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6 months ago
The first few games on Deadpool and I was impressed with the flow, ramps and rule set. Then I got into a rhythm and ran a score up to 550 million. This game is a bit like Monster Bash. Very good flow and shots, but maybe a little too easy to master. That said, it is definitely a keeper. The right ramp shot that then curves the ball up a steep left ramp is pretty slick.

I like this better than the new Elvira, but less than JP. Although nothing quite comes close to Scared Stiff!
6 months ago
I restored this game to its former beauty. Fixed the claw and center kickback. I just can’t get into it. I feel like Freddy is right behind me. Seriously, no fun. I’m selling this game. Not sad to see it go.
6 months ago
I am surprised this game is not ranked much higher. It is a classic right up there with the humor and game play of Monster Bash, Medieval Madness and Scared Stiff. It is in my collection and one I will never tire of or relinquish.
6 months ago
I own this game and have enjoyed it, although if I never hear the words “Who am I?” again, it won’t be too soon. The music is also repetitive and grating like fingernails on a chalkboard. Agree with another player - Good shots and rule set like White Water. Monster toy throwing balls at you is cool and looking around playfield like the t-Rex in JP is a nice touch. Cabinet is dark, artwork is slightly below average IMO. I have to trim my collection and this one is leaving. Will I miss it like the Stargate I just sold? Probably not, if only because my auditory nerve will thank me...
7 months ago
I rarely give a pinball a perfect 10 score, but JP deserves it if ever a game did. I just added this baby to my collection and it’s amazing. Perfect ramp shots, side flipper, tRex animates and spits ball out of mouth. Raptor cage. If I had to find fault - there’s virtually zero humor (like a Scared Stiff), but then again, dinosaurs are no laughing matter!
Actually, Nedry making various comments on the right drain is kinda funny. The tRex eating the ball is a nice touch too.
Now I need to get rid of some pins to make room.
10 months ago
I owned the original Black Knight 2000 and loved the music and chorus ‘You can do it’ and ‘Hurry up! I was disappointed in this version. Definitely not up to the original. Otherthan that, it’s obviously a prettier game. B+ for effort. I think if I can ever find a collectors version of the original, I would get that instead
1 year ago
Lexy is sexy. There is no other pin like it. The play field comes alive in different modes with targets popping up (somewhat akin to Cactus Canyon). The playfield surface is a combination of video animations and changing targets combined with the mechanical ball and flippers. Play field components can easily be changed out to create entirely new games. Of all my games, this is the game I want to come back to for ‘just one more game’.
The only real criticism is the weight of the game. I believe it pushes 300 lbs. It is a beast to move. The art work is not as polished as newer Stern games. Multimorphic uses magnetic strips to allow for easy changeout.
There are no play field toys, although this game doesn’t really need it. I have a large collection. Lexy should be in every collector’s collection. It is a top 10 game for me.
2 years ago
Update - the game is beautiful, but the ramps are way too hard. This really detracts from my desire to ‘play one more game’.
I played this at TPF and immediately placed an order. It will be the game to beat in 2018. I would give it the edge over a very strong field this year including JJPs new Pirates, Spooky’s Alice Cooper, Heighway’s Alien and P3s Lexi Lightspeed. I will update my rating once I get a chance to put a lot of plays on it. I can say, right off the top, that the right ramp shot (2nd from the right) seems impossibly hard. I like a challenging game, but I can only make this shot, maybe every other game. The art, music and animations are just spectacular. Lexi has more ‘stickiness’ since it uses the p-roc board and can be customized, but Lexi doesn’t have the eye candy you need to attract players. Lexi and Houdini should be in every collector’s (afficionado’s) collection.
Yeah, I’m giving a plug for P3’s Gerry Stellenberg. Lexi is a labor of love and, I think, under appreciated for its enormous potential.
2 years ago
I got this game recently. The music is great, but gets constantly interrupted by certain shots. The game goals are not well defined. Their is nothing very clever about the game other than Groot.
Once you get multiball a couple of times, you keep getting ‘saves’, whether extra balls or right outline lane saves. Thus, the game can go on, and on..., and on. Instead of wanting to come back for one more game, I want to abandon the game I’m playing. Not satisfying at all! This game might be better with better code... maybe. I don’t know players can give this game a 10. It just does not rank in the top 100 IMHO. This game is comparable to Aerosmith. Just... ok, nothing special. It will be one that I will get rid of.
3 years ago
Ok. I figured I would hate this game due to the theme. And at first, I did hate it - really hated it. But after many, many plays, I have come to admire the subtle brilliance of the shots, the ball flow, various modes and score stacking. This is a masterpiece. Definitely was not my opinion early on. The disaster theme works - just don't get fooled by the cell phone.

