DaveJ pinball story

By davej

September 25, 2012

6 years ago

I started collecting games about 20 years ago, first game was a Stern Dracula and I still have it. Started buying, fixing and selling games shortly thereafter but kept the ones we and the kids liked. I like EMs because of the challenge of fixing them but over the years those have slowly left my collection and today I’m down to 4-5 of them. Built a new house in 2001 with plenty of room for my 20 game collection. Problem is today we’re up to about 30 and just completely out of room. My wife is the really good player in the house and has a short list of games she says “ will be hers in the divorce”. Some games the kids continue to play again and again, Getaway, Taxi and Bride of Pinbot. Some games I like because…well I just do, Family Guy, Dirty Harry, Indiana Jones (we have both WMS and Stern), Pirates of the Caribbean. And some are in the collection for personal reasons: Black Knight and Gorgar because they came from a good friend who passed away a few years ago. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

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