets such a low rating, must be the ugly white backbox. But for me, this pin is simply fun. I love trying to beat each player by hitting the drop targets, the 8 or 9 ball and then the trick shot. Owned the game a month and still have not played Jeanette, but I will soon. I like the Mystery 8 ball, and the pops, which stay very active. The drain lane ball savers are so cool and I actually found myself trying to do it on a different machine (but it had none so I drained, lol). All in all, a keeper because of the fun factor.
8 years ago
I love my Met Pro from the first time I saw and played it. Incredibly fast, especially since I disabled the up post. Now, the orbit shots are like missiles flying around and around the table. I love inline drop targets and these are hard but so satisfying. The Sparky is an amazing toy - watch your friends' jaws drop when he lights up! I have modded mine with guitars, speakers, a sparky coil, etc. and I don't even like Metallica. One of the great, great games IMO.

Once the new code hits - it's top ten for 'tallica!!
8 years ago
Fun game, rising in value. Thought of as one of the best set of ramps on a pin ever, for good reason. Very satisfying to hit the whirlpool shot, etc. I feel there's not much to shoot at on the left and everything goes around to the cool looking "boulder" bumpers, but overall a very solid, top 30 all time pin.

edited: have played the game a lot more and really love it now. Love the skill shot uphill...the ramps are among the best ever and I totally get it now.
8 years ago
I just got a Secret Service and I love it!

As said before, the digital stereo is unique and awesome, actually playing hits from Get Smart, Mission Impossible and more. There is even a karaoke section for "Nobody Does It Better." GREAT sound.

I like the alphanumerics, as they spell a fair amount of words. Calls out are good. Support the superior spy/Wash DC theme.

For me, the PF is hysterical. I love searching and finding new, humorous items. Like Reagan hanging out of the White House. The WH, the Capital, the Russian spies on the roof, the Data east race car for James Bond and his woman. Love it all.

I like the gameplay too. Drop targets are always good and I just ordered cool White House stickers for them. Great High Speed spinner to spinner action. Up post, cellar shot with trap door. Upper flipper for fulfilling ramp shot. Several easy to reach multiballs as well. What's not to love?

Overall, an underrated and fun pin. My new favorite. We will see how long that lasts......
8 years ago
Great game. Love the ramp shot, does not get old even after 75 ramp shots. Modding has never been more fun and never has a mod been cooler than the Tron Arcade Cabinet. Playing Tron pinball while watching a Tron Arcade game....too cool.

Never saw the movie so it takes a while to get used to the names, modes, etc. But all in all, a gorgeous looking and sounding game. Well done Stern this time!
8 years ago
Great game, multitude of shots. Well placed lit arrows guide the way. An exceptional use of top flipper, which is rare. Tough, tough game though, as outlanes are brutal and the worst I've ever seen. Except of course early Gottlieb EMs.

Best use of theme possible, tons of real call outs and great music from the show. One of my all time faves.
8 years ago
Just got my new G&R and love it. Even have unbroken topper. Game plays great. Ramps are super satisfying, especially hitting 5-7 in a row. Love the modes, plungers are awesome. If any con it's that Welcome to the Jungle gets repetitive, as previously noted.

May have to keep this one a while!
8 years ago
Good old EM game. Very unique strategy and scoring. Increase bonuses and keep adding balls for what seems like forever. Quite a challenge, with wide flippers and several outlanes.
8 years ago
Great Gottlieb drop targets. I just think the layout is set up nicely. Unique and fun. Need good aim to compete targets.
8 years ago
Decent game. One I played had repainted cabinet though. Backglass is pretty, like the rollovers lane. Not a huge fan of Steve Kordek's spinner, though love Kordek himself.

Again, just decent.
9 years ago
Fun game, especially for fans of the show. I like the numerous modes and the multiball can get crazily hectic, which I like. Also like the many toys, and the character figures on the playfield.

Lots of inside humor like the topper with opening credits on it...and Mr. Hankey putting pinballs in your mouth while you're sleeping!

Let's all kill Kenny, just one more time....
9 years ago
Got a Big Hit EM Gottlieb game for Father's Day. Nice wide open playfield, due to lack of shooter lane. Good looking game with a beautiful playfield. Love the drop targets, which are fun to shoot from the flippers all the way to the top. Bumpers work great, with good action. Also like the revival of the old Gottlieb vari targets, which give a nice, satisfying feel when you hit them.

A winner I might keep for a while.
9 years ago
Great game, lots of fun to add mods. Tough to figure out at first - not easy to pick up and play. Deep rule set favors experience players. Lastability in spades.

Gorgeous art package.

Overall, one of the best ever, imho.
9 years ago
Great game by Pat Lawlor. Love the theme. Placement of parts and game flow takes some getting used to. And rules are complicated. Similar to TZ on both of these points.

But once you master rules, layout, etc. game is a joy. Very deep, fast and fun. VERY hard to complete all modes. If I had one, I'd keep it!
9 years ago
I have always loved this pin. It is the only pin I remember playing as a child. And Coney Island is like my birthright, as my parents are from Brooklyn.

Cyclone, as stated by others here, is pure pinball fun. The ramps, the toys, the sounds, all of it forms the perfect package. And, of course, my favorite artist, Python Angelo, in all his glory.