I hope that JJP puts their considerable talents towards a fun theme like Alien or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They may be the only serious challenger to Stern. Spooky is making a good run at Stern, but I don't think they have the resources to match Stern's depth of talent. All and all, with each release, JJP improves. If Heighway fails to deliver Alien, I hope JJP can get the rights. What a killer combo that would be! JJP's team polishing Alien. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.
3 years ago
The latest code makes for a very fun pin. The rules are not particularly deep, but when you want to take a break from a deeper game like Game of Thrones or Ghostbusters, WWE is the ticket. The pro is better than the LE because there is no upper play field spinner. This means carefully timed shots off the 'ropes' can land the ball in the center hole for a 3 count pin. All in all a very good game that should be in the top 50.
3 years ago
I'm not sure why the low ratings. I bought the pro version because it actually requires some skill to bounce off the ropes for the pin. The LE version has a spinning disc = all luck.
This game is very straightforward. Not a deep rule set, but a fun break from some of the deeper ruled games. I think WWE is a much better title than some games ranked way ahead of it. For example, Dialed in, Roadshow and Twister!? It is hands down a better title than these 3. Dialed in gets a low rating from me mainly because of the theme and sounds.
3 years ago
The people that rated this game so low do not appreciate the title for what it is - either that or they are clueless imbeciles. It is a piece of art - a modern day twist to the old style EM pins of the 60's. The art work, old style country music and call outs are incredible. It is fairly simple, but if you want to get a decent score, you have to learn and master certain skill shots and know how to shake the game to bounce balls at risk of draining. Whoa Nellie was also very affordable compared to current day titles. This is one that will never leave my collection!
3 years ago
I play Hold em and wanted a poker themed pin. I bought this game used and replaced the back glass with a very 'R' rated version which looks great. The pin plays well, has a deep rule set with excellent stacking. If you like Poker, this is the best of the card themed pins. Plus, it is a hell of a lot of fun. Out of my 50 or so pins, I find myself returning to this one often to play. It will never leave my collection. As for others... like WOZ, X-Files and Lord of the Rings.... yeah, u can have em.
3 years ago
I got the Hobbit 4 days ago and have been playing it almost nonstop. It has many skill shots and is very deep. To echo another reviewer... why the third flipper? There is nothing special to shoot with it. Odd little quirks, but overall, an excellent game.

Now for my beefs. JJPs quality control leaves much to be desired. The small LCD screen arrived DOA. Worse, the speakers are muffled and the sound quality clips, even at fairly low volume. The only way to enjoy this game is with headphones. I also had many quality problems with WOZ. Unless and until they can fix these QA issues, I will not be buying or recommending any more JJP titles.

Update: I'm selling my Hobbit. I almost never let go of a game, but the game is very repetitive and there really isn't much to do. I already got rid of my WOZ. The games by JJP are gorgeous, but beyond 'good looks', not much there. Sell, sell, sell!
3 years ago
This is the best game of 2016. Great call outs and sound effects. Getting multi ball is a challenge and the center gap between the flippers means frequent (frustrating) drains.

It's got some neat tricks - not even sure how I activated it, but the flippers got 'possessed' and reversed. Took a few seconds, and 4 drains during multi ball, before I figured out what was going on.

Like other players have noted, the ball often jumps the ramp and drains down the left outline. Not cool, not cool.
3 years ago
I bought this game after playing it in Dallas. The adult mode is a nice novelty. It is not as deep as Scared Stiff (one of my all time favorites), but it gets close. Many modes, challenging rules and fast action insure this game will not grow stale. It is probably a top 20 title.
4 years ago
Wow. I've owned 2 of these - gave one to my son. This game has hilarious call outs and simple, but very satisfying shots. For its day, it was a great game. I enjoy it more than my Twilight Zone. It really should be in the top 100 IMHO.
4 years ago
Metallica is as good as it gets. AC/DC is decent. KISS is better than Aerosmith, but that’s not saying much. Ive played this game a few more times since my initial review. I think rated at #74 in Pinside #100 is about right. While the flow isn’t bad, the art and music are (bad). That said, I would trade a HUO Playboy or XFiles for a HUO KISS. Any takers?

