How it started

By Daniella_99

November 22, 2017

1 year ago

I am a teenager of the 80's, discovered arcade games and Pinball. 

Sadly it didn't take to long, for the last arcade to close in my hometown, which might have been around 1984.

At least there was one club left, where they had a Fun House and a Bally Gameshow. These were gone by 1986, and so, the only chance to play pinball was when I have been to Italy for holidays at least once a year.

By that time I promised myself, that whenever I would have enough space or even my own room to do whatever I'ld like to do, I would have my own Pin. By now there are 3 Pinballmachines and an Arcade Cab.

Another great thing that happened since my first pin, I met quite a few nice Pinheads in my area. Cool friendships emerged and I am part of a pinball league now.

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