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2 years ago
Amazing theme, as others say. "Dreame theme". This could have been the next LOTR. Instead the playfield is cluttered, the shots are too tight and airballs are crazy. Such a shame. Wish JJP would have gotten their hands on this license.... it could have been amazeballs.
2 years ago
Amazing game. Layout and Gameplay could have been a little better. Also, the Smaug toy/gimmick could have done a little more, but overall. Amazing package, with a price to match.
6 years ago
Ok so my as un-biased as possible review, as an owner and it being my first personally owned machine. I've owned it for a year now and I think I am ready to give my review.

Playfield layout is pretty good, with all the fan layouts these days, mixing it up with some old school lower targets and some nice (yet short) ramps is nice.

The game rules are simple for this modest pin and work well for a quick fun game.

You try to extinguish the dragons breath by hitting the sword, shield, and dust targets in various locations around the machine. I have blue, red and yellow LEDs as the flashers for these, the blue works really well and gets your attention, the yellow so-so and the red I may just have to put back to a regular lamp.

The main toy on this machine is the topper, but the theme itself is also cool which "makes you want to play" if your an RPG fan like myself, in fact, it "made me want to buy"

All in all, the gameplay is ok for a lower end machine. Like I said its my first, and the first I played in about 15 years or so, then I went to pinfest in Allentown in 2013 and played some old classics, Earthshaker, Whirlwind, MM. I realize I am rating this high as an owner, but I am the Dark Wizard, and it is D&D after all, so sorry.

For a game from 1987, the sound effects and music are quite good and never really annoying. The music changes frequently to keep it on the fresh side. The various sword clashing sounds are cool when hitting various targets and the evil laughter is well done.

The lighting on the game is fine, no complains, nothing out of the ordinary in either direction. The lastability... well I am hoping to get a topper soon and I think with that added lighting effect and "toy" I think I will end up keeping it, the cabinet artwork is so well done and cool looking, I see no need to ever get rid of it, its a fun quick game, nothing deep, no story, just extiquish the flame, kill the dragon, try not to loose your balls. (This is good advice even outside of pinball).

I hope you enjoyed my review, farewell adventurer...