My biggest complaint is the playfield is way too dark. You’ll need an overhead light on to see the ball.
4 years ago
Picked up at Dallas expo auction. Extraordinary game. The gofer popups, call outs, animation, rule set, hole in one shot all add up to a very strong game. This is a game that should be in every collector's collection - even if they aren't into golfing. I actually got a custom Byron Nelson golf classic version done by Pinbalz for the TV show, 'American Choppers'. The auctioneer did a poor job of 'selling' the crowd and I got this for a very good price.
5 years ago
I'm not sure why this isn't in the top 10. It has a great theme, deep rule set, great skill shots, great animations and audio and clever call outs. What is there not to love. Is it as good as Star Trek or Metallica? No, but it is close. A truely impressive first game by a new pinball company and I believe a collectible that will just go up in value over time.
5 years ago
I started out giving this a terrible review - because of the poor game play of the Pro version of Walking Dead - I mean really, really bad. However, I then realized this review is for the LE version... duh.
I have since had an opportunity to play the LE version and it rocks. The difference in the two games is night and day. The LE version is an example of how Stern really put a lot of extra thought and toys and deep rule set into the LE version, while skimping on the Pro version. In all fairness, I think Stern should rename the Pro version to Rotting, Stinking, P.O.C. Walking Dead and LE to The Fun, Good (Smelling) version of W.D. With a price difference of 3 grand, I guess I see why the LE version is so much better. I just placed an order for one - please arrive before Christmas.... Now I need to get rid of Iron Man or Lord of the Rings to make room. Any buyers?
5 years ago
I just got this game. I played it in Chicago at the pinball expo - it was in the tournament, and I fell in love with it. The rule set is deep and the variety of shots is high. This is my new favorite game - just displaced Scared Stiff. Who says Sterns can't put out a good pin? This is every bit as good as the best of the Williams era. Should be in the top 5 games. It is certainly better than Twilight Zone, Medieval Madness and Lord of the Rings - clearly.
The rock solid shield protecting the Enterprise - which then weakens after repeated shots giving way to ball capture and multi-ball - genius. If I had a criticism, it would be that the back glass is not very inspiring.
5 years ago
This game has some clever gimmicks - like kicking the pinball back at you at light speed, but the variety of shots is pretty limited. It needs a slide flipper to give you more shot options. I do like playing it for some odd reason, but it doesn't compare to Star Trek which i just purchased. I will probably sell this game within the next 12 months.
5 years ago
I'm surprised this game is above a 6. I just returned from Chicago pinball expo and this was one of the tournament games. There is not much to this game. It's only saving grace is the theme. I happen to love 'Walking Dead', but as a pinball, I feel Stern rushed this or cut corners (or both). It is uninspired, unchallenging... seems almost 'undead'.
6 years ago
I got a chance to check this pin out. Surprisingly good. The art work is so-so, but the game play excels. Getting past the goalie is the highlight of the game and worth big points. The spinning soccer ball throws the pinball off in random directions. This is a top 50 game for sure.
6 years ago
Medieval is an excellent game. Does it deserve the top spot? That is a hard call. Scared Stiff could just as easily be #1 IMO. Theater of Magic is arguably more clever. Monster Bash is phenomenal. At this level, there are half a dozen games that are Medieval's equal on any given day. Personally, I think medieval is a bit too easy. I don't think I ever play a game where I don't achieve multiball.
6 years ago
I really, really like this game. It reminds me a little of Arabian Knights in that you have to get past the wrecking ball (like Aladdin's lamp) to get the big points. The junk yard dog barking with select ramp shots and multi-ball make this a strong contender. I think this pin should probably be in the top 20.
6 years ago
Solid game, but nothing to write home about. The rule set is pretty deep, so for serious pinheads, this game is challenging. The 'around the world' hole on mine is important to completing rules, but even direct hits often find the ball bouncing out - so that can be frustrating. All in all, a better game than it is currently rated.
6 years ago
I used to own this game - got rid of it. I wish I hadn't. The fast top loop and Angels singing was very cool. This is an old title without all of the fancy electronics of William's later games, but it is a classic. If you own a high quality unit or a HUO one, hold on to it - or sell it to me!
6 years ago
This game is exceedingly rare and goes for $30,000 on the used market. I guess they didn't make many because they figured out it was a dog. Not really very fun or clever. I would rank this game in the lower 100 - maybe on par with a Whirlwind or Family Guy.
6 years ago
This is my second favorite 'monster' themed pin. The werewolf video - shooting them as they come at you more and more rapidly is awesome. The girl's near orgasmic sigh when she is bitten by count Vladimir. This game is hard, requires great skill and for that reason, and the clever videos, I rate this very highly. I own this game and it is one that I will never release. Odd..., Scubascotti does not like Dracula. He must have been abused as a child.
