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6 months ago
I really like this game. Just bought a new re remake 2020. It’s fast and fun, not too deep. I personally like that. The outlanes are unforgiving. Don’t think they were designed for home use. My rating is based upon upgrades I made; red powder coat, interactive back glass, shaker motor, mirror blades, and color dmd. I also set the monger letters harder which delays that play making game much more fun. Love the fast action.
6 months ago
I really like this game. Rule set is very very complex. Possibly consider some additional call outs. Love the shots. Love the lighting. Love the flow. Art work is great. I think the animation on the TV screen is alright. It works. I just bought a premium. I added a Capt. Marvel inexpensive mod-would recommend. Couple of other mods from same retailer work as well. Put on side rail upgrade. Game looks great. After playing a while, I could see how this game works better in a home collection than an arcade.
4 years ago
If you are an enjoyment seeking player like myself and don't take super deep game rules too seriously, you should be ok with this game. You will need to get an understanding of the game to enjoy. The easy stuff on other games does not seem to appear here. It can be difficult to understand. I am working on it which makes the process an experience. As for the layout I think it is cool. Lack of toys not a problem for me. The game can be a drainer. I cheated and moved the outlane pins in. If you are sort of a novice like myself it will take a while to learn game. Someone stated that the right kick out was a drainer - you can adjust that. So far working better. I like to upper lane hyper gimmick. Adds to the game. The pop bumpers are kinda not there not part of game really. The more I play it the more I like it. Give it a shot. So, keep playing-watch a tutorial. Worth it.
5 years ago
I really like this game. The integration of the play to the screen is unsurpassed. This is currently my highest rated game. Very difficult game to master. (For me anyway). The multi balls get a little bit much sometimes but that is ok with me. Extra balls are more difficult. Pop bumper integration is great. Love the shots to move thru the game. Lot of elements to the game to master. (Not a drainer)I come back to it a lot. Does not play like other games. And that is good.
6 years ago
I really like this game. The flow is fantastic. Easy to understand-which is good for me. Like the side flipper,which can generate an extra ball. Love the Klingon multi ball light show-very satisfying. I put a light mod on the ship which lights like a ring around the edge of the ship. Also, I put a flasher connected to the pop bumpers which I felt creates an attack flash. New games usually include a video screen rather than a dmd. This would have worked well on this game.
6 years ago
Great Game. Plays different than most. like the variation
6 years ago
Cool theme. Did not make it for me.
6 years ago
This Game should be in top 20. Plays great. Only thing missing is the Modes. As a game it is fast and fun to play. Never get tired of it
6 years ago
Really like this game. Fast. Love the Flow.
7 years ago
Pirates is great. It is my favorite. Should be easily in top 20. Much better than scared stiff or others unnamed. The play stars fairly easy but then becomes increasingly more difficult. Some say is too repetitive--- all pinball machines become repetitive. The-only improvement would be the call outs. They should have spent the money for lines from the movies. Johnny Depp lines from the movie are perfect for the game. Also other actors had great lines. E.g. Capt Barbossa says"you don't believe in ghost stories miss Swan-- we'll you're in one". That would have been great!!!