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2 years ago
Such a cool game. Rockin' music. Love the upper playfield. This game makes you a better pinball player. Beautiful machine, I own a Combo. Love it.
2 years ago
Not a keeper. Limited shots. Didn't enjoy sequential shots and having to start all over. Game would have benefited by adding another ramp and some code updates.
2 years ago
Great game. Love the design and implementation of movie theme. Fast and challenging. Really a classic
2 years ago
This game was not enjoyable to me. I really tried to like it. Very frustrating to shoot ramps and have the balls fly off or come back down. Scolari Brothers were very problematic, like hitting brick walls. Modes should have been designed to come up randomly. Stern got cheap and also did not support the code.
2 years ago
Love this game. Music is great. Love the volcano. Boat video game is fun. Keeper for me.
2 years ago
Very fun game. Love the many mods. It's high adrenaline. Dmd animations are great. It's a keeper for me. Very under rated game.
5 years ago
Sound Quality is excellent, crystal clear. Was not a fan of Kiss music but this pin made me like their songs. I think the game is a lot of fun. Like the loop shot through pop bumpers and the right ramp is tricky and sometimes difficult to make. I like the art work and cabinet. Good flow to game. I also love that if you lose your ball, the song doesn't start over at the beginning again, it continues to run. I would holiday recommend this game.