BTW, did I say Drac is hard? I have played it... maybe a thousand times, and I have yet to kill Dracula in his coffin. I just love this game!
6 years ago
I guess the fan is nice on a hot day, but other than that, not much going for this game. Tornados are probably not the best theme for folks who have gone thru one - Jarrell Texas 1997. This game is average IMO on all accounts. I used to own one - I haven't missed it one day.
6 years ago
This is a hybrid pinball/video game. If not for the hilarious animations it would be a bust. Shots are simple and repetitive - not much variation - they do launch various funny videos that change as you make shots. Ex-president Clintons' vocal, "save the interns" makes the game worth it alone.
6 years ago
One of my favorites. I bought Creature used and replaced the hologram myself. Too bad the lamp mechanism is bad... Game play is very good and once I get the hologram working, will add to the mystique. This game is a must have if you like the horror themes. In order of fun - Scared Stiff, Dracula, Creature, Monster Bash, Tales crypt, Adams Family.
Should be in every collector's inventory...
6 years ago
Classic - genie electromagnet catches ball and throws it back or drops thru floor. Harem babe compliments you... great music, great action. Whats not to like. This one never gets old.
6 years ago
I just got this game for my collection. There are so many secrets - such a deep rule set, so many surprises. This is my new favorite pin. I rate it higher than Medieval and Scared Stiff. Really worth owning as a collectible.
6 years ago
If this game wasn't so easy, it would rate much higher. Art and vocals are first rate. This is a very good family game, but too easy for pros and therefore, replay value is less. I can keep a ball in play for hours. I haven't tried setting hard rule set - that might help... and maybe steepen the angle...
6 years ago
What can I say. Perfection. No weak points (well... if not played on hard setting, it is too easy for pros). This game is as good or better than MM. It certainly is better than Twilight Zone, Attack from Mars - even AC/DC which is darn close to perfection. If you own one of these, hold onto it.
6 years ago
Ok, the laughter is grating after a while, but the game play is very nice. There are a lot of shots and a deep rule set. Multi-ball is insane. This is a classic and deserves to be in the top 20. This is a must have pin for any horror themed pin collectors. Along with Dracula and Scared Stiff, this is a pin that never gets old for me - great replay.
6 years ago
Another great themed pin. I played this the other night and two hours later was still hitting replay. It has excellent loops, upper playfield, vocals. A classic that I will never get rid of.
6 years ago
The vocals, game play, animations, difficulty - all top shelf. This is a classic that will never grow old.
6 years ago
I own this game. Not one of my favorites. I actually like several much lower rated pins more (like Tales...Crypt, Party Animal, Dracula). Balrog is... not inspiring. Nothing really new or clever. X-Files, a much lower rated game, has much better game play - granted it's vocals suck. Also, this game is way too easy for a veteran, whereas X-Files is hard - maybe too hard. See cgz46's review. We are both collectors and this game shouldn't rate in the top 50.
I'm putting this and Iron Man up for sale. Any takers?
6 years ago
I like Elvira and the 'stiff-o-meter' more than Medieval Madness or Metallica. This is my #1 pin in my collection.
6 years ago
My number 3 favorite of all time. Making the 'choke' shot is hilarious. "You're making me angry now"... little quips from 'Rudy'. This has the side flipper shot with two loops reminiscent of Party Animal - another favorite not even listed in the top 200!
6 years ago
In my personal top 2, just behind Medieval! Thing makes the shot for you. Electric hair... what's there not to like?
6 years ago
This is rated #2 ??!! I own this game and I would not trade it, but frankly, it is not in my top ten games. Scared Stiff is so much better, as is Dracula, AC/DC, Monster Bash, etc. I would rank this game around 25 based on the current stock of contenders. It has a lot of features, but nothing really draws me back to it. The Power Ball is a nice feature and the electromagnet you use to hurl the ball into the 'Illuminati' eye. Good, just not great.
6 years ago
This game is incredibly fun. The Elvis impersonator getting booed off the stage... the "20 years for loitering"... lots of funny sayings and lots of variety. This is in my personal collection and one I would never part with.
6 years ago
I bought this machine to add to my collection. I have the top 20 or so games including Twilight Zone, Monster Bash, Medieval, Elvira, etc. I was surprised when I saw how low rated this game was. I agree, the vocals suck (although sound track is surprisingly good), but the game play is pretty (really, really) slick. The ramps are hard shots - the angles are different from every other game and hitting the left ramp consistently is impossible. A hundred bucks to anyone than can make 5 in a row! This game is hard - kinda like Dracula. Overall, should be in the top 50.