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4 years ago
It's just OK but leaves you looking for more.
5 years ago
What more do you want Don't over think this it's pinball , It's fun , it's has a great Theme, Great Art, Sound is crisp and clear, Play's very fast for wide body pin , Toy's yeah it would be nice to have the disk's spinning and trunk open but in the end this game is loaded. For a new era of Pin's that are mostly stripped down bare boned machines, this game has it. Deep code that is a little hard to grasp at first but with time you can grab it. I would have to say It is one of the best machines made . With a new fresh design not some revamped 25 year old design (not that they are bad) . Lack's some of the movie clips but still has enough in to keep the theme. The big problem is the cost but other pin's are on the rise so it's not that bad.
5 years ago
Fun Game, Nice flow and great game play just not that big of fan of the music.
5 years ago
Fun machine with a 8 ball what more could you want.. Game has a good flow and over all a good machine for a Stern that was entering in a bad market at the time. So given that it was kinda back to the basics.
5 years ago
Fun machine with a good set of rules.
6 years ago
Ok got this machine as a parts machine, spent some time and love and got it going good. A different type of machine with timed play gives this game a nice twist. Set to a 1:15 and hard settings, makes this a challenge to keep it going. Sounds and callouts are nice with that classic touch. Art is that Midway sticker BLAhhh. Backglass is ok and playfield is nice. The lights are classic and placed fine for the playfield with very little dark spots. With titian rubbers on, they make the ball bounce nicely. Fun game that has it's place in with the classic machines but not enough made to make it a widespread hit and hard to connect with the "timer play" in a arcade held it back. All in All it's a fun machine.
6 years ago
Jack Bot is the best of the "Bot" bunch. Fun to play with the classic playfield. The table could use a little more light so i see some led's in the future for mine. Not sure about the cheat mode if i like it or not yet. But the machine does have lasting power that keeps me coming back to play more.
6 years ago
It's Star Wars which makes it a winner for most alone. It is underrated because of the theme. Jar-Jar gets a bum rap. It play's great in the Pin2k format the RFM is a great machine call outs and theme is better on that. But after watching them in shows and on location for a long time, You can't go wrong with either they get allot of play. SW ep1 has a great flow, and is just FUN to play. Art work is what you expect Star Wars not just Black letters down the side. Music comeon DUh.. And nothing is like P2K lighting or play. I had the Data East machine and loved it and now this blows that away. But that is the 1st so it will always be a great machine. The Trilogy is the weakest link after playing that and the new Stern. Grab it because the price is Great and most likely to go up.
6 years ago
This Widebody after having for a while now i have to say it has grown on me. It's not slow like some wide body's but not a fast machine with today's standards. A classic machine with a cross of that 1979 Disco feel and a cheese of a class B movie. The shots are good and has a nice flow. The toss from side to side in the "star bonus collector"can put you into a trance if you get it going. Not a bad machine give it chance , you might find it fun.
7 years ago
TMNT wow what a Kool machine , It's green and it's TMNT and i love pizza and it plays ummm yeah ok thats the end of that. Cheese cheese cheese like the topping of the spinning pizza. I didn't like this machine much. But if you grew up with the cartoon you might like it more.
7 years ago
This is a classic and a must have ! What a great machine i love it. another i would take back in my collection anytime. If you get a chance to get this machine grab it. Rules of play are fun and fast. Multi ball makes it even more fun. I miss this machine.
7 years ago
It's Star Wars ...... what else do you need to know. The game play , shoot the death star then shoot the death star and then well you get it. I wish i had it still. The new code might help the play i didn't have it then.
7 years ago
It looks like a blah machine, just nothing to see. But playing it isn't that bad. At first i didn't care much for it , maybe the looks gave me a pre-judgement on it. But it plays fine and had me going back and playing it more. You can crank that spinner. Not a bad machine just nothing to look at.
7 years ago
Ok this machine looks good. Love the art work on the machine and well if it was sitting in a arcade i would play it because of the classic look. But the play of the machine is Meh at best. Just lacks something to keep you playing. Even with fresh rubbers and hard angle on machine to give the ball some life, it's still is a sleeper. To many other games that are fun. But Hey It looks great !
