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4 years ago
great game to play for dollars. Dolly is a real ball buster, fo sho...
4 years ago
I really enjoy the game but the rating gets dinged by artwork shortfalls. I try to answer all the ratings classifications as honestly as possible, so my actual level of satisfaction will be higher than the rating will reflect. I would give this a solid 4/5.
4 years ago
More fun than i thought it would be. shots are smooth and satisfying and some of the shots go places you wouldn't expect. Love the corkscrew ramp. Theme, artwork and sound package really don't add to the overall experience IMHO. I like the shots, though. It's all about the shots.
4 years ago
My numerical rating will not add up to how i feel about this table, i'm afraid. Theme is campy funny, definitely stirs up some 80's nostalgia. Artwork is cheesy 80's as well. Shots are in uncoventional areas and flowly, to an extent. Main shots are hard to set up, which is where the skill comes in. I think the game is fun to play and would probably hold up in a larger collection long term. Short term? Not so much. Sorry about this wandering review. I give it 3 stars out of a possible 5.
4 years ago
Really fun game with nice tight shots and some nice, unexpected ball return locations. I cannot speak to the depth of the rules but the game is a really nice shooter. I would love to own one. ;-)
4 years ago
This is one of those games that can only truly be enjoyed if you don't take pinball too seriously. I really do like the game but that is moreso based on campy coolness and nostalgia as well as the whole python artwork package. As far as gameplay goes, there's a lot of stop and go with the spinning wheel and the garbage can. Rules are horrendous with a last ball only 20 million shot as well as the typical system 11 progressive jackpot. The typical game of bad cats for a mere mortal will be under 20 million but a lucky (?) 5 shots up the left side ramp will give you a distorted feeling of accomplishment if achieved. With all that being said, i think it's a fun time. Just don't use it for competition. A fun, campy time if you're just slapping the ball around and enjoying the whole ambiance of it all. 3.5 out of 5 stars on my personal rating scale.
4 years ago
This game was in my local arcade along with whirlwind, pinbot and funhouse. Jokerz! ate my quarters quicker than any of those three. Same with my friends. I see it hasn't followed the same collector path as those other titles but i still enjoy playing it. A very underrated game.
4 years ago
After about 50 games, it's definitely alot more fun that after 2 or 3. It's a nice installment of the roller coaster/theme park trilogy, if you ask me. The long ramp that loops around is a bit annoying but other than that, pretty "ok". A good starter machine or slot filler but not long-term single machine for a homeowner.
4 years ago
The jackpot shot is a bit difficult to hit and the reward is not very high. You're better off collecting hurryups than you are trying to get the jackpot. Game is a bit right flipper happy as well. The game is attractive to the eye and cheesy in a very cool way. I used to want one BADLY but that has worn off quite a bit. Removing from wishlist.
4 years ago
Either you get it or you don't. I got rid of mine because i didn't like the maintainance issues and gremlins these tend to have. I should have kept it. Anyhow, it's a fun game for both advanced and beginning players. Unusual playfield layout. I love the way you can get the ball screaming on the small upper right loop. Game can be brutal when set up hard. Modes are varied and fun. This is one of the few games where all the modes are actually fun to play. Sorry about the erratic review. The game is great, probably the best game under 2500 out there.
4 years ago
Makes BSD seem easy. The rules suck. The do or die shot requires all five characters lit on the same ball and do not carry over. The Jericho wiz mode is pretty darn difficult to collect on default setting (no carryover). The ultimate wizard mode, do or die multiball is near unobtainable. I honestly think i could play this game 10 times every day for the rest of my life and not get the wizard mode. So, basically, the rules are shallow and impossible at the same time. There isn't much to see or do and what is there cannot be obtained. I'd rather play a game with 30 modes and miss the last 5! Weird rant right there. sorry.
4 years ago
$hitiest game i've ever seen...
4 years ago
top three game for me. I have never started a game on this and not wanted to finish and i've literally played this game a thousand times on location. Simple rules but hitting the jackpot ramp is always a thrill for me.
4 years ago
love this game. rating is lower due to artwork and game rules being a bit convoluted to me.
4 years ago
Ugly translite. Ugly playfield. unbalanced scoring. Ego crushing drains. My favorite game. Who woulda thought.
4 years ago
A very fun game that i initially liked a lot but grew tired of in a home setting. it has all the bells and whistles and was the most advanced/loaded game of it's time when released but it gets stale in a small collection. just my opinion. I didn't play mine at all after getting iron man, so i sold it. shot layout similar to whirlwind with more to do but less fun for me. Sometimes less is more?
4 years ago
The more pinball i play, the more i realize this is the greatest game ever made. Often copied and never outdone IMHO. The game is just the right balance of rules, toys & shots to make it "the one". I know detractors will say it is a bare bones game but this is the classic example of "less is more", if there ever was such a thing. I love this game to death, will play it every chance i get. This is the one I sold that i regret the most.
4 years ago
The low rating for this game is a travesty, if that's possible to use that term for a pinball machine. Should be in the top 100. Very fun to play on location, don't know about in home.