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1 year ago
Finally got to play this game. It is challenging. That drop target has to be hit just right or the ball will drain. some nudging will be required to keep the ball in play. Big Daddy has been promoted by other Pinsiders, to find one to play. Well, I was not disappointed.
4 years ago
The key is to get the ball back to the top. Kind of random to getting the stand up targets all hit, but getting the ball up to the top can be rewarding. Hitting the center target row has to be done carefully, as a ball drain can happen. I would buy one if the chance came up.
4 years ago
Flipper arrangement is challenging. Played a well worn game, but it still had that, 'One more time feel'. Would like to play another one.

With that lower flipper arrangement and the kicker saucer below the flippers, it is possible to get the ball back into play. If you can nudge the game or hit the ball backwards with a flipper, the ball can land in the kicker and be shot up the playfield.
4 years ago
Played this game at a local Pizza Joint. Is was is fair condition. Found it to be medium easy to play. Roll overs, 1 Vari-Target, a saucer that rewards the Vari-Target, and a lane that can return the ball to the shooter lane. 2 inch flippers as well.

If you see one play it.
5 years ago
Aloha should be the reigning Drain Monster. Very wide flipper gap, makes up for no side out lanes, It can be brutal.

High scoring can happen if you get all of the Bonus features lit. With the carry over bonus scoring, and the ability to steel your opponents built up bonus scores, can be a blast.
5 years ago
Looks can be deceiving. On 5 Balls, getting all 16 drop targets down is not a sure thing. A bounce the wrong way and this game can be a drain monster. There is no Extra Ball Feature, so to roll the game in 5 balls, requires hitting that Bonus Collect Saucer many times.

This Sci-Fi Card themed pin makes a great companion game. Just wouldn't want it as your only pin. For a first pin to purchase its fairly simple to maintain and work on.
7 years ago
7 Drops with some targets creating a risk shot. Get the numbered roll overs for higher scoring.

One of the best trick shots. From the left flipper off of the number 7 drop target, up through the pop bumpers, scoring the #6 Roll Over, ball then continues to bounce and score another numbered roll over.
8 years ago
With 2 Vari-Targets, 4 Stand Up targets, and 4 Star Rollovers, there is a lot to aim at. Those 2 inch flippers do help to make this pin challenging. There are the lit animations in the backglass. This is also the first American pin with the Star Rollovers. The 2 different ways to win replays, with scoring and home runs.

The art work could have been better, even for 1970. If you get a chance at playing one go ahead. I do not think that this game would be a good choice in a single game collection. Unless you love baseball.
9 years ago
As a Mustang fan, I really like the theme. I am rating a Premium BOSS. The ball speed can be very fast. Lots of fun (to me) and with only 2 flippers. Aiming the ball at the GEARS drop targets can end with a drain.
9 years ago
I like the theme and the LE stands out in a line up of pins.
9 years ago
For me, hard to play, very challenging. It would take some time to master this pin. The art work is fair. Some shots are tough to do. Lots of drop targets. The one I rated, I could not hear any sounds.
10 years ago
I have played this game only for 20 minutes. I was waiting for the parts guy to show up at J.E. Weatherhead . Orbitor 1 was set up in their showroom. Brand new, a sales person heard the pin running, he came over and ask what I thought about this game. I said it was hard to play, a totally different idea, and that the ball can actually be hit backwards. He said, "ya it is different". I never saw the game again. I never remember seeing an Orbitor 1 in an Arcade either.
10 years ago
This is a fun game. Make sure it on 5 balls. A drain Zone. The up post will be triggered off by the roll over buttons as the ball goes toward the up post. You will almost pull your hair out.
10 years ago
This EM will throw you off until you remember to be careful with the ball catch/save on the flippers. There are no inner lanes. Scores and games can add up fast once the 12 targets/ roll overs are collected. Or all of the 1's, 2's, 3's, or 4's.
10 years ago
A well designed game. Sounds, sci fi theme, build the robot. Lots of Fun.
10 years ago
Abra Ca Dabra, has great art work, and is fun to play. It is challenging. The pop bumpers that are located near the flippers, can keep you on your game. A quick rebound will send the ball right to the out lanes, or onto your flipper. Drop targets that reset are great. Make the 1-2-3-4 roll overs increases the bonus target.
11 years ago
Great game. 15 drop targets, lots to shoot at. The only real problem is that once the targets drop they do not reset untill the ball in play is finished. The best feature is the double bonus on the last ball, this is when you will want to earn an extra ball.

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