No multiball? Who cares! Fast and fun, Cyclone is a winner!
9 years ago
Beautiful top 10 machine. Gorgeous artwork, great sounds and animations. i Like the Genii but I am lukewarm on the spinning lamp. Deep rules, several modes and cool skill shot on plunger round out this near perfect game.
9 years ago
What can you say....one of the best. Love the middle saucer shot. Lots of hard flipper action. Great animations and perfect theme. #1 on my wish list. Anyone trade one for a gorgeous Scared Stiff??
9 years ago
Say what you want but Fast Break is fun, fun, fun. Men will always love it. The scoring adds to the game and sets it apart from every other pin. PF art is cool, and although I think the ramp shots are tough to hit, it's a fast game with lots of flipper action and light flashers. Will keep in my medium size collection (7) for a while.
9 years ago
This pin is perfectly acceptable but is no Scared Stiff. It's more limited given its earlier release. Still like the theme and the ramps. Not a fan of the sounds, especially on the pop bumpers. All in all, a good but not great game.
9 years ago
Love the art but not the gameplay. Hate that damn rubber ball which to me is cheesy and below average. Also if ball gets too far left or right it's an automatic drain. Like the ringmaster (great toy!) and side show. Overall not my favorite but quality.....
9 years ago
Love the Funhouse. Did not like the flow at first but playing it a lot made me like it more. A bit repetitive but I love it when Rudy calls me Biff! And it's always satisfying to shoot a ball in his mouth while he's sleeping. A classic for sure.
9 years ago
It's not worth $15,000 but its fast fun with a great theme, amazing music and humor. Love saving the Jewish princess....not the greatest pin of all time, I don't think, but its top 10. The castle is a classic pin toy and lots of modes.
9 years ago
Taxi is a fast flowing fun game with incredible art by Python Angelo, my pinball hero. The two ramps let you loop for hours and I like the one million shot. Great humor and sound, a winner in my book.
9 years ago
I love the Gofers! I just like the way you have to make drives and putt out. The layout is so unique and there is nothing else like it. Wish it was licensed Caddyshack but you get used to it. Saw one at Pinball Expo with LED lights and it was awesome. Will own one some day.
9 years ago
Fun interesting game. Can play very fast. Love the snake pit (who doesn't?). Like hitting that spinner back to the top! Kind of a weird theme but all in all, an enjoyable pin.
9 years ago
I love my Dealers Choice. I was surprised at the fast play at first but the wide open play field and 3 flippers really gets the ball moving. I'd say the art work is average, not great not terrible. Love shooting for the suit cards and love the 9 rollover buttons. All in all, a keeper for my collection.
9 years ago
I just got my Stingray and I love it. It is the first Stern game I have owned. I agree that the spinner shot is awesome, what with the cool chimes. The opening chime music is unique and chimes on a 1970's game is great. Like the rollover buttons and two kick out holes. Will stay in the collection for a while.
9 years ago
Fun game. Much better than Elvira and the Party Monsters. Love the ramps, the back glass animation is awesome, good quotes from Elvira and I really enjoy bustin open that crate! Top notch in my book.
9 years ago
Added a Night Moves cocktail table pin to my collection. I like the variety, it's certainly not your average pin. I will say one thing - it draws a crowd. At a party, It will be the most played machine by far. Why play a regular pin when you can play something so different? More than just a novelty, it plays like a full sized game. Love the audio, turned up loud. No ramps but still great fun.
9 years ago
Love, love, love this game, especially the trunk. Gives you something small to aim for. Animations are top notch and I like the long ball times. All in all, a winner!
9 years ago
What's not to love? Except it is a little easy, but otherwise, I never get tired of this pin. Course, I don't wanna second mortgage my home to buy one. But if I was rich and bored, I'd drop $15,000 on this one. Phenomenal use of theme. Love those Universal monsters.
9 years ago
Got the 25th anniversary Star Trek on trade, and it's my first Data East game. Absolutely love the cabinet art, back glass and play field art. Great use of the theme. I like the ramps but I do agree the center shot can dominate. But who cares, because it's fun to ram that ball down the middle! All in all, a fun, family friendly game. Trekkies especially should love this game.
10 years ago
I just got my Comet for Fathers Day and am very happy but I may have to edit this one day. I love the theme, and may have to get a Cyclone soon. The playfield art really adds to the theme and I'm looking forward to discovering all kinds of crazy, secret pictures on there. To me, the pin feels like the perfect link between an older and newer game. It doesn't have all of the gimmicks and toys and computer animations of a newer machine, but it has some great ramps, great sound and a million dollar shot. The game plays fast and clean and is very enjoyable for kids or casual gamers. And the fireworks sounds thrill the crowd! Now just need to make that shot...
10 years ago
I have owned this pin for a while and it is great fun. It is not easy, stacking multiballs is challenging but very rewarding when the machine is cranking out 20 million dollar hits! The mist multiball is a unique feature and the green mist adds to the effect. Good license with actor's voices from the movie. The playfield art is just okay and the towns, castle are a bit cheap. But overall, it's a fun game that has a lot of attraction for people who wander in the gameroom. Might trade mine one day.....
10 years ago
I have owned a Creature for 10 years and it never gets boring. A challenging game that rewards with lots of variety and things to shoot at. Of course, the theme and artwork are top notch. The music includes several classic 50's hits and cool sounds including the famous "move that car!" which is hilarious. I saw it was rated on one site as the top sequence of all time. I would rate it very highly and plan to keep mine for a long time, unless someone will trade for a Theatre of Magic??