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9 months ago
A great game. Flipper Gap isn't an issue, just play better. The outlane ball jumping and airballs though, that's an issue. Right ramp shot is tight and satisfying. Amazing themeing, sound and lights. A true great! Downside is starting the modes if you struggle with the skill shot, but it isn't the end of the world. I'll own a Ghostbusters eventually.
11 months ago
Just stellar... I can't say anything else!
1 year ago
It's a floaty wide-body which requires a lot of tweaks to get dialed in... Art isn't great, and the theme is based on a meh movie series. It is fun to play, a long player and has many interesting shots. It would be much better in HUO environment, on location is just isn't right.

Edit: I see that all those who own the game rate it 9.5 or higher. My opinion is flagged because I didn't like the game that much? That's fair and balanced...
1 year ago
I was shocked at how much I loved Batman! It is a top pin!
1 year ago
I wasn't expecting much when I played Dialed In and I was pleasantly surprised. Amazing shots, stunning LCD, varied modes, lights, music and tonnes of toys. The art and theme are the weak points but I don't think all the complaining is really worth it. I'd own a Dialed In and I'm very picky on the games I'd own.
1 year ago
Edit: The more I play it the more I like it... You gotta be ready to battle the machine though. Make sure its level too or issues listed below are too common.

I had to play Star Wars to see for myself what everyone was saying. Right out of the gate my dollar was gone in seconds, straight down the middle, down the left out lane, the ball save went right into the left out lane.

Ok, so its a hard game. After a few games I figured out you have to intensely battle the machine with nudges, slaps and you can't be afraid to get a danger or tilt.

The art is horrible, the ramps are amazing to shoot, The mini LCD is horrible and in the way, I like the inner orbit, the code ok but better for home use and some of the shot geometry could use some tweaks. The sound is perfect and LCD is great, I mean it's Star Wars.

The machine in my opinion suffers from lack of direction, I'd assume there were too many cooks in the kitchen. I feel like the premium is closer to what Steve Richie wanted but I doubt it is any better.
1 year ago
I was surprised by how much I like Deadpool. My goodness I keep crediting and crediting. I think the call outs would become repetitive and the enjoyment of the humour may not last. That being said, I really enjoy the humour and the fun it adds!

The art is a knock out hit!

I had zero trouble hitting the rear ramp (with the right side entrance) which surprised me. I didn't expect I'd be able to make the ramp but my third opportunity to shoot the ramp, boom right up and locked in the katakana. Its not a fan layout and thank goodness it isn't! Something different!

If I was in the market for a NIB, this machine would be high on the list to consider.
1 year ago
Butter Ramps, fun bash toy and a killer sound track. I really enjoy playing Metallica.

Lots of people like Dirty Donny's art, but this version of the band isn't for me. Maybe I'm not rock and roll enough, I'm not sure. I like the play field and cabinet, its just the characters on the field and back glass that creepy me out.
1 year ago
I've played quite a few games on Iron Maiden and even as a new player to the hobby I find it a blast. I can keep the ball going, alive and scoring. Varying modes with changing dynamics, lots to shoot for, shots tend to be in the center a lot but I assume if I was a better player I could combo more ramps.

Wonderful game, dare I say a GOAT.

The theme itself isn't for me and sadly the Eddies and music content aren't really for my household. The art is cool and true to Iron Maiden, but just not for me.

If you see it play it, if you're ok with with decaying Eddies and Satan references buy it!
1 year ago
Great game but tough. Some of the shots really make ya want to cry. Amazing theme amazing art. Very cool.
1 year ago
A totally different game with a totally different theme. It's enjoyable and thank God it has a ball save... Interesting Mini playfield and so satisfying to loop one side to the other with the ramps. Music is great, but it sticks in your head forever which makes it horrible... See it, play it but you'll need to play a bunch to not be mad at it...
1 year ago
My first pin. Lovely shots but hough shots. Super fun theme with that 79-80's wrestling theme. Wonderful backglass art and a very cool lightning relay when multiball starts. Multiball is tough to get but shit rewarding. The last chance feature pretty smart!
1 year ago
One of the top machines around and right away or obvious why. Fun shots. Fun theme made perfect with great humour. Masterpiece of enjoyment
1 year ago
Loves me some Pin Bot! Unique play field with fun objectives. Interesting story with Pin Bot himself. Fun ramp. Pops under the top field. Just a pleasure to play. Unlike the majority of pins!
1 year ago
One of the most artistic and cool pinball machines around. The playfield art, wow... What going on?! I can just imagine my own story. Backglass and the lighting of the infinity glass... stunning. The sounds are strange yes, but unique. The early 80s pinball 'music' is meh, but good compared to the others at that time and even after. The Xenon voice, wonderfully innovative. Game play? Well, it's simple, easy to understand, has Multi Ball and come on, one of the best 'rip the spinner's games around!
1 year ago
A Bally 1981 classic. Knew right away what I had to do with simple rules, but my goodness it was not simple to play! The artbis unlike any other pin. I'm not a fan of the piano bike thing, but I appreciate how awesome the artistic aspect it. Very risky, very different with black and white. Screams cool.
1 year ago
Great feel for shots. Wonderful art all over but the photo realistic images coulda been left out. Wow, that back glass in person is great! The call outs and music are stunning! I love Tron and this game is the perfect embodiment of Tron!
1 year ago
Sure the Translite is horrible... But that's part of the charm. It's fun to play and shots are good. Nice little pin. Give it a try before you pass judgement