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1 year ago
The ramps and rails are so over the top in this game and they become a distraction instead of a positive feature. It's fun but just doesn't have the lasting power you'd expect from such a cool looking game. Capcom quality is so awesome it is a shame we didn't see more tiles from them.
1 year ago
This game plays so fast and looks cool but the geometry of some shots makes them reject all the time and the solid state flippers destroy all the plastic on the game. It is tough to the point of not being fun. The simple objective of multiball can be hard to achieve and that's a bummer when there's not much else to do.
1 year ago
Open floaty game that is cool but gets boring quickly.
1 year ago
Party zone is really striking to look at and the colors of the playfield along with the lighting are so good. I just wish it was more than a colorful game. The shots are fun. But it doesn't have enough going on in the center playfield and the gameplay falls flat after a while.
1 year ago
Superb 80s Bally in every category. I have a deep love for this era of Ballys and this game is in the top. Excellent in every way.
1 year ago
I'd have thought from the layout that this game would get boring quick but there's an aspect to the layout the makes for amazing shots. The geometry often encourages you to shoot the left side when trying to hit a target on the right. I can't think of another game that taps into the bank shot for a design feature in the same way. Excellent game all around. Art, chimes, gameplay you name it.
1 year ago
The quality of Capcom always blows me away and this game is no different but the game rules fall flat in single player mode and the layout doesn't have a lasting power.
1 year ago
It is a constant in my collection and on location. The number of people that have played Getaway a thousand times and will still post up and put $5 in it on a regular blows me away. It has an immense presence in the pinball community and it's simplicity and perfectly laid out shots are timeless. Hard to believe you can make High Speed better but they succeeded.
1 year ago
Beautiful and colorful art on the playfield and backglass, cool speech and call outs, neon tube in the backbox. This game has lots of great features and is probably one of the best Zaccarias in bith game play and art.
3 years ago
The plexiglass playfield is crazy fast. The artwork is super bright and colorful with lots of creative nuances. The solid state sound on an EM is unique and expertly executed. The inlane/outlane setup is really tricky and gets the best of even the most advanced players. What's not to like?

Well... set to 5 ball it is pretty easy to roll the machine. The unbalanced scoring on the pops does take away from the joy of slaying dragons a bit. And the cabinet is made of particle board.
4 years ago
Great game all around.
5 years ago
Really impressive game when you first step up to it. It is fast and fun to play at first but it gets boring pretty quick because there isn't any variability to the shots.
5 years ago
The best looking playboy with some interesting features and play. A classic because of the theme but still fun to play.
5 years ago
The machine has an amazing glow with the lighting and colors working really well together. The scoring is very random and it is really easy to roll the score. Overall excellent theme and art with only decent game play.
5 years ago
One of the best EMs ever. Top rate play that is challenging and fun. Roy Parker's art is amazing. The backglass animation is funny and super clever. The add a ball aspect keeps you coming back for more.