Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon

By DanPiper

December 05, 2017

1 year ago

Hello All,

I'm happy that I have found and now joined this amazing group of people that are as excited and more experienced with pinball than myself.

At the time that I pen this "story" I am still waiting on the tracking number from Curly @ Little Shop of Games in FL for one of the best surprises that i've ever had.

On Nov. 26th, I won a drawing on a Premium Star Wars table from Project Pinball. What the crazy part is, I had no idea that I won. The drawing date on the rallyup website had the drawing date listed as Dec. 3rd. So when I was waiting anxiously for the drawing that night @ 8pm little did I know that I had already won the table a full week prior.

I have set up everything now with Curly and am waiting as patiently as I can to receive my very first table. Not being said that I have a Golden Smaug Hobbit table on Lay-a-Way with Automated Services, LLC a few towns over from me in CT. I have aboout 3 more months left till thats paid off and delivered.

Thank you all for being so cool.
See you around the forum,

Dan Piper

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1 year ago
That's amazing and so lucky haha ! Love star wars and middle earth stuff.
12 months ago
Welcome to the party brother! Let's see how many you own a year from now. It is, for most of us, a sickness we don't want a cure for. Have fun!

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