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5 years ago
This machine punishes me harder than Frank Castle does child molesters....hard hard game for me. But thats what makes me put quarter after quarter in. "Ill beat that piddly high score THIS [email protected]&!?$#!"
5 years ago
I wish i could afford to own this machine. I find myself playing this game on pinball arcade more than i do my actual machines sometimes. Sound is excellent and the genie and spinning lamp are fun toys
5 years ago
This game never gets old. Lawlor is the man
6 years ago
Vector is one of those games that really keeps you saying just onemore game! Its fun! The layout is inyeresting as all get out. The ramps facing everywhich way is cool. And i love the drop targets blocking the left ramp. Protection drops are always a fun gameplay dynamic for me. The game does have a few irritations fir me regarding stuck balls. The ball gets stuck onthose very drops i like. Also stuck alot on the upper playfield ontop of the plastics. All in all a great game and one i would love to own
6 years ago
Not had this game very long however i love the theme, the challenge, and the artwork is fantastic. The Topper gets a rise out of my son every time. Magic save is tricky but is a nice dynamic to the gameplay as the outlanes become inlanes essentially. Multiball is easily achieved and ridiculously fast. Very fun game. The artwork is great and the music NEVER leaves my brain. So catchy. Glad i bought it for my first pin.