7 years ago
After a week of playing my new machine MET Led , What a awesome machine. When i played it in the arcade a few times i never got into it. But after spending a little time , can't say anything bad about the machine. Flow and play , Looks, all great. I would like the songs to have play with the code of the machine IE: Kiss Stern but that is just a small thing.
7 years ago
Maverick what is not to like about this machine? Well the Belle lacks a little speed but other then that it's a fun machine. The paddle wheel reminds me of the Ferris wheel on the Williams Cyclone machine. Drop targets galore , hard shots , skill shots ,super pops and a DmD the size of a big screen, well ok 192x64 that is as big as it gets for dmd's. This is a fun machine did i say that? Even if Mel's face on the backglass is a bit obtrusive. Play this machine when you can , and if you find one get it. And they make replacement color dmd's now, that was always a "what if " with this machine. No longer a issue .
7 years ago
For the cost of this machine and what you get I would say this machine is under rated. I have had it for some time now and had to fix a few things to get in working order. Now that it is 100% and plays fine. I would say this machine is a fun game. I have to agree that the craps is random and A weak point on the game play. Some say that the flippers are weak but i have no issue with mine. I can make all the shots with no problems. If i was to play this machine in arcade I might not give it much more then a play or two. But in a home arcade it is not to be over looked. Once you get some time into paying it you will find that you want to replay this machine often. The shots have skill and nice flow to them. The sounds are kinda funny but after a while the "Bye Good Looking" grows old lol. The art work is not the best but not that bad. The cab art you need to watch out it will fade and wear out around the buttons easy, But a protector can fix that. Overall a Nice machine that can be had for a good price. If you get a chance play it a few times. It will grow on you !!
8 years ago
The backglass on this machine is OMG bad..some like it ..but cheese please.The is just Blah so that is most of the drawback, the game play is ok .The helicopter spinner is kinda neat. The sniper pop up shots are nice skill shots. A good starter pin for a cheaper machine.
8 years ago
A hard to find machine with only around 200 made from what they say is left over parts from system 1 machines. It is a single player machine, but still gives much entertainment. I had this machine in my collection and would buy it again but the cost as a "rare" machine gives way that better machines for the money can be had.Play it if you get a chance just to say that you have, but it is just a average machine at best.
8 years ago
Fun Machine . Looks great and plays good. I would buy this machine again. But would upgrade it to the Rock Encore.
It was a easy upgrade that gave new life to this machine. Sound is good for it's age. and the cab is sharp.
8 years ago
It's a ATARI for what that is worth. Had this machine for a little while and it only got limited play. Not the best looking cab in the world. Wide body , slow play. Never liked the displays on the machine. Nice to say you played it but would play others first.
8 years ago
Nice machine System 1 Gottlieb. Has drop targets and goals that make this machine interesting. I added the new pascal all in one board and it is well worth the upgrade. Gives it a skill shot and High score history. It also makes attract mode a little more interesting. Nice pin that calls you back to play.
8 years ago
For a first machine or starter it's ok. It's the second time i have owned this machine only because my wife likes it. I find it clunky and strange. The shots are not laid out in a flow. Lack of multi ball and a ramp that has one shot. Overall, backglass is nice looking but cab is plain.The sounds are average for the age of the pin. I Rated Lower middle of the road for a cheap pin.
8 years ago
This is a machine that grows on you. At first it was kinda slow but after getting to know all the little shots it is a fun game. Multi ball is fast action. Goal post that go up for extra points and then shoot the bomb. Skill shoot is hard to get but pays off with a TD. March the yardage down till you score a TD on the center lights. You score with TD's or pinball points. Two different ways of scoring makes this Great to play in group head to head.
8 years ago
A Street level machine..meaning , plain, single level (no ramps), slightly smaller pinball machine. But it has some interesting shots and multi ball action. The Mystery shot , 3 pop bumpers with a side kicker gives fast action on the table. All in all A fun machine to play,the more i play this machine the more i like coming back to play it.

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