I've always loved Pinball

By DanQverymuch

January 21, 2013

8 years ago

I grew up in Wisconsin, playing add-a-balls since replays were illegal here. I recall being somewhat of a prodigy, oftimes rolling them over. Many fond memories of hanging with Dad at the bar, back in those carefree days when such a thing was acceptable.

Then when replays became legal, I remember leaving credits on games many, many times.

Fast forward to college in Phoenix, where I spent a lot of time at the arcade banging away on Black Knight.

After graduating and working for a while, I had Dann Frank find a BK for me and fix it up. Man, it was blown out to begin with, but it turned out pretty nice. Then I found a Gorgar at an estate sale.

That was it for a long time; I brought them along when I moved back to Wisconsin. Those games are now stored away awaiting the refurb they deserve, but my wife decided I needed my Holy Grail pin, a Funhouse, for Xmas 2008. Then I found a sweet Stargate on the local CL, and then a decent WH2O before that title's price exploded. That was going to be about it for pinballs, but...

I lost my wife to a car wreck in February 2010. Without her "input," I have bought 22 more pins since. I now know there is no such thing as ghosts, or she would be haunting me over what our home has become. I'd rather have her back, of course, but it is some compensation. It was her fault for getting me back into pinballs anyway! :)

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8 years ago

Never to late to say Welcome to pinside!!!!

8 years ago

Wow, sorry for your loss.
Thanks for taking the time to publish a story though, so many Pinsiders forget to do this little bit when signing up and unfortunately we don't get to see where they are coming from.
Belated, "Welcome to the Pinside" DanQ!

8 years ago

Your pinball story is rather unique DanQverymuch. Thanks for sharing. Great collection you have put together.

8 years ago

Good to have you here on Pinside - HDC

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